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Think Things Work-in-progress


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Work-in-progress doc only

Think Things Work-in-progress

  1. 1. ThinkThings52 little cards to helpanyone think like a big ad agency{Work-in-Progress,Apr 5, 2013}
  2. 2. “Think Left andThink RightandThink Low andThink High,Oh, theThinksYou canThinkIfYou OnlyTry.”~Dr Seuss~Just as marketing disciplines have expanded over the years tonow include advertising, media placements, path-to-purchaseconversion, design, activation, social media, branded content,apps and so on......the 52 Thinks here emulate the diverse ways that the manydifferent schools of marketers, planners and creatives ideatearound marketing problems.
  3. 3. ~How to NavigateThinkThings~For easier navigation, all 52 Thinks are grouped into four broaddirections - N, S, E,W - that indicate four general schools ormethods of approach when agency folks are faced with a marketingchallenge.N is for Think Needs: simple techniques to help unearth unmet, underservedor underrated customer needs - both conscious needs and unconscious onesE is for Think Essence: ideas inspired by your brand, its products, their untoldstories and unsung strengthsW is for Think Who-When-Where: explore oft-overlooked locations, seasons,times and triggers relevant to your product and target audienceS is for Think Switch: creative ways to shake up the status quo, disruptcompetition, change behaviors and redirect the path to purchase
  4. 4. (Cards sit in thehollow here)
  5. 5. (Usage/DosageInstructionsunderneath the cards,at bottom of thehollow )
  6. 6. with some of my favorite designers and illustrators:a sample of the 52 unique cardsDesigns by Erika, comic artist (W series) Designs by Keyholebird, illustrator (S series)