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No172 newslettr daily e-13_7_2013


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No172 newslettr daily e-13_7_2013

  1. 1. 2013-7-13Daily Newsletter No.172 Mortars and martyrs in Damascus ……..battles continue in the countryside Six civilians were martyred and dozens of them were injured because of mortars were fired by terrorists in Al Amara neighborhood. Units of the armed forces continued operations against terrorists in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring several terrorists, in addition to destroying their dens along with the weapons and ammunition inside them. An official source said that an army unit destroyed a terrorists' den along with the weapons and ammunition inside it in Barzeh neighborhood, in addition to killing a number of terrorists, including Ahmad Jou'ana. Another army unit killed and injured all members of an armed terrorist group to the south of al-Iman mosque in Harasta and seized a number of cameras put up by terrorists in the area. The source pointed out that other army units destroyed two terrorists' dens to the east of Misraba in Douma, killing several terrorists, including Rashid Hatem and Abu Hossam al-Shami who were leaders of terrorist groups. Meanwhile, another army unit killed and injured 15 terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra to the east of the stadium in Douma while they were attempting to plant explosive devices. An army unit killed and injured several terrorists, in addition to destroying their weapons and equipment in Adra al-Balad, while another army unit killed several terrorists to the east of Tameco company of
  2. 2. medicine in al-Mleiha town, including Fou'ad Doghmosh and Imad Mkhayber. The source pointed out that another army unit continued operations in Deir Salman town in the eastern Ghouta and destroyed a terrorists' den along with the weapons and ammunition inside it, in addition to killing several terrorists, including Khaled Dweri and Bassel Shawk. In al-Diyabeh, the army units destroyed several terrorists' gatherings and vehicles, killing a number of terrorists, including Ryad al-Nader. Another army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group in the area surrounding al-Kiswa town, killing and injuring a number of terrorists. Terrorists Mahmoud Abdulhamid and Zaher al-Kdaimi were identified among the dead terrorists. Targeting terrorists and dismantling explosive bombs in Daraa and its countryside Units of the army targeted terrorist gatherings in the surroundings of the national hospital in Daraa and many terrorists were killed and the army destroyed their weapons and it dismantled 25 explosive bombs on the way of Nemer in the countryside of the province.
  3. 3. In Homs, killed non Syrian Terrorists Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists' dens and gatherings in Homs and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them. A military source said that the army units targeted terrorists' dens in al- Khalidyeh, Bab Houd, al-Warsha, Jourat al-Shayeiah, al-Krabeis, Bait Hajo, Kissein, al-Rastan and Talbisa, killing and injuring several terrorists. A military source said that an army unit confronted terrorist group while trying to attack al-Qmaira village in Talkalak. Other army units repelled an armed terrorist group's members who were attempting to attack al-Kmairi village in TallKalakh in Homs countryside, killing and injuring several terrorists. The source said that among the dead terrorists was the Lebanese Lo'ai Darwish al-Masri affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra. Armed forces target terrorists' gatherings in Aleppo city and countryside The armed forces carried out a series of preemptive strikes in the areas surrounding the Aleppo Central Prison, targeting terrorists' gatherings in one of the farms of Heilan village, al-Saif factory, MTN tower and in the vicinity of al-Kindi hospital, killing numbers of terrorists and destroying their equipment.
  4. 4. An official source said that the armed forces eliminated members of a terrorist group affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in Ein Dakna and near the tank in Minnegh village adjacent to the airport, also destroying weapons and ammunition loaded in a truck near the agricultural research center, causing loud explosions in the area. The source added that army units carried out several operations against terrorists' gatherings in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo near Harsho crossroad in Khan al-Assal and al-Kleirieh hill, killing and wounding numbers of terrorists. The army units also destroyed large amounts of missiles that the terrorists were transporting in eight trucks near al-Ahram fuel station on Aleppo-Idleb road. In Aleppo city, the source said that violent clashes took place between army units and a terrorist group on the outskirts of al-Rashidin neighborhood near Africano restaurant and the mosque, causing deaths and injuries among terrorists. The source added that another unit carried out a qualitative operation in Kastal Harami in Aleppo old city, targeting a den for terrorists. The den was destroyed and all the terrorists inside were killed. Deir Ezzor, weapons and fight between gunmen Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists in Deir Ezzor, inflicting heavy losses upon them. An official source said that an army unit destroyed terrorists' gatherings in al-Hoiqa, al-Sinaa, al-Omal and al-Jbaila in Deir Ezzor city, killing several terrorists, including Mohammad Oqla
  5. 5. al-Jafal affiliated to "Shohada al-Forat Brigade" and Ali Awad al-Dasm affiliated to "al-Haq Brigade." The source added that another army unit destroyed a car loaded with weapons and killed all terrorists inside it on al-Syasia bridge. The source pointed out that another army unit destroyed a terrorists gathering and killed all terrorists inside itin al-Mra'ya village in Deir Ezzor countryside. In another context, a clash erupted between two terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in al-Mayaden city due to a dispute on dividing stolen materials, causing killing and injury of several terrorists. Syrian Chinese Discussions about the cooperation in the field of electric energy investment The engineer Emad Khamis discussed with the Chinese ambassador Chang Shion in Damascus the ways for enhancing the cooperation between Syria and China in the field of electric energy investment and continuing the implementing of the signed contracts and the joint projects between two sides. The minister Khamis referred to the importance of completing the signed contracts between the ministry of Electricity and many working Chinese companies in the power generation sector in Syria. He affirmed that the ministry works to overcome all obstacles impeding the implementation of the contracts in the common interests of both countries.
