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Branding & Communications Deck


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Strategic presentation for branding and communications

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Branding & Communications Deck

  1. 1. from promise to proofBranding & Communications 2011 | Dada R. Veloso-Beltran
  2. 2. imperativesdeliverablesinitiatives
  3. 3. a BRAND brand living Living brand that gets its identity from meaning
  4. 4. brand imperative brand channels salesvalue years
  5. 5. towards brand equity
  6. 6. in a world predisposed to sameness… Meaning in people’s minds. Choice is a personal expression. product disrupt predispositions: explicit and implicit messages
  7. 7. life trajectories and AXA involvement there is a reason why its called life insurance
  8. 8. branding is not a stylistic veneerit is the user-facing expression of business strategy
  9. 9. imperativesdeliverablesinitiatives
  10. 10. the shift INTRUSION ENGAGEMENTINTERRUPTION Where we are now. A Acceptance of new brandZone where paradigms shift zone of exploration.and old scripts are shredded. realities. The primacy of The gestative stage where sustained conversationsInternet was the force that between markets andruptured brand control and clients and companiescommunication create brand futures providers. together.
  11. 11. a mandate of innovation DesignImprove Communicate B&C investigate, involve, inspire Amplify Deliver
  12. 12. branding as a cycle Set a vision - redefining insurance Communicate the vision – cross the line Deliver the vision – from promise to proof Strengthen the vision - innovationto be ingrained in the DNA of AXA
  13. 13. bespoke tasks brand • Ensure consistent AXA visual identity at all touch points awareness • Ensure consistent message across campaignsresonance and • Design for resonance of messages • Improve audience experience breadth through engagement and authenticity • Drive reforms through culture of communication • improve bottlenecks in processes innovation • Introduce a system where everyone can improve on anything
  14. 14. bite the apple individualism innovation imaginationbigger than our products – value set that clients can relate to
  15. 15. “” we have crossed the line, now it’s time to move from promise to proof - Rien Hermans (message for Noble Purpose, Oct. 18, 2010)
  16. 16. use what we havescaleable, modular and digestible
  17. 17. imperativesdeliverablesinitiatives
  18. 18. capsule communication – the AXA walltwitter/facebook-like updates about AXA
  19. 19. notes on the AXA wallPositive updates in the form of social media – 140 character(twitter) or FB wall. Frequency – once or twice a month as needed – lack of pattern creates anticipation. Dependency – sales support, mancom alter egosMight evolve into an intranet app where officers can “tag” eachother for help – open board for communication and generation ofideas as well as monitoring of participation. the toyota way
  20. 20. project mime: meaning in the medium from promise to proofconsistent branding with opportunity to differentiate
  21. 21. message in the signage
  22. 22. mime notesEngage Agency - standardization of current branchesand construction of new ones Initial costing: 50k per signage Resources: Agency, B&CBenefits: Differentiate and maximize investment insignages by using it as a medium to express AXA’s vision
  23. 23. project moo: mini OOHs wrap 6 service vehicles
  24. 24. moo notesInitial estimates – 30 to 50 k/vehicle depending onsize and design of vehicle and wrap Resources – Primarly B&CBenefit: Passive branding whose value accumulatesover time. Minimal resource requirements.
  25. 25. policy concierge card reference number, policy name, premium dues, maturityfacilitate payment, enhance AXA perception and experience
  26. 26. thematic product naming Use a convention to brand our products Sample – Filipino Heroes for OFW Products “Roles” or “Jobs” of the products Benefit: Subliminal association which extends to AXA. Minimal resources required, if any.
  27. 27. visuals on touchpointsnew materials for metrobank
  28. 28. branding events
  29. 29. digital imprimaturAXA Web 2011 release the life force
  30. 30. “” web marketing is therefore a key component of our overall brand marketing strategy. - Gaëlle Olivier, AXA Group Communication And Corporate Manager (Interbrand, 2010 100 Top Brands)
  31. 31. untangling the web in sectionsOur digital presence should initially cut through segments and needs Use one element that resonates with all – FAMILY Segment positioning will follow after phase 1 of digital strategy
  32. 32. the building blocks COMMAND CENTERRevamp home site to reduce brochure info SEARCHand streamline user experience. Avoidcontent creep. A clean and focused website Place in the first page of SERP’swith a strong message and cohesive through keyword mapping as well asstoryline. Using proofs, define who AXA onsite and offsite optimization.truly is and how it can help people achievea better life. MICROSITE CAMPAIGNS DIGITAL MARKETING & PREngaging the market with a Leverage viral nature of social media to createcampaign that has emotional contests that encourages participation andresonance, and create backdoor and drive people to microsites and home branding Saturate credible online PR sites with blurbs about AXA and our campaigns. EngageWhere segmentation of market will bloggers with authority to talk about ourcome in after. campaigns and encourage involvement.
