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10 08 26_siteforum_spectronet_jena


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10 08 26_siteforum_spectronet_jena

  1. 1. Social Networking for Business Unified platform for McDonald‘s franchisee Twitter-Hashtag: #spectronet = Page 1 26.08.2010, Jentower, 8th NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum
  2. 2. About SITEFORUM One minute pitch and business lines SITEFORUM provides “Social Community Software for Business” SITEFORUM provides “Social Community Software for Business” We help organisations to build instant networks, collaborate and create revenues We help organisations to build instant networks, collaborate and create revenues We have a complete set of proven social applications, delivered as a service, to multiple industries We have a complete set of proven social applications, delivered as a service, to multiple industries Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Publishing Publishing Virtual Events Virtual Events Franchise & Retail Franchise & Retail Implement a long-term Implement a long-term Build a community for Build a community for Deliver virtual events, Deliver virtual events, Brands are global, but Brands are global, but web strategy by building web strategy by building your industry or special your industry or special replace or extend replace or extend customers buy locally. customers buy locally. a community around your a community around your interest group interest group existing ones. existing ones. products and services products and services Builds and grow sales Builds and grow sales Unlock an online Unlock an online Much more benefits, less Much more benefits, less networks, get partners networks, get partners Increase sales, cut costs Increase sales, cut costs ecosystem and ecosystem and costs. costs. involved, and customers involved, and customers and improve and improve implement new business implement new business engaged. engaged. communication communication models and revenue models and revenue Build virtual events, Build virtual events, strategies strategies meetings and storefronts meetings and storefronts Develop a social Develop a social Connect your customers, Connect your customers, instantly and use new instantly and use new community portal that community portal that employees and project employees and project Extend your reach and Extend your reach and SITEFORUM social SITEFORUM social can be replicated can be replicated partners by unifying the partners by unifying the use the SITEFORUM use the SITEFORUM community applications community applications instantly across your instantly across your traditional website, traditional website, Cloud Computing Cloud Computing to enable delegates to to enable delegates to partner network partner network intranet and extranet intranet and extranet platform to become a platform to become a keep conversations keep conversations Protect your brand. Protect your brand. Software-as-a-Service Software-as-a-Service going with exhibitors. going with exhibitors. provider. provider. Ingenico, Odgers, Ingenico, Odgers,, Verlag für die, Verlag für die Informa, Precision IR, Informa, Precision IR, McDonald’s, VBL, McDonald’s, VBL, Arriva Arriva deutsche Wirtschaft deutsche Wirtschaft Strato AG Strato AG (VNR), Youth Culture (VNR), Youth Culture SITEFORUM Cloud Computing Platform for long-term online business strategies SITEFORUM Cloud Computing Platform for long-term online business strategies
  3. 3. Unified platform for McDonalds franchisee • Franchisor: individual Website for all German franchisee • Franchisor: Automatic use of Corporate Design and Corporate Content (e.g. products) • Franchisor: use of Master-Slave-Principle, Brand-Protection, secure hosting and support • Franchisee: Tools for own regional activities and presentations (e.g. restaurants, team, news) • Page 3
  4. 4. References • • - > link to Facebook Fanpage Page 4
  5. 5. Virtual Events: Exhibition hall Leadgeneration give information and receive customer feedback and customer needs - > leads Szenarios Organize virtual events e.g. parallel to ‚real‘ conferences or exhibitions Organize virtual events for few days or permanent Organize Live-Webinars and presentations Give the visitor the chance to interact in real time with visitors and exibitors Example Page 5
  6. 6. Virtual Events: References GreenExpo365 is a permanent fair to build and foster the „Interactive Green Community“. The fair is organize a few days every month and is focused on green and ecologically friendly subjects like Green IT or renewable energy. VIEW (View=Virtual Interactive Educational World) The event is focused on Human ressource manager and HR Profis. Each month will run one – two events discussing subjects within the HR field. Page 6
  7. 7. Convert browsers into buyers Success. Community Customers / Subscribers Registered users Visitors
  8. 8. Questions? Web: Email: Telefon: +49 (361) 666 15810 Twitter: siteforum_de Facebook: SITEFORUM Contact person: Tanja Mörstedt Kathleen Hofmann Leila Hammad Karsten Schmidt Page 8