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Evaluation+6 Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Evaluation+6 Presentation

  1. 1. We chose to edit our video on iMovie HD as it is quite anadvanced piece of software and it allowed us to edit in ourfree time whenever we felt like we had a bit of inspiration.This prevented us from having the feeling that we had to do itin set times and allowed the editing process to be morenatural to us. There was plenty to learn from iMovie from howto get the best quality from clips and how to edit it in the mostsuitable way. There was many built in sound effects but weused our own as they sounded quite industry standard andtypical. As you can see on one of the pictures there is 5 subcategories to edit from and each have lots of ways to carryout their role, for example if you click on the ‘Media’ tab youcan choose from a range of sounds to insert in your piece.
  2. 2. This is a screen shot of Moodle, which is an online application where our group uploadsall our work and it is how we keep a track of our progress. Moodle is very useful for usas we can all share the same space as a group without anyone else intervening withour work. We all have the ability to change and modify it as a group so we all haveequal input. It is easy to access and during the course of this production project therewere lots to learn about Moodle as we have had to use it to its full potential. Forexample we have a simple section in which we insert text, a separate upload page forpower points and pictures and then we have an overview page where we can see whatit all looks like together.
  3. 3. This is a screen shot of the music for the production. It was produced onCubase, which is a professional music editing program. Aaron created themusic by playing in melodies through a midi keyboard and using several plug-ins to alter the sound and instrument to make it appropriate for the genre.Chords and notes where very selective as they had to set the emotionproperly.
  4. 4. This is a picture of Imogen setting up a tripod. We all learnt to do this as a group as using a tripod was necessary for getting those still shots so was a simple skill we all needed to learn. Setting up the tripod is a basic filming skill, which usually takes place in the preparation part prior to filming as you want to have it all setup to the filmers comfort.This is a picture of Eoin attaching thecamera to the tripod before going onto use the camera. Attaching thecamera to the tripod is a simpletechnique but the camera can beused in many ways. We all learnt toattach it to the tripod and we all hadour own ways to use it without and asa team we shared our ideas andtechniques. This is a picture of Aaron editing the video. We all had input when editing and our ideas flowed together. With the three of us we were able to come up with fitting sound effects, perfect fonts and smooth transitions. We all learnt to put the video together and shared our skills and techniques. Even though we all shared out skills most of the tasks were shared equally and one of us dominated that particular task, whether it be editing, filming or directing.