  6. 6. The minister expressed the Syrian government's desire to involve the largest number of Chinese companies in the proposals and tenders announced by the ministry regarding the exportation and purchase of the electricity sector's requirements. "Despite the current crisis in Syria, the electricity ministry has signed numerous contracts with Arab and foreign companies in the field of exporting the requirements of this sector which has become the backbone of the Syrian economy", the minister pointed out. He called for improvising a mechanism for communicating with the Chinese companies as to spur them to invest in Syria following in the footsteps of many Arab and foreign companies, expressing the ministry's readiness to send representatives to China to hold meetings with the Chinese companies and sign the necessary contracts. On the other hand, the minister Khamis asserted o the importance of increasing the efforts and developing the ways of work to mitigate the effects of the crisis on citizens in the light of the suffering of the electricity sector because of the terrorist and sabotage attacks by the armed terrorist gangs. Health Minister: Decision to raise prices medicine intended to preserve medicine security Health Minister, Dr. Saad al-Nayef said that the recently-issued decision to raise the prices of medicine is intended to ensure the factories' capacity to pursue the production of the kinds of medicine, particularly those which have become lacking due to inability to cover their costs.
  7. 7. The minister said that the increase was ''calculated and tolerable under the current conditions'' which the citizens can bear for preserving medicine security and catering to the needs of the local market. He added that Ministry is working to keep in check attempts to smuggle medicine to Syria within the available capabilities and in the accessible areas. Al-Nayef cautioned against taking smuggled medicine as it is not safe and the domestic alternative is available knowing that ''the ministry sends daily shipments of medicine and medical equipment to the provinces to meet the needs of citizens.'' The Ministry of Health issued a decision last Thursday to raise the prices of medicine at a percentage specific for each category. “Aljomhour”…Yemen…Saudi Arabia recruits Yemenis expatriates to fight in Syria The Yemeni “Aljomhour” newspaper reported the speech of Yemeni source who said that many Yemeni expatriates who were deported from Saudi Arabia stated that the Saudi authorities attempted to convince them for fighting in Syria against the Syrian Arab army and they gave them promises to join them to the Saudi army after their participation in fighting in Syria. The people who rejected the participation in fighting were putted in Saudi prisons to press on them to participate, while the others were transferred to the camps of recruitment. Armed groups prevent food from civilians Austrian newspaper “Viener tsautong" indicated in an article was published yesterday that the armed groups prevent the arrival of food, water and medicine to civilians, also they use civilians as human shields.
  8. 8. The West Made Many Mistakes in Dealing with the Syrian Crisis The Austrian “D’presse” newspaper considered that the armed conflict between Al-Qaeda organization and what is so-called “Free Army” shows the kind of dispersion and confusion that the Syrian opposition lives now. The newspaper asserted that the west made many mistakes in dealing with the crisis in Syria when it allow Saudi Arabia and Qatar to fund the armed terrorist groups and this threatens the stability in the region and the future of Syria besides the danger of returning the terrorists to Europe. Obama asserts his support for terrorists in Syria Routers reported the speech of Obama “he stressed his support for terrorists in Syria “. Salihi…Iran has primary positions relied on the respecting of the Peoples’ requirements The Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salihi asserted that his country has primary positions that relied on the respecting of the Peoples’ requirements in the region by the internal political dialogue and staying away from foreign intervention. This speech was during Salihi’s meeting with the Turkish minister Oglo in Ankara yesterday and they discussed the developments in the region especially Syria and Egypt.
