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No 249 newslettr daily e-28_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )249( 2013/9/28 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 A Bombed car in Rankous … And “the Security of the capital” in the country- side of Damascus Sources stated that the bomb- ing of the car in front of Khaled bin Alwaleed mosque in Rankous which is followed to Alkalamoun in the coun- tryside of Damascus could be executed by “Jabhit Al-nusra” in the context of settling the accounts between it and the “Free Army”, especially after the pledge allegiance of the commander of “The banner of Islam” “Lwaa Al-Islam” in the Free army to the leader of “Jabhit Al-Nusra” and his moving to Qalamoun. In the framework of “the security of capital” process that the Syr- ian Arab army announced it yesterday for targeting the gunmen in the border- ing areas to Damascus, many terrorists,who are affiliated to “Lwaa Al-Islam” “The ban- ner of Islam” were killed. Some of them are Mohamed Alsalami, Mouhamed Assad, Abed Alrazaq Aljaouhar and Ziad Altout, they were killed after targeting their hideouts in Elaab,Albahariah and Sa- hit al-Ganaam farms in Doma by units of the Syrian Arab Army. The army continued its achievements in Al-Qaboun, and it killed many terrorists and wounded the others near Alomari mosque, and they de- stroyed a car was carrying weapons in Harmalah, and the army continued its operations in the Eastern Ghoutah and it killed the terrorist Kasem Zedalani in Shabaa farms, and the terrorists Ahmed Moussa Ebrahim and Omar Khaled in Daria , al-Moadamiyeh and al-Sayyeda Zainab in the southern countryside of Da- mascus , besides that the army destroyed their weapons. Se- rious clashes happened be- tween the forces of the army at Sudnaiah and the centered gunmen in Talfitah town in the countryside of Damas- cus and caused killing Es- sam Alkubbah and injuring Nizar Alawi ,while the army destroyed vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns and loaded with weapons in the areas of al-Nabk, Deir Atyeh and Yabroud al-Ruhayba, al-Nasseryeh .The correspon- dent of Al-Mayadeen channel reported that the Syrian Arab army secured 1200 meters of Jober way which is the oppo- site of the southern highway and this is in the frame work of “the security of the capital” process.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )249( 2013/9/28 Infiltration attempts in Aleppo Killing the military officer of “Jabhit al- Nusra” Explosive Devices in Homs Units of the army found 85 explosive devices and its weighing between 50-100 kg inside a vehicle that a terror- ist tried to detonate it but it caused his killing in the area of Kifrnan in the countryside of Homs. Other units of the army targeted the hideouts of the gunmen in Al-Daar Alka- beraa and TalDahab, Alrastan ,Alkarabess and on the way of Homs near Albagalaa re- gion and it controlled build- ings in al-Qusour and Jorat al-Shayyah ,and it killed ter- rorist groups in Bab Houd al-Hamidyeh, al-Warsha, Burj Qa’e, Kifrlata, Keisen, Units of the army thwarted attempts of terrorists to in- filtrate from Khaled Bin Alwaled mosque to Salah Aldeen, Alsouika and Al- zahrawi districts in Aleppo and it killed seven gun- men in Bani Zaid and it eliminated many terrorists in Al-Ansarri,Al-Kalasah and Al-Sakhour neighbor- hoods and al-Zayton Farms in al-Sheikh Said .It killed nine gunmen in Alhadeer village and it destroyed a camp for training the gun- men in Sarakeb in Aleppo and it killed many of them ;including Saudi, Jordanian, Libyan, Tunisian terrorists .Also, the unit of the army targeted a number of cars along with the weapons and ammunition inside them on Alatareeb, Orm Enjara road and al-Hader village Sources of Jabhit al-Nusra revealed the killing of the general military officer who his nickname is Abou Sameer ,one of the most important three leaders in Jabhit Al-nusra because of bombing an explosive de- vice in his car without iden- tifying the place of this inci- dent.Informational sources reported information about killing the leader of “The Islamic country in Iraq and Al-Sham” in Tal Salawra village which is followed to Efreen city in the west- ern countryside of Aleppo ,while other sources talked about paying salaries ,which are not more than 250 