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Why Viini-lehti selected WordPress and what happened then?


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Published in: Technology
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Why Viini-lehti selected WordPress and what happened then?

  1. 1. Why Viini-lehti selected WordPress and what happened then? !1
  2. 2. Viinilehti Oy Our organization - and what Viinilehti does? Digital channels:, Viikon viinivinkki newsletter, Viinistä viiniin -apps The setup 4 years ago: working with Microsoftsolutions and customized platforms started driving interest towards Open source - and WordPress … and then came the renovation “project”… !2
  3. 3. Planning and mapping the renovation Looking for a new CMS and a partner - WordPress vs Drupal and the power of WOM Why we chose WordPress? Ease of use and the amenity of the UI Lack of in-house admins Striking more as a family-style kind of setup/-community Was the decision easy? No Maintainability was a concern - vainly Especially the implementation of our spearhead services were a worry - can we get everything done with “a blog platform” - again vainly !3
  4. 4. How is it all wrapped up? !4
  5. 5. Project-based approach Didn’t last very long Transformed into long term reformatting/ development - in which WordPress has proven to be excellent as well Now is knowingly the largest WordPresssite in Finland - measured with features and diversity Are we there yet? Most certainly not, but we’re most certainly getting there - lot’s is still to be done !5
  6. 6. 3 thoughts when choosing WordPress Even though WordPress is very user-friendly it’s good - yet not mandatory - to have an techorientated person within the (customer) team It is a highly customizable platform and self-study goes a long way It doesn’t need to be a blog it can be a CMS !6
  7. 7. Kiitos & Kippis !7