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Gadgets to God flyer


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This is a one page flyer about my new book on the technologies that are transforming society

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Gadgets to God flyer

  1. 1. GADGETS to GOD A journey through the gadgets and technologies that have influenced my life and are about to bring almost unimaginable changes to our world Past the Tipping Point Once the internet was “invented” in the 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee, the world changed irreversibly and made the acceleration of change and innovation inevitable. The implications of this tipping point are very profound. We may be on the final leg of a journey where the destination is unknown and completely unpredictable. Technological Fission or Fusion? In the span of one man’s lifetime, the human race has begun an irreversible process of transferring all its intelligence and knowledge of good and evil into the machines that we humans previously needed all our skills and intelligence to get the best from. Today it is these machines that are using their senses and intelligence to get the bestout of us human beings. The question is “What kind of world are we creating and will this path lead to theliberation of the human race or its enslavement or, worse still, its destruction. Is this end of the beginning or thebeginning of the end?Is this what the future holds? • God is being created in the likeness of man • The Old Testament is not about the past but about our future • Have we already invented time travel? • Treating modern day society like a nuclear reactor • The most connected society in mankind’s history is also the least connected • Immortality within our graspA Wake Up CallThis book is a journey through the gadgets and technologies that have influenced my life and are about to bringalmost unimaginable changes to our world. The span of my lifetime has seen a massive transformation in ouruse of these technologies Where once we were masters of machines we may now become slaves. Theconsequences of this shift in power are profound, unpredictable and potentially either disastrous or liberating forthe future of mankind. The choices we are making today about how, where and when we use the technologiesdescribed in this book could well destroy civilizationTestimonials"As a publisher of several worldwide publications with a vast interest in serious gaming, David has written andproduced excellent and very informative articles which have been of immense interest to our readership on aworldwide basis. David is most definitely an authority within this emerging subject and it has been a realpleasure to have worked with him over the past couple of years." Sarah Barclay, Managing Editor, BarclayMedia, Manchester, UK“David has always been a leading proponent of brain-computer interface uses and was instrumental in helpingus to spread this vision throughout the European Community during the early phases of the industry.” GregHyver, VP Business Development, BCInet Inc., USA Author Contact Information David Wortley Bridging the Physical and Virtual Worlds Mobile Phone : +447896659695 • Fax: +441162271346 • Skype: davidwortley Email : • Second Life : Hobson Hoggard Web: