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No 229 newslettr daily e-8_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Fighting continues in Damascus and its countryside According to a military source that has been elimi- nated of leader armed group in (Barzeh) “Mohammed al- Khatib” was hiding in one of the tunnels, and a num- ber of militants in (Jobar), in addition to the destruc- tion of the headquarters of the gunmen in (Orbin) and (Zamalka) and the elimina- tion of a number of snipers, including “Abdul Karim Bakr”,while destroyed army In (Ma’loula), an official source said that the army units are progressed through its operations yesterday against gatherings of armed units quantities of arms and ammunition loaded with a car and machine gun con- fiscated during the quality in the town of (Ma’loula) by through the town of (Ain Al-Tena) and bypassing the main entrance to (Ma’loula) even arena the main cen- of operations in the towns (Qasimia), (Albulalah) in East Gouta near the city of (Al-Ksoa). ter of the town caused a big casualties among militants who carry others nation- alities, the source added that operations continue to focus on gatherings of in- surgents in the vicinity of the town and the Safir Hotel (Ma’loula) in the Valley of the Cross and the intersec- tion of (Marsrkis) where the army destroyed the mortars and rockets calories were in possession of the militants, in addition to 6 cars. Heat guns and missiles in Ma’loula
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 An army units had been elimi- nated on the whole members of the armed group in the village of (Shahroura), and destroyed heavy machine guns and large quantities of ammunition was loaded with two cars of armed men in the village (cart) and eliminated on two gunmen from intentional Kuwaiti “Maksoud Ghanim” and “Sultana al-Ka- lied” and the Jordanians “Kat- sabAlkamran” and “RashidAL- rez” and the Libyan”Dahroug A different nationalities in countryside of Latakia Abu Koba” and the Saudi “Barakat Attar” and the Moroc- can “Ismail Aziz” as has been the destruction of homemade rockets and 4 heavy machine guns in the village of Marj bokeh and the rhythm of a num- ber of militants which of them Saudis “Adnan al-Otaibi” and Jassim AL-Kalaf” and Libyan “Mksoud Al-Shamra” and Mo- roccans “Al-Taeeb Sufi”. In Aleppo , Army Units de- stroyed plant for the manufac- ture of improvised explosive devices , mortars and rocket launchers in Aqaba neighbor- hood , also it destroyed the headquarters of the armed groups caused many deaths and injuries. Another Army Units destroyed weapons and ammunition was loaded in cars on the road to kfrdael and Ad- nan, and ruled a gathering for these terrorists in Khan Alassal south-east of Aleppo and in the villages of Rayan and Blat in the countryside east. In the same context army units de- stroyed weapons and ammuni- tion loaded in 7 cars on the road of Almuslmeh and the entrance to the villages of deirhafer . Plantforthemanufacture of containers in Aleppo and its countryside an official source reported that the army forces killed gunmen were holed up in the center of the city of Rastan cement, while the destruction of weapons and In Daraa units of the army de- stroyed warehouses of weap- ons and ammunition for the insurgents, and eliminated the armed groups full members in towns and villages Yadodeh , Angel , Naemeh , Atman and the surroundings of Hamzah mosque , also ruled on the gun- men, some of the nationalities of the Jordanian and Saudi Ara- bia in the villages of Eanzakar and Sahem Aljoulan. While the elimination of insurgent groups Mortal Shells in Homs Weapons depots in Daraa ammunition depot near the en- trance of the village of Ghajar and the elimination of mem- bers of armed groups Eastern School Halima Essadia. The source added that gunmen were arrested in Alwarsha and Alaqrabee s, while an armed group targeted by mortar shell the center building in Jouret Shiah neighborhood has led to serious material damage to the building and no injuries among the citizens. and a number of headquarters in Alsaad road and Near the build- ing of Meteorolog in Daraa and in the vicinity of the cultural center in the town of Tafas.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 Weapons and depots in the countryside of Idleb An armed group attacked against oil pipe- lines in Morat Village in the countryside of Deir Ezzour caused oil leak into the Euphra- tes River. The engineer Suleiman Abbas, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources point- ed to make new centers to fill gas in Kutaifa and Quneitra are subsidiary to the branch of Damascus and its countryside for gas and a willingness to make a new center, to meet the needs of the citizens of gas. Army units destroyed a depot and concentrations for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb countryside, killing and injur- ing many, among them lead- er of the so-called ‘’Ahrar Saraqeb Battalion.’’ An army unit destroyed heavy ma- chineguns and terrorist con- centrations in Taftanaz, kill- ing all the terrorists. The army units eliminated terrorist con- centrations in Sarmin town, most of them non-Syrians and affiliated to the so-called ‘’Dawood Brigade’’ and ‘’Ahrar al-Shamal Brigade’’, as another unit destroyed ter- A military source men- tioned that An army unit destroyed terrorists’ gath- Communication vehicle and missiles in the countryside of Hama rorist dens in the villages of Sarjeh, Bzabour, Bennish, Martin and Maarbleit with the weapons and terrorists inside. A military source mentioned that the army targeted a ter- rorists’ gathering in Mantaf area in Idleb countryside, kill- ing numbers of terrorists and ering and equipment in the village of Khatamlo in al- Salamiya countryside in injuring others. Among the killed terrorists were Ayman al-Sharef, Ahmad Nasser Takko, Ahmad Hammo Tak- ko and Rashed Takko. The army also destroyed a mortar and a number of heavy ma- chineguns mantled on 4WD vehicles. Hama province, in addition to destroying a communi- cation vehicle, a weapons cache, rockets and a heavy machinegun in the town of Kafr Naboudeh. An army unit destroyed a hideout for a terrorist group leader in Hersh al-Qasabiye and eliminated terrorists in al- Uwaina village in al-Sqa- ilibiye area. Attack against oil pipelines in Deir-Ezzour Mobile centers to fill the gas
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 The Secretary-General of the Tunisian Al-Ghad Party “Omar Al-Sahed” that the Tunisian peo- ple are reject any Western U.S. aggression on Syria and stands a seriously and responsible stance in support of the people and the leadership and the army in Syr- ia. On otherwise, the writer and political analyzed “Fesa Jalol” that the aim from military ag- gression is to prevent the Syrian army from destroying the condi- tions of division that insurgents The World public opinion rejects aggression against Syria deficit on the ground imposed by proxy through the destroyed infrastructure of the Syrian uni- ty. Moreover, the Russian expert stressed in Middle East issues “Said Ghafrov” that the Syr- ian army has not used chemi- cal weapons and that Russia has accurate information on this subject, saying that the imple- mentation of the United States and France to its threats about aggression without the consent of the UN Security Council constitutes a major threat to the international system and all the rights and rules and international laws. While the director of “One World Foundation” for Research and Information in Germany “Said Dodeen” it is very diffi- cult to mislead the world public opinion again to justify a war of aggression on Syria after the crime the United States in Iraq, warning the U.S. administration of the case of boiling popular that pervades throughout the world against this aggression will turn into a disaster affecting the world. “Said Dodeen” point- ed out that most of the European peoples reject this aggression against Syria by pointing out that the high results of opinion polls confirmed by the where naysayers ratio ranged for this aggression from 62 percent to 89 percent. The national leadership announced that of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in a joint meeting held yesterday with the Syrian parties to discuss developments in light of the threats of launch- ing a direct aggression against Syria, that the leadership in the event of permanent session starting Saturday until indefinitely. The nation- al leadership has stressed as well as Trustees parties involved and their representatives that aggression unites everyone without regard to political differences and ideological between the parties and that coordination or consulta- The minister of health, Saad al Nayeif as- serted that the governmental hospitals and health centers are ready to receive all emer- gency situations. The minister said that the ministry sent since the beginning of this year National leadership is in the event of permanent session Hospitals are ready to deal with any emergency situation tion will remain open until to finch this sorrow form the sky home, pointing to the inevitability of all parties that stand by as one hand in the face of this onslaught of international at home. until this month 250 supplies of medicines to all provinces. The minister called the managers of hospitals to cooperate with oth- ers in order to meet all the emergency needs for people.