dol- lar, by Daesh for every fighter join to it for impos- ing its control on the eastern and northern areas.In Deir Al-Zour, units of the army killed gunmen, are affiliated to Daesh , during targeting their hideouts in Alomall and Alsheik Yaseen district. In Alkamashli ,the compo- nent authority captured 15 gunmen of Jabhit Al-Nusra in Kadour biq district in addition to destroying a number of missile-launch- ers and mortars shells in Koueris,Aljadidah ,Rasem Alabood and Arbeed. Infor- mational sources mentioned that “the Islamic country in Iraq and Al-Sham” destruct- ed many tombs of saints at Albab city in Aleppo. al-Sam’alil, Taldo and Ja- bal Sha’er.In Hama,units ofr the army confiscated weap- ons and equipment ;includ- ing communication devices ,machine guns PKC, Nato snipers, military automatic ri- fles, offensive and defensive bombs ,RPG shells ,explosive devices and timers switches in the groves of Shariaa
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )249( 2013/9/28 Arabs are killed in Daraa International Consensus for dismantling the Syrian chemical Weapons The International security council adopted a resolution for dismantling the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal, without threatening of puni- tive action if Syria does not implement the resolution. Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, said that the reso- lution adopted by the UN Security Council on The Syrian Arab army killed the Kuwaiti Mo- hamed Abed Allah Ala- jammi and the Palestin- ian Alaa Gammel Alsaadi during their attacking the areas of al-Jumruk al-Qa- dem in Daraa.It destroyed a car carried weapons in the Eastern Mulieha in the countrysideof Dara. placing the chemical weapons in Syria under the international control “ covers Syrian gov- ernment’s fears.” And he asserted the partici- pation of his country in Geneva2 conference. The general –secratery of the UN Ban Ki Moun asserted that holding the Geneva 2 conference for peace in Syria will be in the mid-November.
  4. 4. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )249( 2013/9/28 Almoualem …we are comfortable for the resolution of the Security Council Syria… the resolution of the investigation commission is biased and selective Group wedding for youths at Dama Rose Hoel in Damascus The Foreign minister Waleed Almoualem said that the res- olution of the security coun- cil is consistent with the Syr- ian position that the Syrian president announced it about our joining to the treaty for prohibition the chemical weapons ,and we are serious in implementing our commit- ments regardless the opinons of the others. In an interview with Alsafeer newspaper , he added that we are comfort- able for this resolution and its reference to use the seven chapter against the terror- ist groups and its support- ers if they violated the treaty for prohibition the chemical weapons and noted to the importance of commitment the political solution by the countries that support terror- ism for succeed the confer- ence of Geneva2,and stop- ping training and smuggling the gunmen terrorists to Syr- ia.In addition to that the na- Syria considered the project of the new reso- lution of the international investigation com- mission about Syria is biased and selective, and this was in a statement of Syrias perma- nent representative to the UN in Geneva doctor Fayssal Alhamoi and he explained that his country will not admit any resolution it did not participate in preparing it and if the resolution does not respect its rights and the supporters of it reject the opinions of the other countries in the Human rights council. Confirming that life prevails in the face of terrorism in violence, the “Fealty to Syria Agency” organization organized a group wedding for Syrian youths in Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry.Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi and Social Affairs Minister Kinda al-Shammat gave speeches at the wedding, affirming that Syr- ians are determined to live their lives to the fullest, and that this deter- mination ensures that Syria will emerge victorious over its enemies. tional opposition should be representative of the civil society in Syria.The minister Almoualem met the Russian foreign minister Sergi Lav- rove and his Chinese coun- terpart Wang Yi.