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A quick guide to getting your students using EnglishCentral and setting up your class page.

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Teachers' Guide EnglishCentral

  1. 1. How To …. 1. Get Premium Seats 2. Make Students Premium 3. Create A Class & Invite Students 4. Assign Video Lessons & Courses 5. Use Reports 1. Make Students Premium Students get Premium access by: 1. Teachers contact us and purchase seats. Enter the code on the "Buy Seats" page. Students are upgraded when they enroll in the class. All teachers get a 1 month trial. 2. Students upgrade on their own with an access code purchased from the school or school book store. Upgrade from the account page. 2. Invite & Enroll Students ← Registration page that your students go to from your invitation message. TheClass Page. Students register/enroll on your class page. Select "Enroll Students" and share the Class Page URL directly or by email through EnglishCentral. Get More help. http://blog.englishcentral.com/resources
  2. 2. お問い合わせ先: nfo@eng shcentra om EnglishCentral Teacher Tool Guide 3. Create A Class & Class Page You can create a class, invite students and teachers or co-teachers by using the manage tab. 1. Select “+Add”and click on “Class” to create a class. 2. Choose a school you want to add a class to and type in the class name. . Thereare two ways to enroll your students into the class you made. . 1) Students enroll in the class through the class URL. 2) Email invitation. Enter your students’ email addresses and send them the URL. Invite teachers to the school through the school view. Invite co-teachers to a class from the class view. Click the Invite button and enter email addresses. Any questions? Ask us at www.englishcentral.com/support
  3. 3. 2. Click on “I’m Done”if you are okay with the curriculum you made. 2. Click on “I’m Done”if you are okay with the curriculum you made. EnglishCentral Teacher Tool Guide 4. Add Video Lessons & Courses You can set curriculum by selecting the “Curriculum”tab and “Edit Curriculum” Step 1 - Goals 1. Set goals - how many video lessons you want your students to Watch | Learn | Speak 2. You can set goals so they apply only to videos on the class page or to anything students study on the site. 3. You can set the class goals as weekly or monthly and the due date. If you don’t need to set any goals, select“No Goals”on the left side. After setting goals, click on the “Next”button. Step 2 - Videos 1. Select if the teacher or the students will choose what to study. 2 Browse the website and add courses or video lessons to the class page. Select the + and select the class. 3. Click on “I’m Done”if you are happy with the curriculum you made. View our Academic Area http://www.englishcentral.com/academic
  4. 4. EnglishCentral Teacher Tool Guide 5. Use Reports With the Reports tab, you can easily check all the activities your students have done. Also check unit completion of courses. Select the "Report Type" on the left side of the page. - Watched Videos… The number of watched videos/what videos they have watched - Learned Words… The number of learned words/what words they have learned - Speak Points (*1)… Points they have made/what dialogs they have recorded - Spoken Videos… The number of recorded videos - Pronunciation… Pronunciation that they are good & not good at - Course Completion… What percentage of a course they have done - Lines Recorded (*2)… The number of lines students have recorded - Overall Grade… How many percentage they have done based on the goals you set - Number of Visits… How many times they have visited the site (*1)… Students’ quality of speaking (*2)… Students’ quantity of speaking Select a student’s username. You can see the details of their progress. Here - “Speak points” is selected. On this page, you can check what videos they have recorded, their grades, and listen in on what they have recorded on the site. Set a specific time period by clicking on the calendar icons to see studentsʼ progress for that period. You can also print out the reports or download all report data as a Excel file. Join A Weekly Webinar. http://blog.englishcentral.com/webinar
  5. 5. Want more information?