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Healthcare Innovation: Made With Patients


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Keynote Presentation at DayOne Conference – Shaping the Future of Health, Basel, Switzerland.

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Healthcare Innovation: Made With Patients

  1. 1. @JBBC It always amazes me that in healthcare we spend millions building solutions that the end users don’t want. Why? Well often we are never asked. Would Amazon build a platform without consulting the end user? Would General Motors produce a new car without understanding their consumer? So why do we do it in healthcare? Michael Seres @mjseres
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  4. 4. (Source: Dahlgren and Whitehead 1991)
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  6. 6. “In the milieu of technological advances, we often overlook the low-tech, analog human.” - Jordan Shlain M.D., Founder HealthLoop @JBBC
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  8. 8. @JBBC “People talking to each other” - Susannah Fox (ex) Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Health and Human Services