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Liferay and Water For People: From Data to Information


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Presented by Steve Clement, senior Java developer, at Liferay Symposium 2013.

Water For People, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting improved access to water and sanitation systems and services in developing countries, was looking for a way to track and hone the progress it is making toward solving the water and sanitation crisis via its programs.

EffectiveUI was enlisted to create this new platform – called Re-Imagine Reporting – and selected Liferay as the backbone. This session, led by Steve Clement, Sr. Java Developer at EffectiveUI, will demonstrate how his team innovated on Liferay to build a new and transparent way for Water For People to manage data, improve outcomes, and prove its efficacy to stakeholders. Topics will include data import via Documents and Media all the way through to the final visualization using AJAX IPC calls and structured content, focusing on how they leveraged Liferay to roll up the data from the lowest geographical level up to a global view.

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Liferay and Water For People: From Data to Information

  1. 1. Liferay and Water For People From Data to Information Steve Clement Sr. Java Developer at EffectiveUI, Inc. #WaterForPeopleLR
  2. 2. Liferay Symposium 2013 Agenda • • • • • • Introduction About EffectiveUI Water For People: Re-Imagine Reporting What we did: DEMO How we did it Q&A #WaterForPeopleLR
  3. 3. Liferay Symposium 2013  World’s most mature and award winning user-focused technology firm  Silver Partner with Liferay  Founded April, 2005, ~100 full-time employees  Denver (headquarters)  Rochester, NY  Manhattan  Seattle  San Francisco #WaterForPeopleLR
  4. 4. Liferay Symposium 2013 The Client Water For People brings together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water systems. #WaterForPeopleLR
  5. 5. Liferay Symposium 2013 The Challenge Provide a transparent reporting platform to show not only the financial and water/sanitation service data, but also the narrative story for the locales served by Water For People #WaterForPeopleLR
  6. 6. Liferay Symposium 2013 Why Liferay? • Industry leader • Support for a mix of content publishing and custom application • Wealth of out-of-box tools • Open source • Shared vision of making a better world #WaterForPeopleLR
  7. 7. Liferay Symposium 2013 Data begins at the source Monitoring: Data collected into a system known as FLOW #WaterForPeopleLR
  8. 8. Liferay Symposium 2013 Data goes from FLOW to Excel #WaterForPeopleLR
  9. 9. Liferay Symposium 2013 Additional Data • • • • Financial Community surveys Readiness Surveys Narrative content …more spreadsheets #WaterForPeopleLR
  10. 10. Liferay Symposium 2013 But what does it all mean? #WaterForPeopleLR
  11. 11. Liferay Symposium 2013 Requirements • Location Hierarchy: roll up the data • Get spreadsheet data into application • Visualize data meaningfully Start with the ending… #WaterForPeopleLR
  12. 12. Liferay Symposium 2013 DEMO Water For People: Re-Imagine Reporting #WaterForPeopleLR
  13. 13. Liferay Symposium 2013 End Demo Let’s talk about data… #WaterForPeopleLR
  14. 14. Liferay Symposium 2013 Location Hierarchy • Four levels: district, country, region, global • Data is tied to district level • Data needs to roll up to higher levels #WaterForPeopleLR
  15. 15. Liferay Symposium 2013 Warning! It’s about to get technical… #WaterForPeopleLR
  16. 16. Liferay Symposium 2013 Location Hierarchy: Data Model District Region region_id PK Name latitude longitude … etc. Country country_id PK region_id FK country_name latitude longitude … etc. district_id PK country_id FK district_name latitude longitude … etc. DistrictScore Possible solution: latitude and longitude can help plot data points on map. #WaterForPeopleLR district_score_id PK district_id FK num_water_points year … etc.
  17. 17. Liferay Symposium 2013 But wait… Navigation = Location Hierarchy! Control Panel’s Site Pages: Child page navigation perfectly matches our location hierarchy! #WaterForPeopleLR
  18. 18. Liferay Symposium 2013 Navigation as Data Model Liferay’s Layout table to provide us with our We can use foreign key. The relationship of child to parent is already provided. Layout DistrictScore plid PK parentLayoutId name friendlyURL … etc. district_id PK district_plid FK num_water_points year … etc. #WaterForPeopleLR
  19. 19. Liferay Symposium 2013 Service Builder We use districtLayoutPlid as a foreign key Finder methods include all districts for a year #WaterForPeopleLR
  20. 20. Liferay Symposium 2013 From here to there: how do we do this? Database • Register a dedicated data folder in Documents & Media • Let the admins associate the spreadsheets with parsers for that data type • Register parsers with parser data types • Extract data from spreadsheet and insert into Db using classes generated by Service Builder #WaterForPeopleLR
