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News letter 19 7-2013


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News letter 19 7-2013

  1. 1. Chasing Terrorists in al-Qaboun and Barzeh in Damascus Units of the army eliminated many terrorists and it destroyed their hide outs and their gatherings in a series of special operations the units did against their gatherings in Albahariah farms in the eastern Ghouta and the farms that surround Al-kisweh in the southern countryside of Damascus. The units destroyed a bombing car and a terrorist was driving it, and the army continued chasing the terrorists in Al-Qaboun and in Jober district and Doma .This caused killing many terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition and the units thwarted the attempt of terrorists for detonating two explosive bombs in the entrance of Alrihantown,and all the members of terrorist gang were killed or wounded in as special operation of the army in the western ,northern countryside of Damascus. Killing of terrorists in neighboring regionsof central Aleppo prison In Aleppo and its countryside, unites of Syrian Arab Army killed terrorists of Jabhat Al Nusra in neighboring regions of central Aleppo prison and smashed their weapons. Discovering 500-meter long tunnels and elimination of Terrorists in the countryside of Idleb A military source said that army units discovered tunnels which its length is 500 meter that terrorists were using it in their movement and for transporting weapons and ammunition in Bsanqoul town in rural Idleb.
  2. 2. The source added that big numbers of terrorists who were inside the tunnels were killed, and their weapons and ammunition confiscated. In rural Idleb, army units killed terrorists and it destroyed their weapons and equipment in the towns and villages of Kafrshlaya, Korein, Qmeinas. Qasr al-Fanar, al-Ashrafieh, Abu al-Dohour, al-Majas, Kafrouma, Eblin, Ehsem and Maasaran. Seizure of weapons and Saudi coins in the countryside of Daraa In the countryside of Daraa, a unit of Syrian Arab Army killed many terrorists and seized their weapons and Saudicoins. Operations of the army in the Towns and the districts in DeirEzzor Units of the army killed a number of terrorists in DeirEzzor city and destroyed weapons, ammunition, communication devices and satellite transmitters in al-Jbeileh neighborhood in the city. A military source said that unit of the army destroyed a terrorists' hideouts near al-Firdaous Mosque in al-Jbeileh neighborhood, killing and injuring all the terrorists inside. The source added that the operation led to destroying machineguns, automatic rifles, ammunition, communication devices and satellite transmitters that terrorists were using for contacting hostile channels. The source indicated that army units clashed with terrorists in Ali Baik neighborhood, killing and injuring most of them, as other units
  3. 3. destroyed terrorists' concentrations near al-Siyasieh Bridge, al-Hwieka and al-Matar al-Kadim neighborhoods and near the ceramic factory in Kanamat neighborhood and al-Mreieh village. Smashing of weapons and killing of terrorists in towns in the countryside of Homs A military source said thatSyrian Arab Army killed manyterrorist in Homs and smashed their weapons. Three citizens were martyred and others were injured because of a mortar on a school in Homs yesterday. A Legislative Decree … For Establishing two courts of appeal in Tartous province The President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued Decree no. 248 for 2013 establishing two courts of appeal in Safita and Banias areas in Tartous province.
  4. 4. Russia hopes holding Genève2 during nextSeptember Deputy Foreign MinisterMikhail Bogdanovsaid that his countryhopestheconveningoftheGenevaConference2duringSeptemberb efore thenextsessionoftheGeneralAssemblyofUnited Nations,expressingregretforthe Syrian opposition's unwillingnessto attend the conference. The European Union … There is no military solution in Syria The president of the EU council Herman Van Rompuy, during a press conference, said that there will not be a political solution in Syria and it will be only a diplomatic one .He announced his supporting to the American Russian calling for holding Geneva2 conference and he expressed his worry because of increasing the violence in Syria and the deteriorating of the humanitarian situation in Syria,aswellasa reflectionofthecrisisonthestability ofneighboringcountries. Shamat …… helps coming to Hasaka and Raqa The Minister of Social AffairsDr.KindaShamat during a meeting ofHigher Committee forReliefsaidthat there is a studyto send aids
  5. 5. toHasaka provinceafterpreventingof terrorist groups its access toseveral areas. The governor of Aleppo… Selling gasoline at the regular price The governor of Aleppo Mohamed WaheedAkaad asserted that we secure large amounts of gasoline and five stations started selling the gasoline for the owner of cars at the regular price , in the shade of the governmental efforts for securing the fuel in Aleppo city. Syria studies the ways tocooperatewithUNICEF YuccaBrant, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEFcommended Syrian governmentefforts inrelief workand humanitarian,alsoit discussedways ofcooperationin the field ofhealth, education and electricity. France … our Position is strict about supplying the Syrian opposition with weapons The French foreign minister Laurent Fabius asserted that his country will not change its position about arming the Syrian opposition with fatal weapons .The spokesman of the foreign minister Philip Lalio admits that the extremist groups represent a danger on developing the situations in Syria and the neighboring countries and he added that his country
  6. 6. thinks it is important to support the opposition in “AlDoha collation and the free army” .He indicated to the French requirement to insert Jabhit Al-Nusra on the list of terrorism in the UN like ‘”Al-Qaeda’’. Britain abandons arming Syrian opposition Informed sources for Reuters saidthat "Britain abandoned itsplansto armthe Syrian opposition