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Comprehensive guide to using EnglishCentral as a teacher. http://www.englishcentral.com/teachers

Online version - http://bit.ly/xSAhSc

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Teachers guide

  1. 1. TEACHER’S GUIDEEnglish Central makes teaching English fun and effective by turning popular web videos intopowerful language learning experiences. EnglishCentral allows teachers to sign up students,select video curriculum, assign goals and track students. Perfect for any blended learning,21st century classroom.
  2. 2. On EnglishCentral students learn English through our unique immersive and structured approach ofTo make significant progress, we recommend each week students:EnglishCentral tracks the progress of all the words and language that students Watch, Learnor Speak. We’ll show students their achievement and give them motivating feedback.Teachers get our free Teacher Tools, to set video assignments and goals and get reports onstudent learning. Come dive into an ocean of videos!
  3. 3. TeachersWhen teachers register, they start a school. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, just put in yourname. For example, “Jenny’s School”, you can make a new name later or change it at any time.Teachers after registration get access to our Teaching Tools and will receive a newsletter every 2weeks full of helpful tips and tricks for using EnglishCentral effectively in their classrooms.
  4. 4. StudentsStudents can register on EnglishCentral through 3 different ways.1. Regular Log In and Sign Up - students can sign up with Facebook or by setting up an account.2. By Teacher Invite and Enrollment in a class - students go to the class page and click “Enroll In Class” (see 8. Enroll Students)3. By using a prepaid Premium Access Card. - students can purchase cards from their school, authorized vendors and bookstore
  5. 5. After signing up, your students will go through 3 quick steps prior to enrolling in your class andstarting to study (unless they were previously registered on EnglishCentral and in that case, theycan jump right in!)1. Choosing a topic to focus on and for their own study.2. Self selecting a level for the own study on EnglishCentral.3. Setting up their account and personal details.
  6. 6. To get started, teachers have to do 3 things1. Create a class and a class page where your students will come to study.2. Set video curriculum and courses that your students will study (and set goals if you choose)3. Enroll students by URL or by Invite through our emailing system.*** It is helpful to note that you don’t have to select videos for your students nordo you have to set goals for them to achieve. You can just let them go “freestyle”and in the Teacher Tools, record how much they do on their own. The goal ofeducation should be nurturing “self directed learning”. Just depends how much ofa push your students need!
  7. 7. We are now in the TEACHER TOOLS, a full Learning Management System built to giveteachers the ability to both create curriculum and track their students.The first thing to do is set up your classes. Start by making one class. Each class has aunique url http://www.englishcentral.com/class/schoolname/classname Share this withstudents – this is where they will ENROLL and STUDY.Create your class by clicking the green + Add button.
  8. 8. We want teachers creating strong curriculum for their students. Teachers know theirstudents best! There are 3 steps – Set the difficulty level, Select Video content, Set Goals.On EnglishCentral, teachers have 3 curriculum options: 1. Teacher Selects A Course - we have a full variety of professionally designed courses that act just like textbooks. Students proceed through the units and graduate from a course. 2. Teacher Selects Individual Videos - just browese the site and when you see a video suitable for your students, + Add it to your class. Just click the + and select the class to add it to. Just like Youtube! 3. Student Selects - the student goes “freestyle” and watches what they want. We have so much content, why not let your students be motivated by what they want to view?
  9. 9. Goals will highly motivate your students and are very much recommended. However, youstill have two basic choices: Set Goals or No GoalsTeachers set goals based on the number of videos to WATCH | LEARN | SPEAKGoals can be set weekly or monthly. If you set a goal in the middle of a week or a month,don’t worry – the goals the student sees on the Class Page will be prorated for that week ormonth.When setting goals it is important to consider the levels of your students (higher levels cancomplete tasks much more quickly) and also the age, the motivation and interest level andthe time available for the students (and you in class!).** Note, this said, Harder videos do naturally come in a longer length, with more speakpoints available and will take longer to complete. A good rule of thumb is that the averagenumber of points / video is about 1,000. Use this as a yardstick when setting goals.We recommend a weekly goal of:
  10. 10. The last stage of setting up your Teacher Tools is to enroll students. You have a nice homeready for them to begin a cosy time studying.Teachers have several options when enrolling students. 1. Simply copy the class URL onto the board and tell the students to visit the class page and enroll in the class. Even better if you do this at school, in a computer lab or with their own devices. 2. Invite students through our email system. Each student will get a secure link taking them to the class page where they will be asked to register on EnglishCentral, input an Premium Access Code if they have one or to begin studying if they are already registered on EnglishCentral.
