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Its as Easy as Show and Tell


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What to look for in hosting live online training using web conferencing services and free Web 2.0 tools. Enhance engagement by providing a live host led experience to the participants.

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Its as Easy as Show and Tell

  1. 1. Navigating The Obstacles of Online Training
  2. 2. Link to full graphic
  3. 3. + Frost & Sullivan Leveraging the Power of Videoconferencing in Business “By letting people see everything from facial expressions to body language, video conferencing increases understanding, even across language and cultural boundaries. When combined with Web conferencing that supports presentations, desktop sharing, mark up capabilities and Q&A, video conferencing can be even more effective than in-person meetings, allowing participants to work on documents in real time and leave the meeting with new knowledge an clear actions items.”
  4. 4. + Common Categories of Video Conferencing Installed room video collaboration systems Executive desktop video collaboration systems Desktop video conferencing
  5. 5. Key Considerations of a Video Conferencing Provider 1. Reliability 2. System should build on comfort with technology 3. Software features and flexibility
  6. 6. Web conference Service Providers ACT Conferencing Adobe Acrobat Connect Altadyn: owner of 3D- AnyMeeting BigBlueButton Blackboard Inc.: Elluminate, Wimba BrightTALK Calliflower Cisco WebEx Citrix Online: Netviewer, GoToMeeting, Dimdim closed to new registration as of Elluminate Epiphan Systems Fuze Meeting Genesys Meeting Center Glance IBM Lotus Sametime LotusLive IOCOM InterCall LogMeIn: provider of MeetingZone MegaMeeting Microsoft Office Live Meeting Mikogo MSN Netviewer Nefsis OmNovia Technologies Openmeetings Oracle Beehive ooVoo PGi RHUB Communications Inc. Saba Meeting: previously known as Centra ShowDocument Skype Starlight Networks StarLive TalkPoint TeamViewer TimeBridge Tokbox VenueGen VeriShow VIA3 Voxeet VSee WebTrain not active WiZiQ Yuuguu Zoho
  7. 7. Webinar • A webinar is a newly coined term to describe a specific type of web conference. It is typically one-way,[1] from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction, such as in a webcast.
  9. 9. Web conferencing
  10. 10. Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. In a web conference, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the Internet. This can be either a downloaded application on each of the attendees' computers or a web-based application where the attendees access the meeting by clicking on a link distributed by e-mail (meeting invitation) to enter the conference.
  11. 11. There are web conferencing technologies on the market that have incorporated the use of VoIP audio technology, to allow for a completely web-based communication.
  12. 12. + Tip Number One Have an agenda for the meeting and share it with the participants well in advance so they know what to expect when they accept the online meeting invitation.
  13. 13. + Tip Number Two Have an established time limit and stick to it, make sure to take into consideration time of day.
  14. 14. + Tip Number Three Prepare your material in advance of the presentation and know how it appears on the participant’s screen. By presenting your screen you are in a position to cover more information in depth and to support your ideas with sound, text, images and video.
  15. 15. + Tip Number Four Rehearse the presentation, make the movement through the material with smooth and practiced transitions.
  16. 16. + Tip Number Five Remember to guide the participants with your narration and keep it conversational.
  17. 17. + Link to short video on establishing a basic web conference and webinar. How to Start a Web Conference
  18. 18. + Link to a sample of an online lesson using free website and Web 2.0 tools Website = Online quiz= ProProfs Assignment submission = DropBox Video with ADA compliance - YouTube Free Hosting for Online Lessons/Courses Link to sample Additional Resource: Free Learning Management System (LMS), CourseSites by Blackboard-Link to information
  19. 19. + RealPlayer Convertor-Link to information “RealPlayer Converter is a video and audio file conversion program. You can take files you created or downloaded from the internet, and prepare them to go anywhere.” Free Audio and Video Convertor Screen share iPad, iPhone with Mac and PC AirServer-Link to information Screen share your iPhone or iPad with computer presenting webinar. Use the camera to broadcast high quality video. Access all the applications on your device and share with students. Use the camera on an iPhone to broadcast during webinar - Video. Use applications on iPhone to engage students during webinar - Video
  20. 20. + Nearpod-Link to information Overview of learning system for engaging students using iPad and mobile devices in the classroom. Watch the video! Interactive Multimedia Presentations Screen Capture and Markup Tool Jing-Link to information Screen capture and markup images for reuse. LastPass-Link to information Organize and manage all your passwords. Password Manager SlideShark-Link to information Convert and broadcast presentations from iPhone and iPad. Present PowerPoint from Mobile Device
  21. 21. Mobile Videoconferencing - Tools Bluetooth Speaker and Microphone Auvio-Link to information iPole-Link to information