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External Device Integration with Mobile


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This is feasible because of the External Device Integration facility and Device Synchronization concept. Have a look at some fundamentals about Device Integration and the challenges involved in this WhitePaper.

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External Device Integration with Mobile

  1. 1. SolutionsChallenges of External Device Integrationwith Mobile
  2. 2. Use of Analogue vs. Digital EquipmentThis is an era of technological height. Before a couple ofdecades, we used to use one or two digitally equippeddevices and the rest was same as before. However, thescenario has changed dramatically fast with introduction ofmore advanced and efficient smart devices like mobilesmartphones and tablet computers.This has taken us in the time where everyone has their owncomputational eco system with interoperable devices likedevices like phone, laptop, music player, etc.All this has become possible due to facility of External Device Integration and Device Synchronization concept. Wepresent some fundamentals about device integration with its present scenario and challenges for the road ahead.Have a look!Its a digital world! We have shifted from analogue systems to digitizedapplications step by step over last few decades. And now, we are at astage where we need to redefine everything we do.We can easily see increased use of Smartphones and tablet devices. But ifwe closely observe, we will see that we have gone digital in almosteverything we use. Usage meters, television experience, still and videocameras, equipment used in medical sciences, food processing and a lotother things are gradually becoming digitized day by day. Even clothing,Weve turned Digitalfor military uses, have become digital so that it can monitor soldiers body statistics and report at base camp.If all these things are working on same fundamental of digital signals and algorithms, the next thought which comesto mind will be, can we integrate them with each other?Well, the answer is little complicated. Even in the case of a similar logic between two devices, we cannot connectthem unless any of the devices has such provision.But there is a link we can use to connect them and is available with about 6 million people today. Yes, its aSmartphone, or Tablet computer. We shall see here how it is useful, what it takes and what the challenges are.
  3. 3. Understanding IntegrationAll the devices we used previously and use today belong to a system or an environment, some of which are explainedabove. For example, television, DVD player, speakers, set top box, etc. are the instruments that belong to one systemor one environment, while air conditioner, fan, light etc. belong to other. And, integration of any two devices dependsupon what system they belong to.Hence, if we want to integrate one device with the other, there are two possibilities –Co-system IntegrationCross-system IntegrationCo-system integration is where you connect or integrate two devices of one system with each other. In the beginningof this technological revolution, we used to integrate two devices belonging to same system analogically. Connectingexternal speakers with television was never a big deal.The challenge, however, increases a lot in the case of cross system integration where two devices belong tocompletely different systems with non-matching set of rules. We first have to make a common ground or platformwhere both the device can communicate. Well, it is not that tough nowadays. We shall see how.Smartphones – an Ultimate SolutionThe hurdles in integration discussed above can be answered nowadays with help of a state-of-the-art smartphone ortablet computer. Things which were difficult executing in early stage devices used for calling or primary multimediaoperations are now very easy and more efficient with anything-is-possible devices of todays market. The moreadvanced the phone, the more it can integrate with itself.The mobile phones answer very basic and primarily important three checks for device integration procedure veryeffectively.Connectivity – A connection, either wired or wireless is needed between two devices forintegration. Type of connection depends upon requirements of integration. Moresophisticated and advanced connection types have come in the market in recent years.Mobiles can either be primary or secondary device connected for integration or they can provide third partyconnection between two devices which is not possible otherwise. Also, advancement of wireless communication hasled to elimination of cables from connection reducing the complexity in integration process.Compatibility – A common platform for data and information sharing and transferring isneeded for device integration. The compatibility allows one device to understand language ofthe other device and vice versa.
  4. 4. Security – Any device, when exposed to other environment, raises issues related to security.To eliminate this, certain procedures for identity recognition in the phase of connection isneeded. This security verifies not only identity but also defines whether or not the access isto be granted.With more and more operating systems, coding platforms and utility apps becoming open source, it is now easy toanswer the compatibility issues mostly found in cross-system integration. In addition, mobiles have made entireintegration procedure easier and more user-friendly.If we put aside the discussion of integration for a while, then also we can see variety of security features andstandards added in latest smartphones. Apple products do not accept anything without conversion in their platform.The information encoding has become rich with help of QR codes and NFC which decreases possibilities of errorscompared to early stage. This helps a lot while integrating devices like POS for financial transactions.What It TakesAny external device integration problem raises two questions:Hardware requirement of the problem andFulfillment of necessary Software base for integrationHardware – Hardware requirement is generated from connectivity or from data tracking. For example, GPS basedapps use specific antenna for connection while apps related to driving use specific device which takes care of carstatistics. Fabulous device integration possibilities can be generated using a camera in your smartphone. Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and Mobile Internet antenna can also add to the list.Need of particular hardware depends completely upon type of external device and output requirement of suchintegration. It can vary from a simple connector or mobile holding stand to advanced graphic support on main board.In addition, fitting all the micro hardware in a tiny device raises more challenges to the industry and requires morelogical solution to base design of the device without making compromise.Devices in the current time are equipped with most advanced hardware such as High Definition cameras, fast andefficient processors, highly sensitive and smart touch screens and a lot others. Some of them are internal and somecan be purchased and connected externally. For external connection, necessary ports are required in your devicewhich is again hardware.Software – The key part and the game maker is software for current market. Bunch of open source platforms havemade most of the External Device Integration problems solved in no time and effort. In addition, a rapid developmentis taking place in smartphone usage platforms with high level of competition. Hence, software industry is promisingfor this field.
  5. 5. An example of use of software for external integration was hypnotized by Warner Brothers, Inc. in their film, The DarkKnight, where a smartphone can turn into Sonar using same frequency of operation which is used for mobilecommunication, and generates video output on the phone itself without any hardware requirements.OS: Key Role Player – Operating System is the key role player in software part of device integration. Symbian,Windows and Blackberry OS transformed the era of multimedia phones to early stage smartphones. SmartphoneOperating Systems today are either open source or adaptive for any type of mobile app with very less hardwarerequirements.While Apple Inc. brings innovation with variety of apps which invite more and more external devices to be integratedwith, Google Inc. leverages external integration functionality to various handsets using latest Android versions in itsopen source policy. With Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, you can now take into account support to more speed inRAM and processor and some fabulous apps that use its high-end feature of Sphere Camera, gesture typing key-pad,Current Scenario in External Device IntegrationIn this section, we shall see where we are in the field of Mobile Device Integrationand where this road leads us. Many mobile apps today uses your car, soundsystem, remote, laptop, alarm, other phones, POS and a lot other devices in atotally adaptive manner with never before smoothness. Lets review someexamples given below.Remote Control: to and from – In most primary stages too, smartphones had turned remote controls. Smart TVs canuse smartphones as remote control. In addition, devices like SwivlTM use Smartphone camera in unique way and canmake your smartphone operate by a small remote control. The device supports iOS, Android as well as other smartdevices.Various Utilities for Drivers using GPS and Radar technology – A lot of mobile apps which synchronize various caroperations are available in the market. These apps are easy to operate and are designed for ease of driving experienceand monitoring other issues related to car and traffic. You can easily connect your phone to your cars electronicssystem with bluetooth. You not only can lock-unlock the car but can monitor speed, fuel, get directions, locate nearbygas station, car locator from parking and a lot more.Apples iOnRoad is an app which not only uses current iPhone features but also an additional concept of AugmentedReality to generate accurate results while tracing speeds of both – yours and next vehicle to deliver output in the formof time by which you can reach to it.
  6. 6. Integrate other devices with smartphone and use them from anywhere – Softweb Solutions has generated afabulous mobile app which integrates all your home or office equipments with your smartphone or tablet and you caneasily operate them from any location you want.Cobra – PhoneLynxYou can connect to your home phone, access its data, recorded messages, generate address book and quick contactlist. A lot ease of operation is made possible with such innovative device integration concept.Financial System Integration – We have reached at the level where we donot need to carry multiple identity cards and access codes for financialtransactions. All we have to do is to connect our smartphone with POSterminal and we can transfer money, access and generate accountstatements, generate billing and invoices, etc.Using your Smartphone as a POS terminal takes a lot challenge in device integration. It has to combine hardwaresupport for POS extension, can be able to read account information present on the card and have to synch the samewith bank using high speed- internet. In addition, security becomes unavoidable issue with such financial serviceintegration apps.Speed Measure using Smartphone – It is not that only car driving requires speed measurement and devices onlyfrom car electronics can be integrated. Shaka LLC has brought an extremely simple yet useful device integrationsystem for iPhone and Android users for measuring speed of wind.
  7. 7. Conclusive RemarksWe have achieved a lot and even more is yet to come in the field of External Device Integration.With phones becoming smarter and smarter every day, we can foresee a great future with mobile device integrationfrom both user and business perspectives. Integration of devices can provide great solution to corporate companies.It solves identity, data transfer, work tracking and security issues at once. With more and more devices falling underIntegrate-able category, life is becoming simpler and smarter!About Softweb SolutionsSoftweb Solutions provide exclusive solutions in Mobile Device Integration for all mobile platforms such as iOS,Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. Softweb Solutions have served leading mobile device integrationrequirements with award winning apps. For more information, write to us on or visit us atinfo@softwebsolutions.comwww.softwebsolutions.comThe device comes with standard audio jack and has to be connected in Audio Out slot of your phone. Merelyconnecting the device and starting its relative App can tell you speed of wind at respective location. Such deviceintegration can be very useful for sea travelers, hikers, windsurfers, kite flyers, etc.