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Creative summit 2011


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Presentation held at Creative Summit 2011.

Published in: Technology
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Creative summit 2011

  1. 1. ux-biquity orreal peoplewill tech be the fats & sugar of 2020? Hampus Jakobsson Creative Summit 2011 @hajak #cresum11
  2. 2. Hampus Jakobsson Creative Summit 2011 @hajak #cresum11
  3. 3. history
  4. 4. Units in use2.25 billion 4.6 billion
  5. 5. Average time till reported lost1560 mins 68 mins
  6. 6. And we love it!200 million mins / day
  7. 7. Just for comparision600 million mins in total
  8. 8. more
  9. 9. everything is connected devices talk to devicesservices fund hardware services span devicesubiquitous experiences ux-biquity
  10. 10. less
  11. 11. “Whenever we turn on our computer, we are plunged into an “ecosystem ofinterruption technologies” - Cory Doctorov
  12. 12. “ It’s possible to think deeplywhile surfing the Net, just as it’spossible to think shallowly whilereading a book, but that’s not thetype of thinking the technology encourages and rewards. - Nicholas Carr, The Shallows
  13. 13. “[we] feel together when alone, comforted by e-mails, excusedfrom having to attend to people in real time. We did not set out to avoid the voice but end updenying ourselves its pleasures. - Sherry Turkle, Alone Together
  14. 14. technology shouldbe invisible and give us more time withreal people
  15. 15. ux-biquity orreal peoplewill tech be the fats & sugar of 2020? @hajak