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The New Social panel at AIM 2013. To help attendees demonstrate the social ROI in achieving business goals, Campbell presented a virtual gauntlet of social media ROI formulas addressing engagement, ad value, return on influence, brand awareness, and more.

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  • As in most overview reports in Google Analytics, this view is a mini-dashboard containing data from all the other social reports It also contains a Social Value visualization of how social networks contribute to website conversions as last source as opposed to somewhere else in the path to funnel:
  • The Conversions Report provides a quick view of which social sources drove conversions on the site. It shows both regular goals and ecommerce, enabling a quick view of which social sources create value
  • This report shows you which social networks and sites refer the highest quality traffic so you can refine social campaigns. .Google unifies different URLs that can be used to send traffic from one social network. For example, Twitter can send traffic from both and Get an overview of key social networks for your brand See which networks are sending you traffic Visualize how visitors flow from social networks through your site Use social sources to discover which social platforms are most relevant to your site Originating social networks group referral traffic across platforms - e.g. YouTube Identify which networks are driving traffic to any specific page Identify which content is popular across all the different social networks Comparison charts display all traffic and traffic from social sources
  • Track sharing of your content, both on your website and on external social sites. Use the Social Plugins report and Activity Stream tab in the Sources and Pages reports to see off site actions and conversations. If you have the Google +1, Tweet, and Facebook Like button on your site, you will be able to see which buttons are being clicked and for which content. See how communities engage with content off your site provides an increasingly-critical view into how your messages spread in the petri dish of social platforms. Measure and compare different types of social actions See which pages receive social actions and create more of that content
  • This report will show social activity per page, what happened on the site and off, offsite when it comes to specific website content. Here’s an example of how it looks when you drill-down into stats for a particular page
  • The New Social - Social Media ROI

    1. 1. Grow Revenue Reduce Costs Improve Satisfaction• Lead capture• Increase NOI• Sales• Resident Retention• Advertising• Content• Media• Staffing• Market Research• Product Development• Public Relations• Communications• Survey/Ratings/ReviewsFeedback• Inquiry Response Times• EmployeeSatisfaction/Retention
    2. 2. Cost Benefit• Social Media Labor• Tools and Partners• Opportunity Costs• IT Labor• Training• Risk• Awareness• Web Traffic• Advertising• Lead Generation• Sales• Conversion• Retention• Loyalty• Advocacy• Content (Photos/Videos)• Satisfaction• Market Research
    3. 3. • Quick view of whichsocial sources droveconversions on the site
    4. 4. • Which social networksand sites refer thehighest quality traffic toyour website• Discover which socialplatforms are mostrelevant to your site• Identify which content ispopular across all thedifferent social networks
    5. 5. • Track sharing of yourcontent, both on yourwebsite and on externalsocial sites• Measure and comparedifferent types of socialactions• See which pages receivesocial actions and createmore of that content
    6. 6. • Social activity perpage, what happened onthe site and off, offsitewhen it comes to specificwebsite content
    7. 7. • Demographics:Gender, Age, Counties, Cities, Languages• Page Views• Unique Visitors• Total Tab Views• External Referrers• Reach:Organic, Paid, Viral• Unique Users byFrequency
    8. 8. – Pinterest Web Analytics: See what people are pinning from yourwebsite– See what people are pinningfrom your website– PinAlerts: Receive email notifications– Pinerly: Suite of tools to post and measure while suggestingcontent to pin– Curalate: Finds and consolidates comments andconversations, aids discovery of fans and advocates– Pinfluence & Pinpuff: Measures your popularity on Pinterest– Repinly: Finds the most popular pinners, boards and pins onPinterest– PinReach: Understand engagement(repins, followers, pins, likes, comments, trends)
    9. 9. • Assessment- Analyze your current social media• Strategy- Map out your social media plan byscope and identify influencers• Pitch- Present top ideas and clear metrics tomanagement• Implement- Execute the plan• Review- Analyze the activity and ROI usingmultiple metrics• Optimize- Test, tweak and refine