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Ethox: Open Access And Sci Practice


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Presentation to the Oxford ETHOX workshop on "Open Access and Data Sharing in Genomics" held on 27 June 2008 in Oxford.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Ethox: Open Access And Sci Practice

  1. 1. Open Access and Implications for Scientific Practice Ralph Schroeder Eric T. Meyer Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford
  2. 2. Overview • Open Access, Open Science, Open Source • Changing Scientific Practices: e-Research • Social Science and the Changing Research Landscape
  3. 3. Open Science, Open Access, Open Source • Open Science as public science (David), as mode of communication (Fuchs), and • Open Access as Publishing Model • Open Access as Strategy and as Science Policy • Open Source licensing and collaboration • Open source models of innovation (Hope)