  21. 21. Liferay Symposium 2013 Register Data Folder ID Get Folder ID 1. URL includes …&_20_folderId=10531 2. Or SQL: SELECT folderId FROM lportal.dlfolder where name = 'Data'; Then, in #WaterForPeopleLR
  22. 22. Liferay Symposium 2013 Get Folder Id Where Spreadsheets Live Spring MVC Controller Add FileEntry objects and data type codes to model #WaterForPeopleLR
  23. 23. Liferay Symposium 2013 Display dataTypes and FileEntries Create drop down of parser data types Iterate to display in table #WaterForPeopleLR
  24. 24. Liferay Symposium 2013 Admins select a file and associates with a parser type #WaterForPeopleLR
  25. 25. Liferay Symposium 2013 Spring for map of parsers: dependency injection In Spring Controller, inject parser map… #WaterForPeopleLR
  26. 26. Liferay Symposium 2013 Extract Data From Spreadsheet Apache POI Java API for Microsoft Documents Get the POI Workbook from Liferay’s FileEntry object #WaterForPeopleLR
  27. 27. Liferay Symposium 2013 Pull out data of spreadsheet • • Column index from cell Appropriate data type from cell #WaterForPeopleLR
  28. 28. Liferay Symposium 2013 Service Builder has created our model and utility classes to interact with the database We look up the DistrictScore by unique compound key. If we don’t have it, we create it. Otherwise, we update the values. #WaterForPeopleLR
  29. 29. Liferay Symposium 2013 Show the data rolled up in the pin What are we really asking for? Answer: Two scores keyed to a location name and rendered in a specific location on the map #WaterForPeopleLR
  30. 30. Liferay Symposium 2013 Multiple Web Content portlets need to get the data for the map pins #WaterForPeopleLR
  31. 31. Liferay Symposium 2013 From Database to Pin • Structured Content / Template • System Portlet for Ajax call • Render data using Highcharts #WaterForPeopleLR
  32. 32. Liferay Symposium 2013 Structured Content Central America (174, 103) Need to put in X and Y coordinates of map point Possible default values if data not in system but still known #WaterForPeopleLR
  33. 33. Liferay Symposium 2013 Template for structured content Call JavaScript function with structured content data #WaterForPeopleLR
  34. 34. Liferay Symposium 2013 JavaScript calls for “efScores” resource and expects JSON response called “scoreMap” #WaterForPeopleLR
  35. 35. Liferay Symposium 2013 Create a system portlet for serving resources called from theme liferay-portlet.xml #WaterForPeopleLR
  36. 36. Liferay Symposium 2013 In the call for the “efScores” resource, we get the current layout (i.e., the page we are on) and pass it and the year parameter into a service class Spring MVC Controller used to serve JSON resource Current page “scoreMap” returned in JSON view #WaterForPeopleLR
  37. 37. Liferay Symposium 2013 So how do we get the rollup? Liferay’s Layout API! #WaterForPeopleLR
  38. 38. Liferay Symposium 2013 We can start with the current layout plid and walk down to all the district-level plids using the API: Pseudo code: IF layout.hasChildren() THEN List<Layout> children = layout.getChildren() //Go through all children until we get to lowest level ELSE Add layout.getPlid() to collection of district-level plids #WaterForPeopleLR
  39. 39. Liferay Symposium 2013 Service Builder Finder Methods #WaterForPeopleLR
  40. 40. Liferay Symposium 2013 Average the District Scores and group by the Layout names that are one level beneath the current layout “Guatemala” • Service: 65 • Sustainability: 28 #WaterForPeopleLR Example: Central America • Guatemala • Honduras • Nicaragua
  41. 41. Liferay Symposium 2013 Get the scores from scoreMap[location name] If we don’t have a score defined in the content structure (-1), get the score from the map. Send to function for creating pins #WaterForPeopleLR
  42. 42. Liferay Symposium 2013 Create HTML element containers for the pins and then call Highcharts API #WaterForPeopleLR
  43. 43. Liferay Symposium 2013 Rich charting and graphing tool with JavaScript API #WaterForPeopleLR
  44. 44. Liferay Symposium 2013 Successes • Rapid development • Complex data rendered into easily understood visual information • Out-of-box tools for CMS and DMS helped guide solution • Liferay Theming gave consistent look and feel • Customizing existing portlets gave us exactly what we needed • Portlets as page composition: breaking up development tasks into manageable units #WaterForPeopleLR
  45. 45. Liferay Symposium 2013 Looking forward • Show trends • Establish as a platform for other non-profits • Continue innovation based on Water for People’s rich data and Liferay’s capabilities • Improve lives #WaterForPeopleLR
  46. 46. Liferay Symposium 2013 Thank you! Questions: #WaterForPeopleLR Resource URL EffectiveUI Water For People Water For People: Re-imagine Reporting Spring MVC and Liferay iferay-and-spring-mvc Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents Highcharts JS #WaterForPeopleLR