Plans For Building A Chicken Coop


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Learn how to build a chicken coop..chicken coop plans.

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Plans For Building A Chicken Coop

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn how to build your own Chicken Coops the right way the first time..check outthe best sellingchicken coop plan book online..this is all you need to to get the job done ! ====So you have decided to raise chickens and now you need to build a chicken coop?You have made a great decision and will soon be on your way to reaping the benefits of raisingchickens; not only do they produce healthier than "store bought" eggs, the make great pets. It isimportant, however, to make sure you build your chickens a good home. After all the coop youbuild for them will be where they lay their eggs and a vital protector from anything that maythreaten your chickens.Building a chicken coop is much better than purchasing one already prefabricated. Not only willbuilding your own allow you to personalize it with your unique style, you can build it to fit yourbrood of chickens perfectly, you can ensure quality of the craftsmanship and you will save a lot ofmoney! There are some very critical errors that people make when they build their coops. Followthese 5 helpful hints, so that you avoid the errors that people often make and build a strongbackyard chicken coop.Critical Error #1: Not planning.The worst error made is not planning ahead of time. It is very important to consider how manychickens will live in your coop? The size of the chickens is also very important. You also need tothink about how many nests you want to have in your coop and how big they will be. How will thechickens be fed? Where will you place their food and water? Where will your coop be placed? If itis a shady area be sure to make room for more windows to let in sun light. Do you have enoughroom for a chicken run to allow easy access into and out of the coop? So there are a lot ofquestions to answer before you even begin to buy materials an draw up plans. You need to notonly build a stable structure but also keep your chickens happy and safe. Planning properly willprevent a lot of problems in the future.Critical Error #2: Not sketching out your design on paper.It is a big mistake to simply go with a vision you have in mind. Very closely related to the planningaspect is making sure you have a clear design for your coop. Draw plans for both the inside andthe outside. It doesnt matter if you are not a professional, it is just important to have directionwhen you are building. Be sure to also sketch and plan the various angles of your coop. The sides,bottom and top. If you are a novice carpenter and it is your first time building a backyard chickencoop, keep it simple. As your flock of chickens grows and you learn more about how chickenbehave and what works for your space, you can always go back and redesign and improve yourcoop.Critical Error #3: Not gathering the right materials.
  2. 2. Stay organized. Before you begin construction on your chicken coop, gather all of the materialsyou will need. this will save you time, energy and the frustration. Of course the amount of materialsyou will need will vary with your design. However, most coops will require: wood, chicken wire orfence wire, insulation, nails, screws, saws, various tools and a hammer.Critical Error #4 : Not Choosing the proper place for your coop.Selecting the wrong place to build your chicken coop is a big error that people make. Chickensneed space and it is essential that you put the coop in an area that is spacious and where there isenough space around the coop for you chickens to run and roam freely. Remember that thechickens need a lot of space to run but you also need to be able to have enough room to movearound the coop to clean it and care for the chickens. It is not a good idea to build a coop whereyou do not have easy access around its perimeter. Also, it is important that your chickens haveenough sun light and enough shade. Most importantly, build your chicken coop away from bushesand brush where rodents or snakes may live or seek shelter. You do not want any unexpectedguests in your coop.Critical Error #5: Not being patient.Like anything else, building a chicken coop can be a challenge. Do not become frustrated orimpatient. You have planned correctly, sketched a design, gathered the right materials and chosena perfect spot to build your chicken coop. It will take time to build the coop and you may run intolittle issues along the way. Do not worry just enjoy building a home for your flock of friends.There you have it relevant and useful tips on how to build your chicken coop. There are a lot offree resources out there where you can get plans and tips on building your chicken coop and howto keep your chickens happy and keep them producing many healthy eggs for you. I often post tothis blog and get a lot of great tips from there. It gives great tips and tricks on how to Build aChicken Coop. You can even get plans and experienced backyard and rural chicken farmersshare their expertise.Article Source: ====
  3. 3. Learn how to build your own Chicken Coops the right way the first time..check outthe best sellingchicken coop plan book online..this is all you need to to get the job done ! ====