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Making Work For Humans, Not Consumers


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Presented at FITC Toronto 2016
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Every brand wants to engage their audience, but far too many fail by overcomplicating the work. They aim for a viral video that feels “authentic” yet speak in a pre-calculated voice. They strive to make simple, compelling content but have a media buy so monstrous that unnecessary polish can’t be avoided. In this talk, former ad agency art director turned interactive artist & filmmaker Ivan Cash shares his work creating unique, viral projects, and goes on to show why great ideas surpass big budget, why real is always better than “perfect,” and how taking risks, breaking rules, and simply viewing every project as an experiment can lead to profound creative transformation.


Inspire audience members to utilize the power of human connection in their own work.

Target Audience
Creative & Marketing Professionals

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
• Anyone can create authentic content that engages mass audiences.
• Taking lots of small bets with creative work is better than focusing on one enormous project.
• Consumers are people who appreciate when you’re real and treat them with respect.
• Human connection trumps everything.
• Trust your gut, no matter how many “experts” tell you otherwise.

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Making Work For Humans, Not Consumers

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