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Energy, climate change


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance

Energy, climate change

  2. Without Energy No Life
  4. EARTH is a finite system
  5. Nothing is created, Nothing is destroyed Everything is transformed
  6. World's proven oil reserves are 1200 billion barrels Source : BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007
  7. 600 billion barrels to extract from tar sands in Canada and Venezuela +
  9. The world consumption of oil…
  10. … continues to growth Million Barrels of Oil a Day Annual growth Annual Consumption Rest of the World USA China
  11. With a world oil consumption growth of 1% per year …
  12. 40 years … the oil reserves will be exhausted in less than
  13. But… Remember! The only thing that we have to fear, it is that the sky might fall on our heads! … and precisely
  14. In 200 years , we will have released in the atmosphere , the carbon that took nature 600 million years to trap 1850 1900 1950 2000 CO 2
  15. The sea level has risen 15 to 20 cm over the 20 th century and is going to rise another 18 to 59 cm by the year 2100
  17. We are living in a world in exponential growth
  18. 2005 1000 0 5 000 bef. JC 10 000 bef. JC 5 million 250 million in 1 1 billion in 1800 3 billion in 1960 4 billion in 1975 5 billion in 1987 2 billion in 1930 6.5 billion in 2005 The world population is increasing
  19. The world energy consumption is increasing 1 million tonnes oil equivalent = 11.6 MWh Source : IEA, Mai 2007 90% of fossil energy Rnv Energy Nuclear Natural gas Oil Coal Millions of toe
  20. Energy cost is increasing
  21. How many Earths do we need ?
  23. In Chinese, "the word «  crisis  » is made up of two letters. One represents danger and the other opportunity "
  24. In only one day , the sun provides the Earth with the same energy to that consumed by humanity in 35 years
  25. " With Concentrated Solar Power Stations, one thousandth of the deserts surface would be sufficient to cover the world’s need in electricity" Hans Müller-Steinhagen Head of the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics German Aerospace Center
  27. These are the electric motors that consume the most energy in the industry 70% Electrolysis Other uses Lighting Electric motors 9% 4% 17%
  28. The purchase cost of a motor is nothing in relation to its cost of use Purchase cost 2.5% Maintenance cost 1.5% Energy cost 96% Global Cost of an electric motor
  29. … and these are mainly the frequency inverters that allow
  30. ... to reduce the energy invoice while adapting the demand to the need
  32. A centrifugal pump or a fan is characterized by
  33. A flow proportional to the speed Q α v
  34. Pressure Proportional to the square speed p α v²
  35. Power proportional to the cube speed p α v² P α v 3
  36. / 2 A centrifugal pump or fan working to its nominal speed divided by 2, so, to the half of the maximal flow
  37. / 8 … has an energy consumption divided by 8
  38. 30 up to 40% energy savings can be realized for a centrifugal pump or a fan
  39. With a frequency inverter the working and service costs decrease
  41. As of today, the manufactures consuming the most efficient electric energy …
  42. … will be, the most competitive manufactures tomorrow
  43. Now, you know
  44. Philippe Châtel - Lenze Thank You for your attention