  5. 5. Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 The Iranian Islamic Shu- ra Council “Ali Larijani” Warned the united states of America from against aggres- sion on Syria, saying that the end of this aggression would be “hellish” and the Western Larijani: the end of aggression on Syria will be the hellish and West should not get involved it countries must do not get in- volved it. “Larijani” said in his statement yesterday in the Turkmen capital Ashga- bat: The aggression against Syria will cause many prob- lems for Western countries, and he considered the analy- sis of U.S. Secretary of State that there is no terrorists in Syria is naive and make any person to cry on the U.S. ad- ministration. He added: The sense of responsibility is have to make all the States in the region to seek for prevent the outbreak of a new war in this arena very tense and also to prevent the people to face a damages and losses. In turn, the guide of the Islamic revolution adviser for inter- national affairs at Iran, “Ali Akbar Welayati” said “We know that Syria will endure in front of these plots, but that Westerners did not know that and a lot of defeats in the region due to lack of proper awareness of the situation.” The British Daily Telegraph mentioned that Hundreds of Western peace activists intend to volunteer to form human shields in the framework of a series of protests against possible U.S. military aggression on Syria. The newspaper pointed out that the movement of International human shields in Britain and the United States announced it would send civilians from various countries of the world to Syria in an attempt to deter the United States on the implementation of aggression is likely to Syria, thousands of applications from volunteers from around the world such as Canada, France, Italy and the United States and Britain to reached participate in the campaign of human shields. In his turn, Ken O’Keefe one of the activists and the former U.S. soldier, who gave up U.S. citizenship in protest against the US-led in- vasion of Iraq, said “I have a feeling that if Global human shields campaign the Syrian government allowed us to enter there will be a flood of volunteers, adding that the policies pursued by both Britain and the United States have no meaning”. While one of the activists of Canadians and named Andrew said that he was ready to travel to Damascus and sacrifice him- self for this issue, adding I do not want to see Syria turns to another Libya, “he said, adding that” democracy is used as a pre- text by America to destroy the states”
  6. 6. An opinion poll published by theAmerican Gallup research showed that 51 percent of Americans oppose military intervention in Syria, while 36 percent of them supported it. In the same context AFP published the results of an opinion poll conducted by the Institute of Evop shows that two out of three French oppose France’s participa- tion in any possible military intervention in Syria. Page NO.6 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 The minister of Awqaf: the believe in God will surpass the weapons American and French polls confirm refuse of the military intervention in Syria The protests against American Western threats by an aggres- sion against Syria continued in many capitals and cities in the world. More than 350 non- governmental organizations and Indian assemblies protested in front of the American Embas- sy in New Delhi to refuse the American Threats against Syria. German Foreign Minister “Gui- do Westerwelle” has announced his country’s rejection of the po- sition of the States, which calls for military intervention against Syria, calling to wait for the re- portoftheUnitedNationsexpert on chemical weapons, while the foreign minister called Polish “Radolslo Sikorski” group of foreign policy experts at a con- ference of (NATO) Regional in the Latvian capital Riga to think about the consequences of pos- sible military intervention in Syria before they get involved, saying “that the West is suffer- ing myopia regarding the lack of stability in the Middle East.” The Secretary of State for For- eign Affairs Austrian “Rein- hold Lobetka” the position of his country’s rejection of the aggression against Syria, ex- Mass protests of more than 350 Indian Organization in front of the American Embassy Attitudes and states The minister of Awqaf (Reli- gious Endowment), Moham- mad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said “when we prepare, the believe will surpass the weapons and the believe will win in every time and place, asserting that the me- dia American attack which targets to launch an attack against Syria accompanies to the conspiracy against it. He clarified that the schol- ars of Levant and in all Arab and Islamic countries issued statement in which they con- demn the attack and its goal, clarifying that the goal of this attack is to make Israel tak- ing over the Middle East. plaining that “Austria consider extreme caution against direct any military strike into Syria,” For its part, expressed South Africa and Uruguay, as well as their rejection of any military aggression against possible U.S. against Syria. And the officials in the Government of South Af- rica expressed for their rejection of any military action against Syria because such a move would be met rejected by the UN Security Council, while Nigeria confirmed and stand against any unilateral decision to launch ag- gression against Syria and called for a peaceful solution to the cri- sis. The Venezuelan Federation of Journalists stressed its soli- darity with the Syrian people, adding that the prosecution al- leged Syrian Arab Army using chemical weapons is nothing but