  33. 33. rules of thumbs upA web-page should be obvious and self-explanatory. Task is to get rid of the questionmarks. Lessen the cognitive load and make navigation intuitive – not necessarily linear.Don’t squander users’ patience – keep user requirements at a minimal. Content is king. Communicate with visible language. Test early, test often. Navigational and design errors can only be revealed after the fact.No death by committee. Otherwise the project ends up as a compromise.
  34. 34. exploratory executions AXA Web 2011
  35. 35. “stories: happy endings”Concept Our lives are stories that all hope for happy endings - our decisions and actions in the present are directed towards this singular goal. Happy endings are not dreamed about – they are pursued with passion and commitment. AXA comes in as a partner in the pursuit and fulfilment of these happy endings.Message AXA’s products resonate with the force of life and thus help create “happy endings” for you and your family. “We have what it takes to create our happy endings.”Goal Get audience to design their happy endings by beginning with the end in mind. Engage and crowd source by curating happy endings – possible testimonials from clients.
  36. 36. mock-up
  37. 37. mock-up with drop down
  38. 38. happy endings microsite
  39. 39. interactive
  40. 40. call to action
  41. 41. teaser site
  42. 42. facebook fan page
  43. 43. venue for promos and offers
  44. 44. viral tacticsPhoto Tag people in a picture, write an interesting comment on the picture and get aTagging chance to win a prize. Tagged people must like the FB page and the picture.Photo Ask fans to interpret their personal happy ending through photographComposition compositions. Upload and tag friends. Most number of likes winSlogan/Haiku Fans write their own slogan/haiku for the happy endings Facebook wall.Writing The piece with the highest number of “likes” will become finalists. Winner willcontest be deliberated by a team of judges. Other contests – short happy ending stories in headline format. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."
  45. 45. free ipad/iphone app
  46. 46. “control: 4 x 4”Concept Life, they say, is a series of uncontrollable events. In spite of life’s twists and turns, we are still in control of it. Life is NOT about what happens to us as it is about the series of choices we make in the present.Message AXA’s life insurance allows an individual to take “control” of his/her journey.Handle Life is a journey. Be driven. be roadworthy
  47. 47. What keeps you driven? Be roadworthy
  48. 48. mock-up
  49. 49. facebook game/quiz
  50. 50. SEO - onsiteKeyword Mapping Applying targeted keywords in Meta description, title tag, Meta description and h1 tags.SEO Diagnostics & Site-wide optimization. File names, duplicate contents, redirects, and otherRecommendations URL issues.Content Recommendation of changes to the main content areas of the web pagesOptimization & for SEO purposes.Internal LinkingInformation Code order, image-based navigation, navigation links, CSS tips and otherArchitecture tasks that will improve keyword focusing.OptimizationAlgorithmic Optimize all other pages within the site that are not optimized by hand.Optimization (as Intended to be an automated process programmed within the site’sneeded) current CMS. In this deliverable, we lay out the algorithmic rules.
  51. 51. SEO - offsiteSEO Article CreationArticle SyndicationDigital PRDirectory SubmissionsLink WheelsSocial Networking and BookmarksReputation Management: monitor digital conversations, flag the negativecontents & mine the positive ones
  52. 52. suggested keywords Keyword Global Monthly Searchesretirement plans philippines 210philippines insurance company 1600educational plans philippines 720life insurance in philippines 2900standard insurance philippines 320health insurance companies philippines 260axa life insurance philippines 80philippines insurance 22200educational plan philippines 590axa insurance philippines 140
  53. 53. this way forwardGenerate builds on conceptsGet approval for budget and developmentEngage resource team for product info & FNA
  54. 54. Item budget Schedule RateAXA Web Design & March 1, 2011 – Project Kick May 15, 2011 – Target Launch 195,000.00Development off Date6 months SEO for 10 April 1, 2011 – On Page SEO May 15, 2011 – Off Page Kick 120,000.00keywords Implementation off6 months website June 16, 2011 – Start Date December 16, 2011 – End 65,000.00maintenance Date April 1, 2011 – Start Date – 112,200.00Social media planning & roll- before launching the Myout Happy EndingsIpad, Iphone & Android App 1. Financial Calculator & Happy endings – May 20, April 15, 2011 – Project kick- 2011 off 250,000.00 2. 4 x 4 App - June 10, 20112 Microsites May 30, 2011 230,243.52Facebook Game/Quiz April 30, 2011 – Project June 15, 2011 120,000.00 KickoffIn-house training & upgrade 200,000.000of tools TOTAL 1,300,000.00
  55. 55. in mind
  56. 56. looking ahead• Our website is not a bastard of brochures. It is a key element in building brand equity.• There is clear ownership - avoids turf war and enables long-term strategic thinking and sustained innovation.• Allows for periodic realignment – no loss of investment because initial developments are reused and enhanced. dedicated web team
  57. 57. brand vital signs site hits – increase by 50% at least: 100 facebook fans 50 contest participants 20 app downloads SERPs – google page 1 improved online reputation increase brand awareness
  58. 58. where the old…
  59. 59. meets the new
  60. 60. let the proof begin