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Concepts of IT-Based Modern Living


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Concepts of IT-Based Modern Living. Presented at Raumschiff Erde on Feb. 13 2011. Introduction of the Living Place Hamburg and some other Projects.

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Concepts of IT-Based Modern Living

  1. 1. Concepts of IT-Based Modern LivingWas bedeutet das Konzept Heimat für na(t)ive digitale Bewohner urbaner Räume? Matthias Vogt / Raumschiff Erde / 13.02.2011
  2. 2. @matthiasvogtAbout me:• born and raised in Münster• moved 2004 to Hamburg to study computer science• finished bachelor 2008• feb. 2011 finished my master thesis• 2011 founded Seamless Interaction
  3. 3. Concepts of IT-Based Modern Living
  4. 4. IT-Based
  5. 5. IT-Based Source: 1991 Mark Weiser introduced the age of Ubiquitous Computing
  6. 6. IT-Based Ubiquitous Computing „Machines that fit the human environment, instead of forcing humans to enter theirs, will make using a computer as refreshing as taking a walk in the woods.“ Mark Weiser, 1991
  7. 7. Concepts of IT-Based Modern Living
  8. 8. modern livingBytes statt Billy: Wenn Kultur unsichtbar wird (Spreeblick 2011)
  9. 9. modern livingsearch for new metaphors 1984 2011
  10. 10. IT-Based modern living
  11. 11. Ein Kooperationsprojekt der Departments Design und Informatik mit Clara Bosch, Gesa Hansen, Erik Herrmann, MarcoJohns, Fee Keller, Marissa Kimmel, Adriane Künne, Christoph Lohse, Jascha Nitzschmann, Fabian Puller, Paul Zürkerbetreut von Prof. Franziska Hübler, Prof. Gunter Klemke, Prof. Kai von Luck, Prof. Birgit Wendholt und mitUnterstützung der Zentralwerkstatt.Videodokumentation: Marissa Kimmel. Video:
  12. 12. 2008 we started to thinkabout modern living incombination with newtechnologies in a concrete way
  13. 13. (funded by the Hamburg ministry of commerce)
  14. 14. A B
  15. 15. pictures by the noun project
  16. 16. Find balance between control and automatism picture by: Christian Ettl under „CC-by-sa“ 3.0
  17. 17. Video:
  18. 18. Designing InteractionPhoto: Nicolas Zurcher
  19. 19. Video:
  20. 20. and much more... speech controls touch controls context aware systems indoor location smart sensors light installations home automation smart metering peripheral displays ...
  21. 21. we wanted to create a plattformfor innovation, creativity andinterdisciplinary  cooperationabout future living
  22. 22. Explore Think Create © Lars Wendlandt
  23. 23. we just started...You are welcome to join help us sponsor us talk to us tell about us discuss with us visit us improve us and even criticize us flame us or just simply ignore us
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  25. 25. thank you