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No292 newslettr daily e-10-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/10 -NO. (292) Missiles and guns for the opposition in Aleppo Panic in Aleppo and displacement in its countryside Kudsia back to the state PAGE 4 Daash kill the deputy Mohjam Sahoo PAGE 4 PAGE 4 Saudi Arabia sent the “alive suicidal” to Syria PAGE 4 Doha coalition aska for its official call PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )292( Page NO .2 2013/11/10 Ammunition and rockets in Damascus countryside Two members of the internal security forces were wounded due to the fall of two mortar shells at a police branch Rescue in Kafarsouseh, while an official source said that the units of the Syrian army ruled on the number of gunmen on outskirts of Sbaeneh and around Hajar Aswad ,Hojaerah and Harasta,Also, they target- Yabrood, Khan Shieh and ed gathering for Front vic- destroyed a warehouse contory militants in the area of taining ammunition, rockets and a car bomb intended for bombing ,As clashes continued between the Syrian army and militants in Deer Ateah and West Jbaadin and northeast Nabek and south Quraa in Damascus countryside, as were seized a car loaded with weapons included 9 automatic rifles with ammunition and 1,500 rounds Boumaktion show that it was destined to armed groups in Damascus Countryside. Kudsia back to the state The highway of Kudsia Damascus was opened to citizenship, and allowed them to enter supplies in any quantities they want, and that came after the conclusion of reconciliation led to the delivery of a number of militants into the state apparatus, it is mentioned that Kudsia area remained closed to transit traffic about 26 days after the intransigence of the insurgents and their insistence on not respond to the appeals of reconciliation advocated by the people of the town. Continuing clashes in Daraa and Idlib Syrian army targeted headquarters of militants for Front victory on the road of Nawa – Steel, and in Dael town in Daraa countryside, and spent many insurgents spent many insurgents, including “the second man in military council in Daraa” “Mohammed Khalaf Abu Zeid,” said an official source that it has been killed all the members of the armed group that attacked on of the military points in the village of eastern Maliha in Daraa countryside, As for opposition sources it was said that the free army targeted in an “ambush” the Syrian army forces in the vicinity of AlSaad road neighborhood at Daraa station, also targeted with mortar shells the forces centered on the checkpoint of Raqat Khazna in Nawa city and the 34th Brigade in Mesmeah town.As clashes continued between the Syrian army and militants in Kvrlata and Ma’arrat Masreen in Idlib countryside killed during the sniper, “Mustafa abu Dan.”
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )292( 2013/11/10 Control on Talbessaa - Alghannto road Killed six children and a woman and others were injured by the fall of two mortar shells at the south garage in the city of Homs and the town of Mosherfa in the eastern province, this as the Syrian army controed of the road between Talbesaa and Alghannto and thwart to armed groups attempted to assault on a military points in the village of Mosherfa and the water well north of the town Mosherfa what led to the destruction of three cars and killed a number of militants. While communities for insurgents have been targeted in west of the villageof Dahab hill in Hula and Ahamrat and Talbessa of and villages of Kvrllagha in Homs countryside, In Warsha and Bab Sbaa and Jouret Shiah in the city.The opposition sources said that the free army targeted gatherings for the Syrian army forces in the village of Quom northern countryside of Homs with mortars, and blocked to a try for the Syrian forces to storm town Alghannto. Panic in Aleppo and displacement in its countryside Page NO .3 Missiles and guns for the opposition in Aleppo Six children were killed and six people were injured by rocket fired by gunmen near the clinic in the residential neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo, a military source said that units of the Syrian army destroyed rocket launchers and mortars in Jdaedah and Kwers and 11 car loaded with weapons and ammunition and fitted with heavy machine guns in housing youth, while clashes continued east Neirab and Industrial City in Sheikh Najjar and near Anakarin, Tel Abu Danna and Tel Hasel and perimeter Canadian Hospital, Central prison and Mansoura and the area around the old Carlton Hotel in old Aleppo and Alsokhour neighborhood. Clashes in Hasaka After news of the Syrian army’s intention to progress to the cities of Al-Bab and Manbej and free them from the opposition militants, it have been displaced large numbers of citizens to neighboring villages, said one of the citizens that people fled of fear of using the population as human shields in front of the Syrian army. Opposition sources said that the army had managed to recontrol of many of the buildings which were stationed by the Syrian army forces since days ago in Al- Khalidiya district, and targeted by landmines and local guns concentrations of the army near the building of Noufous and Algafiqih School. Two citizens were injured by explosive device was detonated near a branch of Al- Baath Organization in Hasakah, while clashes continued between the Syrian army and militants in the region of Gharaa, were targeted gathering of armed opposiyion in areas of Tel Alshoul and Abu Qsaab and Khrab Askar in Qamishli countryside.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )292( Page NO .4 2013/11/10 Saudi Arabia sent the “alive suicidal” to Syria Sources close to jihadist organizations revealed about the arrival of Saudi Arabia, “Ahmed Abdullah Al Shaya” to the Syrian territory to join the ranks of the Mujahideen and fighting for the establishment of the State of succession and uphold the word of God, and nicknamed Shaya to” alive suicidal “ for his carrying out a suicide process in Iraq and did not led in killing him. “Daash” kill the deputy “Mohjam Sahoo” Announced the General Authority of the Syrian Revolution, that “Daash” adopted killing member of the Syrian Parliament “Mohjam Sahoo” on one of the barriers of the Islamic state while he was traveling to Damascus. Doha coalition aska for its official call Ship weapons to Syria Greek coastguard announced holding a cargo ship with the flag of Sierra Leone near the EMEA Islands eastern Aegean Sea on board about 20 thousand rifles AK-47 and a large number of explosives last Thursday was on its way to Syria. Reported the position of “Yes to Geneva” infected from Washington to Riyadh and on to the Industry Coalition, which now blamed that it “did not send to it an official invitation by the United Nations,” according to a spokesman for the coalition, who said yesterday, “We are waiting for the call” but expressed the interest of success of the conference and called on other parties to do the same work.
  5. 5. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )292( Page NO .5 2013/11/10 Medical Jordanian Committee in Syria, Explained, “Imad Hatabah” a member of the medical support committee to Syria that the independent body with legal personality and seeks to provide medical support to Syria in all its forms as a response by Jordanian doctors to Syria first for being the address of the plot in defense of the entire nation and its universities, and secondly because it has embraced many of them, and the Committee discussed with Syrian Ministry of Health ways to support the health sector in Syria and meet the needs of pharmaceutical and medical products in light of the economic blockade and the continuing terrorist attacks on institutions. Parties and forces of peaceful change.. Syrian people are the decision-maker A number of parties and forces of peaceful change held yesterday conference at Hotel Dama Rose Damascus discussed events and the ongoing preparations for the convening of Geneva Conference 2 and the representation of the internal opposition which, as announced coalition forces of peaceful change non-participation in the conference and that the call took place without consultation and preparation with him, both in terms of timing and prep- aration for discussion at the conference,The parties confirmed that the participation of the Syrian powers all and sects is the decision-maker in its affairs and “not enti- tled to any of the powers or other international and regional decision-making on his behalf,” It also asked the parties not to intervene to impose and naming certain persons representatives for any group and forces, especially parties and the opposition National Conference Geneva 2 calling on the government to “continue the national dialogue procedure and do the processing and effective field reflexes and the effects of the crisis on the Syrian people.” “Charitable promise” to care for the wounded Launched yesterday at the Opera House in Latakia “The Promise Foundation” as the first institution dedicated to the wounded civilian and military victims of terrorism in the presence of political and social events, trade union and popular.