  7. 7. Page NO.7 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 In response to the initiative of Pope President of the popular trend in Egypt “Hama- dein Sdahi” and head of the National Council for Human Rights “Mohammad Faek” the Sec- retary General of the Nasserite Popular Union- ist Organization in Yemen “Abdul-Malik al- Mikhlafi”, the head of the General Union of Egyptians abroad “Hassan Musa” were renew the emphasis on the stability of the position of refusing to American aggression on Syria under any pretext, stressing that the U.S. administra- tion reproduce what happened in the Sykes-Pico agreement in order to develop the Arab nation in front of the challenges of sedition and sec- tarianism serve Israeli interests in the region. “Sdahi” during a conference of the Arab nation in the face of American aggression on the Arab world said “We will defend Syria to remain uni- Conference of the Arab nation.. Any aggression on Syria IS aggression against Egypt fied independent Arabism reluctance to Ameri- can hegemony and Zionist schemes, warning of turning Syria into a base for terrorism entrepre- neur “reaping the results of all Arab countries, which paid off for aggression against Syria. also called on the President of the General Union of Egyptians abroad Hassan Musa develop a joint institutional mechanism for the return of the Arab peoples to the holy struggle in the face of the American enemy and the Israeli occupation of Arab lands. The Lebanese defense minister and former head of the Lebanese Union Party “Abdul-Rahim Murad” said THE external ag- gression began when Arab regimes supported fighters who came for destroy in Syria because of its support for the resistance in Lebanon, Pal- estine and Iraq. A millions around the world were response the appeal of Pope Francis to pray on the in- tention of the return of peace to Syria and reject any military ag- gression against them and took part in special prayers were held in churches and squares, which he emphasized the clergy in their speeches and sermons their commitment to work for peace and reconciliation in Syria, and rejected calls to wars and con- flicts that are contrary to the re- ligious and moral principles and humanitarian nor bring to man- kind except death and ruin and destruction. Where held prayers in (Damascus) , (Latakia) and (Daraa), as well as in several churches in (Lebanon), includ- ing “Mazar Ms. Haresa” headed by Cardinal “Mar Beshara Al- Rai” the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East of the Mari- nates, and in the churches of oc- cupied Palestine, also in Jordan and Egypt, also held Mass at the Evangelical Church in the capital Romania Bucharest was attended by the European front of solidarity with Syria and the Romanian branch of the Nation- al Union of Syrian Students.
  8. 8. Page NO.8 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )229( 2013/9/8 The number of countries in the world witnessed a dem- onstrations and sit-ins and to refuse and condemn U.S. threats to launch aggression Demonstrations and sit-ins in various countries around the world as a rejection of the U.S. threats of aggression against Syria against Syria, where Emi- grant institutions organized in Poland Syrian participa- tion of a number of youth or- ganizations and Polish par- ties demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy. While hundreds demonstrated in front of the White House before heading to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, an expression of the deputies for their rejection of a pos- sible U.S. military aggres- sion against Syria. It also established personalities and youth organizations and student parties and forces and the Lebanese National Union of Syrian students studying in Lebanese uni- versities for the second con- secutive day sit-in in front of the U.S. embassy in (Arker) to reject the U.S. aggression on Syria. The minister of education, Hazwan al Wiz asserted that the schools will open their doors on 15 of this month, asserting that the ministry is ready for the educational year in all ways, clarifying that about 18000 schools are ready to receive students, while 3600 schools are out of service because of the acts of armed groups, indicating that 600 Schools in their time and the ministry is ready for all circumstances schools are rehabilitated. The minister re- vealed that the ministry of education in co- operation with UNICIF Organization made a project calls “ I have the right to learn” to meet the needs of damaged regions , indi- cating that the books will be available since the starting of the educational year and they will be for free for basic teaching stage.