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Smart Batteries


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Presented by Zahid Ghadialy, CTO, eXplanoTech & 3G4G Blog at Cambridge Wireless Future Technologies SIG on 18th Dec. 2013

Published in: Technology
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Smart Batteries

  1. 1. Smart Batteries Zahid Ghadialy CTO, eXplanoTech & 3G4G Blog @zahidtg Date: 18th Dec. 2013
  2. 2.  Different generations of batteries, improving capacity and better for environment  Lead-acid batteries  Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium)  NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride)  Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion)  Li-Poly (Lithium-Polymer)  Samsung Galaxy S3 - Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery  iPhone 5S - Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery  iPad - Built-in 25-watt-hour rechargeable Li-Poly battery Batteries have been improving
  3. 3. A lot still needs to be done! Lots of advancements in the battery technology Solar cell under the screen Future generation Li-Ion battery, 2000x more powerful
  4. 4.  The more the number of pixels, the more the need for computation  iPhone 5S (1136x640), Galaxy Note 3 (1080 x 1920 pixels)  True colour (24 bits) requires 3 times the computation that of 256 (8 bits) colours  Galaxy Note 3 (16M colours)  The bigger the screen size, the more power it needs  Galaxy Note 3 (5.7”), iPhone 5S (4”)  More processors, need more power  Dual core (2 processors), Quad core (4 processors)  More radios suck more power  Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. We need bigger and better batteries
  5. 5. Car comes with no battery. User gets a contract with the battery provider. Renault reserves the right to prevent the battery from charging at the end of the rental period or if you fall behind on paying the rent for the battery. Intelligent Battery: Renault ‘Zoe’
  6. 6. A battery that can communicate with other batteries and make decisions based on these communications and a pre-defined set of rules What is a ‘smart’ battery?
  7. 7. The connected individual Headphones connected to phone or tablet Phone Tablet Other connected device like Laptop
  8. 8. Headphone needs power - 1 I am low on power, who can I borrow it from?
  9. 9. Communication Headphone needs power - 1 I am low on power, who can I borrow it from? I can lend some Take as much as you need
  10. 10. Headphone needs power - 2 I am low on power, who can I borrow it from? I am 50% full but have a higher need, sorry Sorry, I am exhausted Priority
  11. 11. Priority Rules Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Not possible Possible if high priority – Automatic Possible if high priority – Manual Possible Borrow power from
  12. 12.  Pictures Source: OKJ Discoveries Wireless (Inductive) charging
  13. 13. Limited time and power availability Devices decide among themselves who should charge when, how much, etc. Charging devices I will charge first as I have highest priority I don’t need much power but I can wait I will go next Let me know when you are all done
  14. 14.  Early morning: X goes for a jog with smartphone and headset. The smartphone has GPS tracker and fitness app – highest priority  Late morning: X goes to work listening podcasts on the smartphone  At work: X needs to work on laptop, should always be at least 50% charged  In evening: X is coming back from work, speaking on phone to his friends and family. Phone and Bluetooth headset needs to be charged  Late evening: X is watching TV/Video on his tablet. Context is important too
  15. 15. Charging priority based on context Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Early Morning Late Morning At Work Early Evening Late Evening Priority Rules Lowest priority Highest priority
  16. 16. Borrowing power from friends / colleagues Please lend me some power, phone about to die Sure, will lend you power to make this one call
  17. 17.  Facility to charge devices in public places is a boon for end user and good advertisement for companies and airports, etc.  Wired charging stations are being replaced by wireless ones Competing for power at public spots
  18. 18.  ‘Smart charging’ can give higher priority to subscribers, devices of certain brands, devices with lowest charge remaining Competing for power at public spots – Next Gen
  19. 19.  Our interest is working in these future technologies in partnerships.  We generate ideas and help our partners translate these ideas into reality. What am I doing here?
  20. 20. About eXplanoTech Requirement Analysis Project Management Design, Implement. Integration & Deployment Testing Services Maintenance End to End Solutions Technology Consulting Technology Training System Integration