  11. 11. When students receive the invite or go directly to your Class Page, they just need to click the “Enroll In Class” button and they’ll be enrolled and directed to register if necessary.They’ll get a confirmation message.Teachers will see the students’ names in their class list right away but it will belabeled “Registered” once the student has registered on EnglishCentral and is anactive member.Just remember, your unique Class URL is your home base! Students can doeverything there and this is the place they should locate to start studying yourassignments / curriculum.
  12. 12. EnglishCentral empowers teachers with strong assessment tools and ensures accountabilitybetween all stakeholders: teachers, administrators, students and parents.Our comprehensive reports give teachers a complete view of what the students have beendoing, how well they’ve been doing and how they are making progress.Teachers can print attractive looking reports of each data set and all reports come in a veryclear graph form. There is also the option to export an excel file of student data. Further,teachers can look at reports across a complete time section, from start to finish.The main reports are: 1. Watched Videos 2. Learned Words 3. Speak Points Earned 4. Lines Recorded 5. Pronunciation (weak phonemes / avg phonemes) 6. Overall grade (% of Watch | Learn | Speak goals met) 7. Number of VisitsIt’s important to note that all reports can be filtered either by what the student has done withClass / Teacher curriculum (Only Class Activity) or everything the student studied onEnglishCentral (All Activity)
  13. 13. Reports also feature powerful Premium functionality.Listen In allows the teacher to listen to a student’s recording. A great tool and perfect forremedial help or a teacher student one on one conference. .Our pronunciation reports show the student’s weakness in producing sounds/phonemes andis a perfect tool for assessing student difficulties with pronunciation.Reports have additional features. 1. Edit your student’s names and give them a proper name or alias. Makes it easy when looking at the reports! 2. Clear colors indicating completion or incompletion of goals (grey or color ). 3. Calendar settings. Look at reports over any time period – period! 4. Filter your student list alphabetically or from best – worst / worst to best 5. Drill down and see what your students have been doing. In addition to “Listen In” you can see what videos your students have watched / spoken and what their grades were.
  14. 14. Besides making curriculum and tracking students, you can manage students and invitefellow teachers to join you and teach on EnglishCentral. This is all done through theManage tab on the Teacher Tools. This is where you manage things and add/delete schools,classes, groups, teachers, students. You will be able to: 1. Invite fellow teachers to your class as a co-teacher 2. Join and become a student in your own class. 3. Add / Delete Schools / Classes / Groups 4. Group students in levels (and assign specific videos for them) 5. Add / Remove students from the School or classes / groups. 6. Edit student names and give them an alias. 7. Upgrade students. Assign seats that you have purchased to give your students Premium Access.The teacher that originally created the school is an administrator. Other teachers may bemade administrators of a school and be able to manage the teachers / students in the schoolroster. Administration status can also be removed.** Please be careful when deleting your school, classes or groups. You’ll get a confirmationmessage when deleting a school or class but please be careful!
  15. 15. Other Things Of Note:You can upload a logo to your Class Page. (be in your School view)Make an announcement that will appear on your Class Page. (be inCurriculum view)Class View: You can go to your class page from the teacher tools and check that yourvideos are posted (but they will appear at the bottom of your Tools page – please be inCurriculum view)
  16. 16. Teachers are royalty to us! If teachers , administrators,schools buy seats for students, they get an immediate 20%discount from the standard pricing.Seats can be bought by clicking the “Buy Seats” tab from the teacher tools. 1. Select if you want to add seats to your own Teacher Account (only you can manage these seats and assign to students) or to a School Account (where all administrators can use them and assign to students). 2. Select your payment plan. Semester or Yearly. Or enter a Premium Access Code. 3. Select your number of seats / students and payment method.Schools that purchase large numbers of seats get a steep discount which increasesdepending on the number of seats. Contact Us for info. about this or access cards.
