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Origins And Chronology Of Islam


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This slideshow is the first in a series of 4 Pecha Kucha style ppts created by a group of high school students in an attempt to represent their understanding of the Islamic faith.

All 4 ppts are part of an emerging collaboration project between a SE Asian and a Middle Eastern school aimed at fostering a greater understanding and tolerance of each others faiths.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the ppts are as constructive and diplomatic as possible some of the issues raised are undoubtedly controversial. If anyone who views this, or any of the other 3 ppts in this series, is offended by the content and feels the need to respond by all means do so. However, please bare in mind that the presentations were created by school students and are aimed at developing understanding and empathy through collaborative debate as opposed to fostering ill feeling and resentment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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  • This is another good presentation, well done. I really liked the fact that you explained the literal meanings of Islam, Allah, Muslims, etc. They were accurate and to correct meaning.
    Slide 3: It would be great if you got to cite the Ayah pictures on one of your slides. It is from Surah Al Israa Ayah # 93; Holy Quran.
    It would be great if you mentioned the significant story behind this, i.e. that the non-believers at the time requested that the prophet make a miracle, but he told them that he cannot, he is but human.
    Your information on the Hijra and its importance and beginning of the Islamic Calendar is good, but we usually don’t mention the era after that as Mohammaden Era, this is not correct, in Islam, the prophet Mohammad’s message, is not limited to a certain era, but goes beyond that time, into the present, and future.
    Important note: again, as mentioned above the image/photo is not acceptable in Islam of important figures. You have a slide portraying an image of Hussein, this is not correct.
    You also mention he was a Shitte Imam this is inaccurate too, according to Islamic teachings, if Shiites see him as an Imam today, is different than saying he was that type of Imam at the time.
    The next slide portrays a man holding a rose up to his nose; we are not sure who this person is. You’re speaking about an important event that occurred in 1099, but how is this image important?
    We liked your statics about Islam, and spread.
    You next talk about the Iyhad and Mowahid? We are not sure if you were talking about Jihad and Mojahid? Please clarify?
    Lastly, one important note, Islam is not against the teachings of biology. You mentioned towards the end of your presentation that many parents are against the teachings of biology because it contradicts the teachings of Islam, this is incorrect. How can there be Muslims doctors in the world if they have not studied biology. There are certain theory’s studied in biology that due contradict Islamic teachings, and one would be the theory behind Darwinism.
    Good job to all of your hard work and efforts, Muna and I were very impressed with your presentations. Please take our comments and recommendations under consideration for we pray to Allah that they are the true teachings of Islam to the best of our knowledge.
    God Bless and hope to hear from you soon 
    Mrs. Masadeh & Mrs. Samha
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Origins And Chronology Of Islam

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