Making Mobile Meaningful NY 2013


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Presented by Anthony Franco, president and founder

The art of creating mobile experiences that gain adoption and integrate with your digital ecosystem.

• How to develop a mobile strategy that integrates business, user and technology needs

• What mobile insights Forrester Research and EffectiveUI uncovered in their upcoming Technology Adoption Profile

• How to leverage your existing technology platforms for mobile development, while addressing security issues and other constraints

• What questions to ask and answer to arrive at the right mobile feature set for your users

• What other companies have done wrong, and right, to encourage mobile adoption

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  • (1) Mobile Adoption: Choosing the right features and functionality for users on the go Amanda Gagliardi, Lead Experience Architect (with Kylie Wright-Ford) (2) Technology Integration: Leveraging existing platforms for mobile development Lucas Jordan, Senior Developer (with Mike McFadden)
  • We see brands throwing money at Mobile in two distinct areas right now... Either through marketing “ campaigns ” disguised as mobile apps or as transactional, customer service apps
  • Branded apps should: Add convenience Offer unique value Provide social value Offer incentives Entertain
  • Examples of branded apps Geico “ Bro-Stache ” Taco Bell “ Nutrition Info, Find One, Play a game ” Heineken “ Clink Beers with your Buds ”
  • An app that meets this standard A highly engaging, valuable app for pregnant mothers This one by pampers has been touted all over “ our ” industry as a smashing success it is a pregnancy calendar to help parents know what their infant child may look like in womb week by week - 3D imagery of the baby - sounds recordings of the womb - share the calendar with friends
  • This highly engaging app - that is a benchmark for Branded apps If you ask Pamper ’ s Marketing dept, they met harvard ’ s qualifications: Convenience Unique Social Incentives Entertainment
  • apps that are designed to be useful, usable and desirable to people 1. the state or quality of being useful2. something useful; a useful thing “ The key to Walgreens and CVS ’ strong performance is that each provides an app with immediate actual utility ” USEFUL USABLE DESIRABLE
  • Examples of Utility Apps: They are products, not campaigns. Air Strip Monitor for OBGYNs TRowe Price Personal Retirement Account Status Wells Fargo Mobile Banking
  • The benchmark in utility apps - Dominos Pizza - order a pizza easily “ Our customers would like it to be easier to order pizza, how can we serve them ”
  • If you ask domino ’ s customers, this app meets all of Forbes ’ criteria note:30% of all Dominos pizza orders are now through digital channels
  • Let ’ s compare
  • Pampers: The business reason (create brand affinity) behind this app dictated Social ROI - the wrong motivation causes lasting, rippling damage to your brand
  • 80% of branded apps are downloaded less than 1,000 times1% achieve 1,000,000 downloads1/3 of apps in the iTunes app store do not have a single download
  • At least in this issue, Harvard has it dead wrong - Harvard Business ’ Marketing professor had good intentions, but is giving brands bad guidance
  • “ To create great mobile experiences, companies must stop trying topersuade with apps and begin focusing on providing great service ” --- so awesome, how do we better serve our customers?
  • do you know what the leaders of IT think of the job they are doing? ---CLICK--- 58% think they are a good to excellent job ---CLICK--- when they are asked to evaluate how the other people in the organization think they are doing the number drops to 44%
  • worse, what is generally considered a good to excellent job? On Time, On Budget, In Scope
  • worse, what is generally considered a good to excellent job? On Time, On Budget, In Scope
  • I actually really hate this word - it is SO dehumanizing noun • a person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user: the drug causes long-term brain damage in users | a heroin user . • a person who manipulates others for personal gain: he was a gifted user of other people .
  • “ There are only 2 other businesses that call their customers ‘ users ’ .Drug dealers and Starbucks ”
  • and they are focused on the user among a thousand different and competing priorities SET UP MODERN PLUMBING SLIDE I show the following movie when I speak at large IT conventions...
  • We are a bunch of plumbers geeking out on how cool our pipes are, all the while, our customers are dying of thirst
  • Even our process in technology is backwards We view the customer experience as “ skin ” on the plumbing
  • to properly SERVE our customers, we need to flip how we model our programs
  • McGraw Hill - light bulb moment for me on why Mr. Jobs was so successful - HE WAS THE MAVEN IN HIS COMPANY - he didn ’ t “ build consensus ” - he ultimately was measured on the success or failure of his products YOU NEED SOMEONE MEASURED ON THE SUCCESS OF A PROGRAM WITH POWER AND AUTONOMY IN ORDER TO ENSURE THE PRODUCTS SUCCESS
  • I ’ m going to actually bring Steve back in to make this point too he is the exception that PROVES the rule -> EMPATHY
  • SELL -> BIG IDEA:design persuasive creative, build versions and A/B test until something worksServe -> CUSTOMER EMPATHY:understand your customer ’ s behavior and expectations then design to those needs
  • Campaigns are launched and 6 months later die Products are released, iterated, released, customer behavior studied, re-released optionality, optionality, optionality
  • Enterprises that have no business in gaming, publishing, social networks, try to get into that business - it is RARELY successful has huge risk associated with it Example of companies that do it right: RedBull Nike ---- but it is at the CORE of their brand - it is ingrained in their corporate culture It is not a hobby
  • This is an amazing and classic example of how we expect people to adapt to us There is no reason a customer would accept for why VMWare can ’ t build a mobile site, or at least use responsive design techniques on their existing one
  • people should not notice technology hollywood story
  • if we merely accomplish getting this guy off TV, this whole effort will be worth it Let ’ s stop requiring people to have “ Computer Skills ”
  • we expose our own business ’ lack of organization when we allow business stakeholders to be the sole driver of requirements
  • Increased conversion rates This is why most companies are driven to work on UX - it is perceived to be the lowest hanging fruit
  • Reduced hard costs we ’ ve had several large corporate initiatives that had a 6 month ROI solely from the paper and ink savings
  • Reduced support costs Linksys story (if time)
  • Increased employee efficiency This is most impactful for the applications we build for field sales enablement and repetitive task job like customer support, or company wide tasks like travel and expense systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs IBM ’ s own internal study shows that $1 spent in design saves between $10 and $100 in software development costs
  • Let ’ s learn from more traditional manufacturing processes EffectiveUI bridges the service gap between marketing and I.T.
  • (1) Mobile Adoption: Choosing the right features and functionality for users on the go Amanda Gagliardi, Lead Experience Architect (with Kylie Wright-Ford) (2) Technology Integration: Leveraging existing platforms for mobile development Lucas Jordan, Senior Developer (with Mike McFadden) - go get a drink and choose a side
  • Making Mobile Meaningful NY 2013

