Interaction13 Daily Recap - Thursday


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The final day at IXD13: reflecting on the past, looking toward the future. EffectiveUI’s team on the ground provides a daily recap of Interaction13 in Toronto, January 28-31, 2013.

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Interaction13 Daily Recap - Thursday

  1. IxD 2013 DAILY RECAP JANUARY 31, 2013
  2. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.THURSDAY, JANUARY 31st We looked back, realized where we are, and started to create the future. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  3. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.TODAY WE REFLECTEDWe started the day with the great UX Debate. We asked: If we’reresponsible for the effects we have on people’s behavior from thethings we create? Is it right to think that what we do is delivering socialgood? Can we really create connected experiences across so manydevices and networks? And do stakeholders need to slow down or doUXers need to speed up? We debated, but you will decide... IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  4. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved. • Jason Brush shared that the dream of the 90’s is still alive. • We’ve realized so many of the technology things thatWHERE were only dreams in the 90’s. • Have we forgotten where we came from?HAVE WE • Nostalgia and tech sure have a strange relationship, don’t they?BEEN? • With technology, can we be present to what we have, or must we always move forward? • “Life is rich as we fill it with beautiful things to remember” - Goethe IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  5. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved. WHAT WORKS AND HOW DO WE KNOW? How do we evaluate where we are with our feature and function ideas? User satisfaction depends on how fully implemented a feature is. Jan Moorman shared about her journey to learn the Kano Methodology. You can’t measure delight from facial expressions. You can’t measure it by asking ‘do you like this’...Kano’s question pairs can perhaps predict what people will really like. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  6. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved. WHO ARE WE?We did a live redux of the conference. Lin Yee Yuan, Cliff Kuang, andJeroen van Geel shared with us their impressions. Are InteractionDesigners the brand architects of tomorrow? Are we a bunch of dogood hippies? Are our web applications now frameworks instead ofdestinations? Do we ask ‘why’ we’re doing things often enough? Howdo we befriend and speak the language of business? IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  7. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.HOW DO WE GETTO THE FUTURE?In his closing keynote, John Bielenberg shared with us hisstory about how he got to his ‘Future’ by encouragingpeople, including youngsters, to ‘think wrong’, andremove the ‘connective synapses’ -- where if A happensour behavior is automatically B. His Rapid Ingenuity Cycle:be bold, get out, think wrong, make stuff, bet small, fastforward might just get us where we’re going. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  8. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.SEE YOU IN AMSTERDAM! Next year’s Interaction conference will be in Amsterdam. We will see you there! IxD13 DAILY RECAP