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100 More Health Care Accounts To Follow in 2014


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Inevitably I got a mixed reaction to my original recommendations of healthcare social media accounts to follow on Twitter. The most vehement reactions came from those who stated that these lists are meaningless - but who defines meaning? Isn't it as individual as we are? One person's meaningful Twitter account is another's Klout score (this was suggested to me as a more meaningful way to create this kind of list). Again for some this may be how you decide who is worth following on Twitter, but Klout scores are also derided in some quarters. If I chose only to focus on Klout scores, then I would be missing out on some great Twitter accounts. In fact one of the most surprising things I found when creating this list was the low number of followers on some accounts . Some of the accounts I most respect for what they are doing to change the conversation in healthcare have a surprisingly low number of followers - proof once again that quality engagement should never be measured in numbers. And so to list two. I quickly realized after I put the list together that I had left some key accounts out - completely unintentionally. It was never meant to be a definitive list, nor meant to signify any hierarchical structure. Those of us who are immersed in Twitter sometimes forget that when we started we weren't familiar with many of the accounts we now follow every day. I hope this list can be a starting point for those new to Twitter as they join the conversation. As you become more familiar with Twitter your network will expand and you will create your own list. Even for those of us who are experienced Twitter users, we can always discover a new gem in an account we may not have come across before. I know I can be guilty of swimming in the same Twitter pool and every now and again it is good to expand our horizons. I hope this list will help you expand your network to make it even more valuable, global and inclusive.

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100 More Health Care Accounts To Follow in 2014

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