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Webinar Planning and Checklist Guide


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Webinar Planning and Checklist Guide

Use this webinar checklist to help you plan your workflow and activities related to your upcoming webinars and webcasts.


Content Related
- Goals for the webinar are clear and documented
- Metrics for measuring success are setup and understood
- Topic, title, and overall content direction has been decided
- Presentation created
- Polling Questions prepared
- Q&A initial questions prepared

Audience Generation
- Segmentation of database done based on webinar goals
- Landing pages have been created
- Email invitations created and ready to be sent out
- Website updated with Webinar information
- Blog/Tweeter feed ready to be updated with webinar info

Logistics Planning
- Presenter selected
- Presentation rehearsed
- Greeting script ready
- Webinar date and details shared with sales team
- Webinar setup done on webinar platform


Content Related
- Presentatoin uploaded and tested
- Webinar recording tested

Audience Generation
- Email reminders sent
- Reminder calls made (if applicable)

Logistics Planning
- Login instructions sent to presenter(s)
- Q&A shared with presenter(s)
- Conf call number tested (if applicable)


Content Related
- Webinar recording verified and uploaded
- Email with webinar archive link created and ready to go out
- Q&A results downloaded and shared with sales team
- Webinar evaluation shared with presenter and sales
- Website updated with webinar archive/link

Audience Generation
- Email with webinar archive link sent out

Logistics Planning
- Webinar registrations and attendees report generated
- Email with webinar archive link sent out
- Link to webinar archive shared with sales team

Prepared by Aprix Solutions, the makers of Aprix Marketing Manager.

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Webinar Planning and Checklist Guide

  1. 1. Pre‐Webinar Activities Post‐Webinar Activities Webinar Day  Goals for the webinar clear and documented Goals for the webinar clear and documented   Presentation uploaded/tested Presentation uploaded/tested  Webinar recording verified and uploaded Webinar recording verified and uploaded  Evaluation metrics defined  Webinar recording tested  Email with webinar archive link created and ready to go out  Topic, title, and overall content direction decided  Polling tested  Q&A results downloaded and shared with sales teamContent  Presentation created  Q&A tested  Webinar evaluation shared with presenter and sales  Polling Questions prepared   PDF of presentation createdC  Q&A initial questions prepared Q&A initial questions prepared             Target attendee list prepared  Email reminders sent  Target list prepared   Landing pages created  Reminder calls made (if applicable)  Email with webinar archive link sent out  Email invitations created and ready to be sent out    Website updated with webinar archive/link  ience  Website updated with Webinar information   Blog post updated with webinar archive linkAudi  Blog/Tweeter feed ready to be updated with webinar info   Tweet with webinar link sent        Presenter selected  Login instructions sent to presenter(s)  Webinar registrations and attendees report generated  Presentation rehearsed  Q&A shared w/ presenter(s)  Email with webinar archive link sent out  Link to webinar archive shared with sales team ogistics  Greeting script ready  Conf call number tested (if applicable)  Webinar date and details shared with sales team   Lo  Webinar setup done on webinar platform        Webinar Planning and Workflow Checklist – Free for you to use, modify, and distribute with attribution – Aprix Solutions –