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Choose The Right


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Technology
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Choose The Right

  1. 1. Being safe  Being friendly to others  Having patience  Being nice and kind to others  Being grateful 
  2. 2. Good sportsmanship Working well with others Leads you to success Patience Hard working
  3. 3. HIGH WAY Nice Patient Hard-Working Safe Responsible Productive Honest
  4. 4. Low Way Unkind Rude Lazy Cussing Uncooperative Hateful Mean Argumentive
  5. 5. Responsibility is a good part in choosing the right.  It’s being responsible for your own actions 
  6. 6. Being honest is also a huge part in choosing the right  You should have the integrity to tell people the truth 
  7. 7.  Sportsmanship
  8. 8. The End (=