    1. 1. “Seriously, mobile is gonna be huge”Abraham Lincoln#effectiveui-mobile
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    4. 4. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sellFor MobileDevices, ThinkApps, Not AdsSunil GuptaMarketing Unit Head,Harvard Business SchoolBranded apps should:Add convenienceOffer unique valueProvide social valueOffer incentivesEntertain“Consumers don’t perceive appsas intrusive advertising – theyvalue them for theirfunctionality.”“branded experiences”
    5. 5. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sell “branded experiences”
    6. 6. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.sell “branded experiences”
    7. 7. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Branded apps should:Add convenienceOffer unique valueProvide social valueOffer incentivesEntertainSunil GuptaMarketing Unit Head,Harvard Business School“branded experiences”
    8. 8. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”Alex KonradForbes WriterTech & AdvertisingThe SurprisingRetail Winner inMobile AppsUtility apps should be:UsefulUsableDesirable“The key to Walgreens’ and CVS’strong performance is that eachprovides an app with immediateactual utility.”
    9. 9. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”
    10. 10. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.serve“utility apps”
    11. 11. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“utility apps”Usefulnote:30% of all Dominos pizza ordersare now through digital channelsUsableDesirableAlex KonradForbes WriterTech & Advertising
    12. 12. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“utility apps”30% Negative98% Positive“branded experiences”
    13. 13. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.
    14. 14. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.80% of branded apps are downloaded less than 1,000times1% achieve 1,000,000 downloads1/3 of apps in theiTunes app store do not have a single downloadThe Guardian, 11 July 2011:
    15. 15. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADERESPONDsellserveHarvard Business’ marketingprofessor had good intentions, butis giving brands bad guidance
    16. 16. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.PERSUADEserve“To create great mobile experiences, companiesmust stop trying to persuade with apps andbegin providing great service.”RESPOND
    17. 17. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.providing great serviceIn most organizations, who is responsible for digitally?
    18. 18. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.I.T.
    19. 19. © 2013 EffectiveUI you know what the leaders ofthink of the job they are doing?58% think they are a good to excellent jobwhen they are asked to guess how theirpeers in the organization think I.T. is doingthat number drops to 44%Forrester Forrsights 2012Forrester Forrsights 2012
    20. 20. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.good to excellent jobworse, what do they generally consider a?on time,on budget,in scope
    21. 21. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.marketers think in terms of “customer”while I.T. thinks in terms of “user”at least
    22. 22. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.| yoozər|nounˈ ͞• a person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user: thedrug causes long-term brain damage in users | a heroinuser.• a person who manipulates others for personalgain: he was a gifted user of other people.user
    23. 23. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.“There are only two businessesthat call their customers ‘users.’Ron RogowskiForrester ResearchDrug dealers and Starbucks.”
    24. 24. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.user architecturearchitecturegovernancegovernancesupportsupportsecuritysecurityintegrationintegrationprocurementprocurementmaintenancemaintenanceFlashFlash iOSiOS HTML5HTML5legacylegacyJavaJavaCloudCloudAPIsAPIsmiddlewaremiddlewareBig DataBig DataCRMCRMCMSCMShardwarehardwaresoftwaresoftwaretechsupporttechsupportSunsettingSunsettingMicrosoftMicrosoft SAPSAP SalesforceSalesforceIBMIBMoutsourcingoutsourcingbugtrackibugtrackihostinhostininnovationinnovationexecutionexecutionstrategystrategycostcosteastereggseastereggsrepositoryrepositorybugtrackingbugtrackingAppleAppleI.T.
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    26. 26. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.MODERNPLUMBINGwe, as technologists, are enthralled by our infrastructureall the while we ask our customers to drink from firehoses
