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Digital Strategy for Practical Advocacy

  1. Crafting a Digital Strategy for Practical Political Advocacy Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat - Sun Tzu Conference audio: call 805.309.5900 Enter ID: 590-814-35
  2. Colin Delany  Former political staffer (Texas)  Founder/editor   Online communications consultant Political advocate
  3. What I Do Communications strategy planning, including social media, email campaigns, online fundraising, influencer outreach & more Audits of organization websites, social media properties, email campaigns & online fundraising Technology planning & project management Planning and implementation for specific online comms projects & advocacy campaigns Training on digital advocacy & politics topics, including email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, communicating with Congress, fundraising & more
  4. The Essentials What IS online advocacy?
  5. The Essentials What does effective online advocacy look like?   Examples Rules of thumb: -- relationships -- content
  6. The Essentials Where online advocacy fits in a communications strategy Amplifier  Force-multiplier  Key aspect: integration  Key resource involved: time
  7. The Essentials Typical structure of an online advocacy campaign:  Online hub (website, Fb page) Ongoing communications with supporters (email, social media, SMS)  Outreach (recruiting, influencing the conversation) 
  8. The Essentials Typical Goals:  Long-term agenda-setting  Short-term policy opportunity/threat  Recruiting  Supporter mobilization (ex: voter turnout)
  9. The Tools Choosing the right tools: Rule #1: Base the tools you choose on your goals and capabilities
  10. The Tools The secret tool: databases
  11. The Tools  Website (persuasion/recruiting hub)  Petitions (outreach, recruiting, engagement)  Email (sustained contact/mobilization)  CRM (enables email, sometimes social media) Social media (persuasion/recruiting outreach + sustained contact/mobilization)   Advertising (persuasion/recruiting outreach)  Direct contact (blogger/influencer outreach)
  12. Strategy Creating an online strategy in a fast-moving political/policy environment  Identify pressure points  Identify channels  Identify resources
  13. Strategy More rules of thumb: Leverage existing narrative/conversations (media outreach, hashtags, memes, infographics)  Integrate your communications – be relentless in your messaging   Keep up the pressure – keep your advocates busy
  14. Strategy Good content matters!
  15. Strategy Relationships matter!  Direct outreach  CRM/email  Social media
  16. Strategy Managing supporters  Regular contact (but don't overdo it)  Ladder of engagement  Tiered actions  Super-volunteers
  17. Strategy What's next in digital advocacy? What's next for your organization?
  18. Thank You Colin Delany @epolitics +1 202 422 4682