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A 10-minute peek at Disney MyMagic+ for DSO All-Staff Meeting


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My magic+ dso_all-staff_june_2014_v1

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A 10-minute peek at Disney MyMagic+ for DSO All-Staff Meeting

  1. 1. The philosophy behind MyMagic+ is made up of four guiding principles: • Create and enable forward momentum • Create a system that serves the Guest at every moment • Turn transactions into interactions • Establish a foundation that enables us to continue to enhance the Guest experience over time
  2. 2. Disney MyMagic+ Invitation Kit 2013
  3. 3. Disney MyMagic+ Invitation Kit Light-Up USB Drive 2013
  4. 4. Disney MyDisneyExperience Web Site
  5. 5. Disney MyDisneyExperience Online Trip Planner
  6. 6. Book your rides weeks in advance…
  7. 7. Pre-order personalized RFID MagicBands for the family
  8. 8. MyDisneyExperience Mobile Apps
  9. 9. Scanning a MagicBand at the Disney Welcome Center at Orlando Airport
  10. 10. Check into hotel from mobile app; swipe MagicBand to enter hotel room
  11. 11. MagicBands can be purchased on-site; Smart card alternative avaiable
  12. 12. Scan smart card and finger at park entry turnstile for positive ID
  13. 13. Scan MagicBand and finger at park entry turnstile for positive ID
  14. 14. Scan MagicBand to pay for food and drinks at park restaurants
  15. 15. Scan MagicBand to pay for food and identify table location for servers
  16. 16. If you don’t have a smart phone, manage your itinerary from a MagicBand kiosk
  17. 17. Disney cast members can greet you by name at an attraction after scanning your MagicBand
  18. 18. A Pirate’s Adventure in Adventureland is RFID-enabled so MagicBands can trigger displays
  19. 19. Pay for gifts using MagicBand on Main Street and elsewhere in the park
  20. 20. A wide variety of MagicBand accessories is available
  21. 21. MagicBandITs are charms that snap into the side of MagicBands
  22. 22. Disney PhotoPass+ photographers scan your MagicBand to link photos to MemoryMaker
  23. 23. The MemoryMaker service eliminates the need to carry a camera
  24. 24. Disney PhotoPass+ / MemoryMaker Online Interface
  25. 25. Disney MagicBand unlocks a Dragon on the Disney Infinity home game console system
  26. 26. Dragon’s Gate Unlocked!
  27. 27. More Digital Customer Experiences