    27. 27. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunitywhy do technologists define the interface last?their methodology is broken
    28. 28. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunity
    29. 29. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Define theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceIntegrateSolutionIntegrateSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefineRequirementsDefineRequirementsIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunityDefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomes
    30. 30. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Build &IntegrateBuild &IntegrateSelectTechnicalSolutionSelectTechnicalSolutionDefine theInterfaceDefine theInterfaceDefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomesIdentifyOpportunityIdentifyOpportunitythe new order for creating digital experiences that serve
    31. 31. 5 essentials for creating products that serve
    32. 32. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.every winning solution needs a mavenessential #1:
    33. 33. © 2013 EffectiveUI team empathy through insightessential #2:
    34. 34. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.•design persuasive creative,build versions and A/B testuntil something worksSell Tactics•build with empathy for yourcustomers behaviors andexpectationsService TacticsBig Idea Customer Insightbuild team empathy through insightessential #2:
    35. 35. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.everything is a prototypeessential #3:
    36. 36. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.DefineCustomerOutcomesDefineCustomerOutcomeseverything is a prototypeessential #3:
    37. 37. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.plan for iteration and evolutionessential #4:
    38. 38. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.stick to your businessessential #5:
    39. 39. 5 things all mavens must be passionateabout
    40. 40. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Adaptiveinterfaces that serve customers must be
    41. 41. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.the system should learn the individual, not the other way around
    42. 42. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Beautifulinterfaces that serve customers must be
    43. 43. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.’nuff said
    44. 44. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Opaqueinterfaces that serve customers must be
    45. 45. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.people should not notice technology
    46. 46. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Intuitiveinterfaces that serve customers must be
    47. 47. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.understandable with little-to-no up-front training
    48. 48. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.Approachableinterfaces that serve customers must be
    49. 49. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.obscure intimidating complexity
    50. 50. 5 areas where companies see the largestROI
    51. 51. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.improving with empathy directlycorrelates to improving conversionsIncreased conversion rates
    52. 52. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.paper and ink, shipping, bandwidth, accurate data entryReduced hard costs
    53. 53. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.McAfee’s UI redesign saved them 90% in support costsReduced support costsHadley, 2004
    54. 54. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.our own internal research indicates that our intranetprojects at large enterprises which focus onimproving service to employees see at least a 50%decrease in wasted computer timeIncreased employee efficiency
    55. 55. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.a vast majority of “maintenance” costs are not bug fixesor system upgrades, but are actually attributed to havingto add unmet user needs after release.Reduced maintenance
    56. 56. a final note on us
    57. 57. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.craftsellMarketingengineerI.T.
    58. 58. © 2013 EffectiveUI Inc.topics I am moderately qualified to chat aboutUX MethodologiesUI DevelopmentResponsive DesignSteve Jobs3D PrintingEnterpriseCollaborationBad CreativeDirectorsiOSFlashAndroidWindows 8Hybrid AppsHTML 5Integration StrategiesQuestions?
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    60. 60. “You cannot escape theresponsibility of tomorrow byevading it today.”Abraham LincolnThank youAnthony FrancoPresident, Founder@anthonyfranco#effectiveui-mobile