  9. 9. Actor Nedal Seijari laid to rest Amid an atmosphere of grief and mourning, the late actor Nedal Seijari was laid to rest accompanied by black-clad and tearful crowds who turned out to pay their last respects. The renowned actor passed away on Thursday after long suffering from an incurable disease. The funeral procession stopped at the National Theater in Lattakia where friends and fans gathered for observing a last farewell ceremony, before heading to Yassin Mosque in Mashrou' al-Awkaf neighborhood in the city. The body of Seijari was laid to rest at al-Rawda cemetery in Lattakia city. On behalf of President Bashar al-Assad, Lattakia governor, Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Kader offered condolences to the family of the late actor who expressed gratitude for President al-Assad for the noble gesture. The Family of Shaheen condemns the trading of the hostile channels of his death incident The family of Doctor Iad Shaheen condemned the trading of hostile channels that are participants in shedding the Syrian blood that makes false news about his death. His family asserted that his death is due to a stroke; his wife said that her husband had an interview with Syrian Talaki channel on last Saturday and it was broadcasted in its time and this refutes the allegations of the false channels which claimed that he dead because of torturing after his arresting for two days.
  10. 10. Nepal plans to send 100 military persons to join in UNDOF in Golan Martin Nsirki, the Spokesman for the Secretary-General of United Nations announced yesterday that Nepal plans to send about 100 military persons to the Heights of Golan to join the forces of United Nations to monitor the separation of forces in the Golan.” Russia…Mercenaries from America and Europe are fighting with terrorist gunmen in Syria The deputy of Russian minister Mikhail Bogdanove assured the existence of hundreds of fighters and mercenaries from different countries especially United States and Europe beside Russian citizens’ fight in Syria with illegal armed terrorist groups. Also, he referred to some joint information about this matter between the Russian and Syria devices and parts. Aman: foreign intervention makes Syrian Crisis worse Malaysian Foreign minister, Hanifa Aman asserted that the Syrian People is the only one who has the right to decide their destiny, stressing that the foreign intervention in Syria makes the situation worse. Aman expressed in a speech for him to Rossia al Yom T.V that his country welcomes by American Russian initiative which calls to hold an international conference about Syria to solve the crisis in Syria
  11. 11. politically, stressing that all Syrian Parties should participate in negotiations. As for Egyptian situation, he asserted that Egyptian People is the only one who has the right to decide their destiny. 1500 Terrorist Entered Syria through Turkey during a week Sources in the “Free army” militias admitted that about 1500 foreign terrorist entered Syria through Turkey during this week and they stayed in Syria and the another part entered Iraq .The sources showed that the number of the foreign armed gunmen in Syria is about 17 thousands of non-Syria fighter and it referred that the largest Arab group is from Saudi Arabia and the largest foreign group are from Chechen. Aldiar …The Ships of weapons are in Tripoli under the protection of the extremists to smuggle it to Syria Aldiar newspaper reported that the Syrian Lebanese borders became the field for smuggling weapons to Syria and it revealed that the Tripoli port received ships are loaded with weapons to smuggle all the weapons to Syria.
  12. 12. Turkish writer … Erdogan policy that support terrorism in Syria reflected on Turkey The Turkish writer and journalist Artogoul Ozkok asserted that the results of policies of the Developing and Justice party toward Syria and its supporting to terrorism have devastating effects on Turkey, because the terrorist acts moved to Turkey like the explosion of Alrihaniah .He referred that the Turkish economy fall in the border cities and they established a region that Al-Qaeda organization dominate it on the Turkish borders, beside the interruption of relations with Iran. He stressed that the foreign Turkish policy is a great defeat and failure. The writer added that the terrorist groups that are supported by Erdogan in Syria and it will end after the control of the Syrian army on the south of the country and the Syrian Arab army prepared for restoring the stability and the security to Aleppo after it restored the stability to Homs city. The chairman of the popular Tunisian Agency for Supporting Syria: The world is grateful to Damascus because it faced the project of separation the region The chairman of the popular Tunisian Agency for Supporting Syria Almunsif Wanass asserted that what happens in Syria is Imperial Zionist and Turkish conspiracy with Arabian funding and he considers that the steadfastness of Syria is legendary and it enabled of reforming the universal axis. Wanass asked the Tunisian government to connect with Syrian government for helping its citizens in Syria.
  13. 13. Kasim…….the project of new Middle East still exists The general secretary of Hezbollah asserted that the Syrian Arab Army achieves great victory. He clarified that the project of new Middle East still exists. Al Halaki: there is not any intention to change national currency Prime minister; Dr. Wael Halaki asserted that the government does not have any intention to change the national currency.