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No259 newslettr daily e-8_10_2013


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No259 newslettr daily e-8_10_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )259( 2013/10/8 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Shells in Damascus .. The clashes escalate in East Gouta A citizen was killed and oth- ers were injured after a mor- tar was lunched near Kabbas Bridge and on homes and residential buildings behind the Church of Ananias in Bab Sharqui and Bab Touma and Kassa in Damascus, also wounded three civilians due to the fall of the mortars on AlJouba town in Yabrood in the countryside of Damas- cus.To that East Gouta wit- nessed escalation in military operations where the Syrian army targeted headquarters for gunmen in Hamouriah and orbeen and killed both , “Mohammed Sharefah “ and “ Marwan Abdel Wa- hed “ , “ Fayez Bakaoa “ , “ Hatem Kporh “ in Qaboun , Jobar , Harasta and Zamal- ka , also was killed “ Alaa Taleb”and” Hassan Ayneah “ during its ongoing opera- tion with Bara battalion “in Elab farms play in Duma, the continuing clashes in der Salman farms and Aldalbh between the Syrian army and gunmen killed “ Firnas Aqra “and” Molham Beram “and” Manna Manna “ and “ Adnan Matar “ of the “ Brigade of Omar Mukhtar ,” In Darya army killed fifteen militants from “Front victory ,” includ- ing “Dia Al-Masri “ and the Tunisian “Abu Salmo “ , and six others in the area of land Anjash , have also been vio- lent clashes in Khan Sheeh , while clashes continued in farms in Nabek , Yabrood and Rahibh .Lebanese news- papers reported that Al- Ka- lamoon area in Damascus countryside on a date with the imminent battle for control of the mountains adjacent to the Bekaa Valley, where the Syr- ian Army cares to cut off the road on militants who seek to close the International Da- mascus – Homs road.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )259( 2013/10/8 Army controls the villages in the countryside of Aleppo Boats in Rastan’s lake A number of citizens were killed and others injured after the fall of rockets at the town of Afrin in Aleppo , while military operations of the Syrian army continue in the countryside of Aleppo, where he managed to regain control on the villages of Tal Zugheib , Torkat , Neirab, Tel Aabur and and Humera, and the dis- mantling of dozens of impro- vised explosive devices, also completed securing the hills overlooking an archeological road and Khanasser Aleppo, tighten its control over Rasm Al-Safa and Kafr El Ak- kad, while the army killed an armed group in an ambush during their attack on Sulei- man Al-Halabi neighborhood, this renewed clashes in Allir- mon and perimeter of Aleppo Central Prison prison , Kwers and Talat Al-Shaheed.To that Almayadeen channel quoted from close sources that there are expectations of heavy The Syrian army killed in Homs the leader of “ Zaaf- aranah operation brigade” nicknamed “Shahabi” in the countryside of Rastan, also destroyed several boats navigate militants in Lake Rastan, and targeted the headquarters in Al-Dar Al- Kaberah and Talbesah and Saen and between the villag- es of Algesbah and Al-Dar Al-Kaberah Bridge, while still fighting continues in Zara , Alwersha, Qousor and Jouret Shiah . battles will take place in Al-Saferah city near Defense facto- ries.According to the Local Coordination Committees Opposi- tion militants targeted in an explosive device a big car of the army loaded with soldiers on the road between Alkobatain and Enaza Mountain in Alsafeerah which led to deaths and injured soldiers, and fought to stop the progress of the Syrian army in Alezaa neighborhood, a clashes took place in Khalidiya , Rashedain and Albasha gardens.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )259( 2013/10/8 Clashes with “Daash” in Latakia countryside ... And “Al-Zalzalah” in Idlib Explosion in Deir al-Zour .. And ongoing battles in Daraa In Latakia countryside clash- es took place between the Syrian army and gunmen fromthe“IslamicStateinIraq and Al-Sham” in Khan Jawz village, also the army tar- geted machines loaded with weapons in Aldoarkh village. In Idlib countryside twenty armed group amongest the most prominent “Ahrar Al- In Deir al-Zour the army forces targeted the head- quarters of the militants in Almrieih, while there was an explosion in the building of Sham” start and Al-Zalaza- lah battle in Ma’arrat Nu’man to liberate the two camps in Al-Daef valley and Al-Hme- diah stretch of Al-Daef val- ley to Khan Shaikhoun,at the same time opposition mili- tants targeted the army units stationed at Wadi Daef Camp and destroyed a tank.Opposi- tion sources spoke in Hama countryside that the “Free Army” targeted with mortar and artillery Aljeser barriers