Mechanics capitalization 4 grade


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  • But before today’s topic, what did we did in the last class? Transitions what are they used for and the different kinds of transitions.
  • Call student’s names and see if they find something is wrong.
  • Ask what they know about capitalizations before explaining the topic.
  • Could you please give me examples of proper nouns and capitalizations.
  • Ask what are proper nouns
  • Ask what are proper nouns again
  • Ask for doubts, what are capitalizations, proper nouns
  • What can you see here? Does anyone needs to be capitalized?
  • Give sentences so that the student’s can correct them
  • In the following sentences, identify if the noun is proper or common.Rewrite the sentences using the correct capitalization rules.
  • Mechanics capitalization 4 grade

    1. 1. Capitalization 4th gradeOctober 3rd 2012
    2. 2.  Todays date is October 3rd 2012 Quote of the day: “There is nothing greater than the love for your culture”. E. Plaza
    3. 3.  Review last class Transitions
    4. 4.  my Dog snoopy is black and white. i went to florida last year. puerto rico is a country in the caribbean.
    5. 5.  What do you know about capitalizations? What are capitalizations?
    6. 6.  Capitalization is the writing of a word with its first letter as an upper case and the remaining letters in lower case. Examples: Maria is drinking coffee. The mail man went to Diego’s house. Jose and I went to the store.
    7. 7.  You capitalize: The first letter at the beginning of a sentence. The pronoun “I”. And proper nouns.
    8. 8. 1. Proper nouns A proper noun is: a noun that is the name of a specific individual, place, or object. The first letter of the word has to be capitalized. Examples: The student’s name is Michael. The dog’s name is Rufus. Bryan visited San Juan to visit the Castillo San Felipe del Morro.
    9. 9.  2. Capitalize: holidays, days of the week, months and businesses. Example: Last Christmas, on December 24th, 2002, I got a present. The Popular Bank is Puerto Rico’s biggest bank. But do not capitalize the names of seasons. Example: He will go to Florida this fall.
    10. 10.  3. Capitalize: the first, last, and any important words in titles. Example: The Governors favorite book is ”Don Quixote”. 4.Capitalize: the names of languages and nationality. Examples: He spoke Spanish to the Taino Indians. Puerto Ricans like to dance Salsa.
    11. 11.  5.Capitalize: special events and historical periods. Example: The Puerto Rican Day Parade celebrates Puerto Rican heritage.
    12. 12.  Common nouns are names of things or places that are not specific or special. Common nouns do not have to be capitalized. Examples: The dog, the cat, the house.
    13. 13.  Read the sentences and make the corrections using the capitalization rules: christopher columbus discovered puerto rico in 1493. puerto Rico is located near Dominican republic. the taino indians lived in the island many years ago. the spanish used ships to travel to the new world.
    14. 14.  Use the correct capitalization rules and answer the following questions in complete sentences: Which town you live in? What do you like about Puerto Rico? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite type of music?
    15. 15.  Identify which is a proper and common noun. Rewrite the sentences using the correct capitalization rules.
    16. 16.  You capitalize: The first word of every sentence. The word I. The first word of proper nouns. Holidays, days of the week, months, organizations, businesses. Languages and nationalities. Special events and historical periods.
    17. 17.  Rewrite the sentences below using correct capitalization. 1. the town of san juan is the capital of puerto rico. 2. jennifer and carlos will travel to spain next year. 3. the jackson elementary school band will perform “yankee doodle.” 4. my friend and i are going to the parque colon beach. 5. the excursion is going to aguada, aguadilla, and isabela. 6. nicole likes pepsi, but veronica and jonathan prefer coke.