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Challenge presentation


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European Liberal Democrat Party is keen to take measures for stronger energy efficiency. For this purpose, they would like to engage Europeans in the discussion of how to do this. The presentation gives an overview of the situation

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Challenge presentation

  1. 1. Europeans use more than twice as muchenergy as the average world citizen. The EU uses one fifth of the world’s energy and an average EU citizen consumes 1 kilowatt-hour every six hours, which creates 420g of CO2.
  2. 2. The EU aims to reduceenergy consumption by 20%by the year 2020, throughenergy efficiency.Furthermore, EU goal is to cutgreenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% by2050 and this has serious implicationsfor our energy system.
  3. 3. In Europe, transport isthe biggest energyconsumer followed byindustry and householdsThe average EU citizen drives 30 km to get towork, using 2 liters of petrol which equals in 5.5kg of CO2 emissions. Better public transportwould provide an alternative.
  4. 4. Heating represents 70 % ofhousehold energy consumption and about 14 % of EU greenhouse gas emissions
  5. 5. Switching to energy-savinglight bulbs saves enoughenergy to power 11 millionhomes a yearSaving energy doesn’t have to be a financialburden: switching to efficient light bubbles willbring €25 yearly savings by 2020 to averagehousehold.
  6. 6. Join the challenge, makenew initiatives cometrue with the EuropeanLiberal Democrats.Winning proposals will be discussed by party’sleading politicians while top contributor to thechallenge will be invited to the European LiberalParty Congress in Dublin.