and Saman in the country- side north amid continuing clashes in the surroundings, also targeted a vehicle of the Syrian army on the road be- tween Kafar barriers Teba Emam and managed to blow up the car and killed them. the National Hospital in Deir al-Zour while trying gunmen from “Front Victory” dig- ging new tunnels.According to media sources, issued a “ Hamza brigade “announced The decision to close the crossing of Tel Abyad until the settlement of its affairs compatibility between fac- tions stationed, in order to develop joint management and allocation of revenue for the local council service, while continuing clashes between gunmen from the “Free Army” and elements of “Daash”in Tel Samn in Raqaa led to deaths and in- juring on both sides.In the countryside of Daraa clashes continue in Tel Samn in Tafas during which the army killed “Walid al-Qaisi” the leader of, “Huzaifa bin Yaman bat- talion “, while two gunmen were killed during fighting between two armored groups in Umm Almiazn.This oppo- sition sources spoke of clash- es in Al Agrar center and mil- itary barracks in Tafas and other hubs in Nawa and the eastern region of the city.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )259( 2013/10/8 Al-Assad: Syria will not change its principles Administrative pass for undergraduate students.. Examination courses and for Mas- ter students Organization for the Pro- hibition of Chemical.. Syr- ia cooperating on the de- struction of weapons The Organization for the Pro- hibition of Chemical Weap- ons confirmed in a state- ment that talks of the team of international experts in charge of destroying chemi- cal weapons constructive with the Syrian government, pointing out that the Syrian government was cooperating on the list handed over to the organization earlier. President Bashar al-Assad assured that the events taking place in Syria will not change the approach of the Syrian people about Palestinians in Syria but it increased its cohesive to face terrorists attacks which we had together, and that during his meeting with Abbas Zaki, Special Envoy of President Mah- moud Abbas, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah movement.For his part, Zaki stressed on the solidarity of the Palestinian people with Syria in the face of aggression ex- plaining that targeting Syria is targeting the Arab nation be- cause what is happening from the drain to the capabilities of its people and its army comes in the context of the scheme’s largest aims to divide the countries of the region and weaken it to achieve the interests of Israel. President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree ordering the transfer stage university de- gree student from year to year an exception if he holds at most eight decisions , whether administrative or non-administrative of differ- ent years of study , students also to grant qualification and specialization studies re- peaters and transferred in the study year 2012-2013 cycle additional examination in the 2013-2014 school year and the other for those who have exhausted their oppor- tunities for advancement for the exams from outside the university in the study years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 , this decree gives students a master ‘s degree repeaters or transferred or drained the outcome of examinations the study year 2012-2013 year one examination course , my degree students Masters and PhD enrolled in the the- sis stage prior to the date of 01.03.2013 no matter how you put it on that date an ad- ditional calendar year .
  5. 5. Page NO.5 ++The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )259( 2013/10/8 Increase the price of gas- oline does not constitute a retreat from the policy of support central warns of fake currency The results of Differentiation will issue soon Explained the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources that the government’s decision to increase price of a liter of gasoline to a hundred SP does not constitute a retreat from the policy of support and that the government does sup- ports the gasoline now, where the price of a liter of gasoline was forty SP, while the cost of production is about thirty- seven pounds. The Syrian Central Bank held a public session of foreign ex- change included three institutions Exchange, during which determine the selling price of the citizens to 168 pounds to the U.S. Dollar in accordance with the regulations speci- fied issued by the central bank and a maximum of $ 500 or the equivalent in foreign currency per month. Explained the Ministry of Higher Education that the date for the announcement of the results of the differentiation of the university admission for the academic year 2013-2014 is likely release before the end of this week.