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Diversity in recruitment


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Exove's CTO Kalle Varisvirta shares his insights on diversity in recruitment. Kalle has many years of experience in recruiting software developers. Exove is a company with a diverse & inclusive workforce – and we are very proud of it! Read more about us:

Kalle was one of the speakers in the Agile Search HR meetup on 28 March and he gave this presentation there.

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Diversity in recruitment

  1. 1. Diversity in recruitment - experiences Kalle Varisvirta
 CTO Exove
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Kalle
  3. 3. ● Diversity means people of different origin, different culture, different history ● Different age, different background, different gender ● Different ideas, different goals, different dreams and different fears Diversity?
  4. 4. ● There’s scientific data on why diverse teams perform better ● In my personal experience diversity in teams enables out-of-box ideas and unique solutions ● You get a much larger talent pool Why should we have diversity?
  5. 5. How do we achieve diversity?
  6. 6. 22% of our developers are women
  7. 7. 29% of our technology staff (in Finland) are not from Finland originally
  8. 8. …but the game is rigged.
  9. 9. Help people start their career
  10. 10. ● People are easily inclined to favour applicants who share similar traits with them ● Train your supervisors or managers to identify the bias ● Train your supervisors or managers to ignore differences between applicants that come from diversity Train your staff to identify bias
  11. 11. ● Flexible work time and location ● Common language ● Understand different motivators Adapt for diversity
  12. 12. ● Hierarchy ● Competitiveness ● Problems and the need for help Adapt for different cultures
  13. 13. A diverse workplace
  14. 14. ● Our management style is based on care ● We’re going personal instead of self-service Care as a value
  15. 15. Challenges
  16. 16. ● We sell our people to clients ● Even though we don’t normally do 100% on location, we do it enough for clients to care a lot who they get ● We’re going backwards Business
  17. 17. ● When you’re ready to embrace diversity, you should recruit also abroad ● From EU, it’s fairly simple, but becomes complex when you recruit outside Recruiting abroad
  18. 18. Thanks!