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What is digital media [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. www.identity-www.identity-brands.com
  2. 2. Intro: What is Digital Media?• Anything on computers, mobiles, games, TV, DVD, watches, MP3 players• Email, browsing, music, videos, chatting, shopping, researching.• Etc, etc.......
  3. 3. A New Media Map• What’s different? – Fast – Cheap – Accessible – Decentralised – Democratic – Flexible – Rapidly changing – And MASSIVE!
  4. 4. Massive: Size and Change• eBay – 14 Million auctions• Wikipedia – 6 Million articles – 50 languages• YouTube – 100 Million videos• Warcraft – 8 Million players
  5. 5. Do you have: Do you:• Website • Answer emails• Forum • Let users submit• Blog content • Unmoderated?• Wiki • Leaving up bad• Social networks comments? • User • Join conversations • Group going on in other • Promo page places about you,• Twitter your industry, your community? • Have someone responsible for this?
  6. 6. Digital media tools• Blogs –• Microblogs -• RSS -• Widgets -• Social networks -• Social bookmarks -
  7. 7. some more..• Podcasts -• Video sharing sites -• Photo sharing sites -• Virtual worlds -• Wikis -
  8. 8. and some more…
  9. 9. Differentmediums of DIGITAL Media
  10. 10. CONSUMER GENERATED MEDIA• Consumer advertising on eBay, YouTube• Consumer created ads for Doritos, Heinz• Blogs created by consumers and adopted by major brands• Google Ads created by consumers to promote their hobbies, businesses• Websites created by fans of brands
  11. 11. ONLINE VIDEO• Daily traffic to YouTube has nearly doubled to 48%• 48 % of respondents used a video-sharing site, up from last years 33%• 15% of the respondents used a video-sharing site in the day before they answered the survey
  12. 12. SEARCH• Search is the number one use of the Internet• SEO helps a marketer’s website become listed prominently on the Search Results Page of Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!)• Pay-per-click SEM sends qualified leads directly to your website or landing page
  13. 13. WIDGETS• Widgets help marketers to deliver their product and service to the desktops of consumers computers• Widgets are downloadable and are easily embedded on consumers own websites, Social Network Pages, or blogs like calendars, calculators, traffic monitors, stock monitors, weather forecasts, news tickers,, etc.
  14. 14. MOBILE• 41% of consumers will purchase cell phones, making it an increasingly viable advertising channel• Non-digital media (print ads, direct mail, outdoor) are incorporating mobile text messaging call-to- actions to generate more immediate consumer responses
  15. 15. WEB 2.0• Web 2.0 refers to the trend in web development that recognizes how people are using a website and uses that activity help shape the website experience for others• Examples of Web 2.0 – Most Popular Visited Pages – Consumer reviews of products – Onsite Comments and Feedback – Tags and Buzzclouds
  16. 16. ONLINE ADVERTISING• Contextually relevant ad placements (typical ad placements based on content that matches advertisers areas of interest)• Rich-media (transactions and data gathering are built directly into the ad unit)• Sponsorships• Affiliations (ad serving networks that deliver click- throughs to your site)
  17. 17. EMAIL• House lists over bought lists - bought lists produce spam between and subsequently backlash 40% to• Content driven - email’s 70% of all value to the receiver is email is based on it’s content currently• Sent rate, open rate, click- throughs are the primary getting metrics that determine an blocked by email campaign’s success spam filters!
  18. 18. WEBSITE• Websites are becoming more transactional over informational• Microsites are increasing in popularity as a method for addressing specific events and supporting specific campaigns
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA• Online communities of people• Share ideas, content, and recommendations• 74% of respondents choose companies or brands based on customer service experiences shared by other Web users on the Internet.• 81% of those polled said they believe blogs, online rating systems and discussion forums give consumers "a greater voice" in customer service.
  20. 20. Social media is• Having conversations online• and sharing of information• A new web tool or technology that connects people
  21. 21. The old communication model was a monologue the new is a monologue, dialogue
  22. 22. Why social media is important• Borderless-can reach an international audience• Multimedia opportunities: reach more audience• Drive traffic to your websites• Increase SEO• Gather feedback and build relationships with TA• Lower cost, but not free
  23. 23. Pitfalls of social media• Skills/knowledge gap• Lack of understanding of etiquette• Loss of control• Can cause reputation damage• Often public, immediate and permanent• Viral in nature
  24. 24. Conclusion• As with any PR strategy, social media PR is about “messaging,” but “messaging” entails a lot more than just communication – it also requires efficient delivery on the internet, which requires SEO – and SEO now requires SMO• When someone is searching for your company you want to influence their results as much as possible. If you adequately represent yourself through social media, you could influence the first seven or eight results of their search
  25. 25. Conclusion continued• Those organizations which neglect social media are not only neglecting the lion’s share of PR outreach opportunities, but they also risk being misrepresented by a competitor or a disgruntled consumer• More importantly, public relations involves more than just propagation – it’s a boundary spanning process through which an organization and its publics interact. There’s no better current means for practicing sound PR than social media• Companies who don’t engage social media now are no better off than the organizations who neglected making their own website a decade ago
  26. 26. Recommended Blogs and books• Steve Rubel.com • Reality check by Guy• Brian Solis.com Kawasaki• Neville Hobson.com • The Social Media• Ste Davies.com Bible by Lon Safko and David K. Brake• PR Squared by Todd Defren • The New Rules of Marketing and PR by• Mashable David Meerman Scott• Wolftstar • Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck
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  28. 28. Some links• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iqj5UX0DliE• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLd9q88ohUs• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE5bncAEhSQ