AARP Life@50+ Tech Talk: Finding and Enjoying Ebooks


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This is the presentation from my 20-minute talk presented each day at the AARP Life@50+ Las Vegas Tech Ambassadors booth.

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  • Free samples online. First chapter.
  • samharrelson via Flickr and Creative Commons
  • samharrelson via Flickr and Creative Commons
  • Collect the app icons, Amazon, Nook, Sony, Kobo
  • AARP Life@50+ Tech Talk: Finding and Enjoying Ebooks

    1. 1. Finding and Enjoying Electronic BooksMike Lee, AARP.orgLife@50+ 2013, May 30 – June 1, Las Vegasv3v.3
    2. 2. Change has come to owning and reading books
    3. 3. Buy both paper and electronic books online
    4. 4. Buy books on the e-reader
    5. 5. Or download them from your computer
    6. 6. Two eReaders, one account – For the price of dinner out
    7. 7. Use e-readers indoors and out
    8. 8. E-readers flanked by smart phones and tablets
    9. 9. 1. Amazon (except if you have EPUB format)2. Kobo3. B&N or GoogleMost versatile ebook sources
    10. 10. Don’t have an e-reader? No problem.
    11. 11. Buy and access an ebookon device or web site hereEbook Access Across Color Tablet Devices Via Apps – May 2013 v1B&W reader devices generally cannot load apps, but books not copy protected might be transferrable.AmazonKindleWindowsSurfaceAmazonKindle HDApple iOSKobo ArcTabletSonyTabletGoogleAndroid$$D E V I C E SD E V I C E SDIGITALBOOKSTORESDIGITALBOOKSTORES$$ WRead ebook withapp on this deviceRead it in thisdevice’s web browserAll of these digitalbookstores except Applesupport reading ondesktop PC or Mac.AppleiBookKoboBooksSonyReaderGooglePlay Books$$$$$$$$ W WBarnes &NobleB&NNook HD$$GRead ebook withapp downloadedfrom Google PlayGGGGGGGGGGGWGG G GGBy Mike Lee, AARP
    12. 12. Search for ebooks on Google
    13. 13. Search for ebooks on Google
    14. 14. Get book recommendations from a community
    15. 15. Find and download free e-books
    16. 16. Project Gutenberg for the classics
    17. 17. Borrow e-books from your local library
    18. 18. 1. Be lighter on your feet2. Carry a more books than you can read3. Save a buck or two4. Mark your favorite parts5. Customize your device for your needsReasons you’ll love ebooks
    19. 19. Some more links to useful things• Calibre e-book management software (free)• Blue Leaf service scans your paper books to ebook format• Good e-Reader is one of my favorite blogs for news on e-reader and e-book products• 2013 e-Reader comparison site
    20. 20. Download this presentation from Slideshare
    21. 21. Questions?
    22. 22. Twitter: @curiouslee