  17. 17. Your Class Page is where all the action takes place! Your students Enroll here, study here,get messages here. They can compete with classmates and share the page on Facebook orTwitter.Your selected videos will appear on this page, as well as any course that you’ve selected foryour students to study.At the top, each student will see their progress towards the goals you’ve set for them. Agreat motivator!
  18. 18. The My English page is the home base for all student self directed learning / independentstudy. On this page, they can see a list of their classes, the videos they are studying andany progress to date.Students need to select Topics for their My Class page. We have an extensive number oftopics, enough to match the interests of everyone.** The videos on the student My English page will be filtered by the difficulty level thestudent has selected (not that which the teacher selects which only applies to class videos).
  19. 19. Every member has a profile page. You access your profile page from the top of any page, clicking your name and icon.From your profile page you can: 1. Upload / edit your profile photo. 2. Edit your personal information and settings 3. Edit your language settings 4. Set how you appear on the site or how EnglishCentral contacts you. 5. Upgrade your account to Premium 6. Upgrade to a teacher account if you made a mistake and registered as a student (click the link in the right sidebar)
  20. 20. Our patented video player is our pride and joy. It works miracles and students love using it. Students WATCH and SPEAK in the video player. They receive corrective feedback on their pronunciation and speaking fluency. They can control the learning environment and learn at their own speed with the player’s unique features. These features include:1. Compare: Instantly compare your speech with the model2. Repeat: Repeat the line right away.3. In line dictionary: look up any word and find out how to say it4. Speak lines and gain points. Compete with others and climb up our Rankings page.5. Record your voice and get feedback so you can improve.6. Use the hidden challenge to listen for missing words and improve listening skills
  21. 21. The vocabulary features of EnglishCentral are deep and extensive. Consider us the worldslargest 2nd language spoken corpus – a video one at that!We track all the vocabulary that a student WATCHes | LEARNs | SPEAKs and weshow them their progress.Students can study video in several ways on EnglishCentral: 1. Through the video player, as they watch a video 2. By using our Vocabulary Quiz app after watching a video 3. By selecting vocabulary based on a topic and level and making their own study list. 4. By watching “word clip lists” of videos baased on a specific word (and speaking these lines too!).We have over 80,000 words in our library and more added daily as we produce new videocontent. We’ll even get bigger – mark my word!Our Vocabulary Quiz App
  22. 22. Students must Watch | Learn | Speak a word 5 times each in order to “know” andhave mastered that word.Our spaced time repetition system assures students learn vocabulary at timed intervals andin a variety of contexts. Our vocabulary is leveled by a variety of internationally recognized scales of which the student can select. ** Students may also search for a word and get a cliplist through the search box.
  23. 23. Pronunciation is our bread and butter, our cup of tea,our icing on the cake – we do this well!On EnglishCentral, we track every phoneme a studentspeaks! We’ll give detailed progress on how a studentis getting better. Students through our Pronunciationpage can get help all the sounds of English which theymight have a problem with. Get tips, watch expertvideos, record cliplists specific to a sound.Feedback is given based on a phonetic model but wealso give feedback related to how well a student practices the rhythm and timing of English.
  24. 24. We are never far away and are here to help. 1. Please check out the HELP section (look at the bottom of every page) It is very detailed and translated into all our main user languages. 2. Teachers may contact teachers@englishcentral.com with any teacher tool related problems. We’ll get back to you ASAP. 3. Our Blog is full of great hints and helpers about how to use EnglishCentral. Stay in Intouch with all the latest there. Just click the button on our Teacher Tools! http://www.englishcentral.com/blog 4. Use our Contact Us page. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. http://www.englishcentral.com/contact-usStay Connected. Try our social media for extra help. Also our UserVoice where you cangive us additional feedback.Make sure to visit our blog’s RESOURCES page where you’ll findfurther info. about EnglishCentral . Tutorials, brochures, logos,etc………. http://www.englishcentral.com/blog/resources/