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Service Fabric


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Presentation delivered by Lee Simpson at the Global Integration Bootcamp in Brisbane

Published in: Technology
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Service Fabric

  1. 1. #gib2017#gib2017 2017 - Brisbane Lee Simpson | Mexia Service Fabric
  2. 2. #gib2017 Microsoft Azure Service Fabric A platform for reliable, hyperscale, microservice-based applications Microservices Azure Windows Server Linux Hosted Clouds Windows Server Linux Service Fabric Private Clouds Windows Server Linux High Availability Hyper-Scale Hybrid Operations High Density Rolling Upgrades Stateful services Low Latency Fast startup & shutdown Container Orchestration & lifecycle management Replication & Failover Simple programming models Load balancing Self-healingData Partitioning Automated Rollback Health Monitoring Placement Constraints
  3. 3. #gib2017 Battle-hardened for over 5 years
  4. 4. #gib2017 What is a microservice?
  5. 5. #gib2017 Types of microservices
  6. 6. #gib2017 Datacenter (Azure, Amazon, On-Premises, …) Load Balancer PC/VM #1 Service Fabric Your code, etc. PC/VM #2 Service Fabric Your code, etc. PC/VM #3 Service Fabric Your code, etc. PC/VM #4 Service Fabric Your code, etc. PC/VM #5 Service Fabric Your code, etc. Service Fabric Cluster with 5 Nodes Your code, etc. (Port: 19080) Web Request (Port: 80/443/?)
  7. 7. #gib2017 Service Fabric’s Infrastructure Services Service Description Cluster Manager Cluster management (REST [HTTP=19080], PowerShell/FabricClient [TCP=19000]) Failover Manager Rebalances service instances as nodes come/go Naming Registry mapping service instances  endpoints Fault Analysis Let’s you inject faults to test your services Image Store Contains your app packages (not on OneBox) Upgrade Upgrades SF on nodes (Azure only)
  8. 8. #gib2017
  9. 9. #gib2017 Defining Application Types & Service Types Cluster “Fabrikam” eStore App “G” Gallery Svc “P” Payment Svc eStore App Type Gallery Svc Type Payment Svc Type “Contoso” eStore App “G” Gallery Svc “P” Payment Svc ImageStore
  10. 10. #gib2017 Microsoft Ignite Going Further Jeffrey Richter Building Microservices Applications on Azure Service Fabric – Microsoft Virtual Academy