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Logic Apps and Azure Functions


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Presentation delivered by Dan Toomey at the 2017 Global Integration Bootcamp in Brisbane. Some slides are courtesy of the Pro Integration product team at Microsoft, and also a number of slides borrowed from Paco de la Cruz (Mexia).

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Logic Apps and Azure Functions

  1. 1. #gib2017#gib2017 2017 - Brisbane Dan Toomey | Mexia @daniel2me Logic Apps & Azure Functions
  2. 2. #gib2017 Who am I? • Principal Consultant, Mexia • Microsoft Azure MVP • MCSA, MCT, MCPD, MCTS BizTalk & Azure • Pluralsight Author • • @daniel2me
  3. 3. #gib2017 Evolution of the Cloud (Compute) Pre-Cloud B.Y.O. Servers IaaS PaaS “Serverless”
  4. 4. #gib2017 What Is “Serverless”? Servers are fully-abstracted Scaling is event-driven not resource-driven Pay only for what you use Availability Speed
  5. 5. #gib2017 Benefits of “Serverless” Do less Manage less Ease of scale Pay per execution
  6. 6. #gib2017 “Serverlessness” of Logic Apps and Functions No need to worry about VMs/PaaS VMs No need to worry about resources but events DevOps focus on code, deployment and managing the app, but not the platform. Pay per action or execution time. Born, live and die on the cloud (develop, test and ship)
  7. 7. #gib2017 Logic Apps and Functions in Integration Implement and orchestrate visually designed integration workflows Orchestrate distributed microservices 100+ Connectors (Protocols, SaaS apps and services, and hybrid) B2B Integrations with AS2 and EDI Languages supported: C#, F#, Node.js, Php, PowerShell, Python, bash, batch. Implement code-based microservices Different Trigger, Input and Output bindings Synchronous and Asynchronous execution
  8. 8. #gib2017 Logic Apps Connectors (100+) SaaS Apps and Services Azure and Power Apps Protocols Hybrid B2B, EDI, AS2 and XML
  9. 9. #gib2017 For everything else Azure Functions (Serverless) API Apps (PaaS)
  10. 10. #gib2017 Creating a Function
  11. 11. #gib2017 Creating a Function
  12. 12. #gib2017 Developing a Function
  13. 13. #gib2017 Integrating a Function
  14. 14. #gib2017 Azure Functions Triggers, Inputs and Outputs Type / Service Trigger Input Output Schedule  Http Call    Azure Blob Storage    Azure Event Hubs    Azure Storage Queues    Azure Service Bus Messaging    Azure Storage Tables   Azure Mobile Apps Tables   Azure DocumentDB   Azure Notifications Hubs  Twilio SMS Message  SendGrid emails (not fully documented)  Cloud File Storage SaaS, such as Box, DropBox, OneDrive, FTP (not fully documented) 
  15. 15. #gib2017 Testing a Function
  16. 16. #gib2017 Managing a Function
  17. 17. #gib2017 Timer-based processing Azure service event processing Scenarios:
  18. 18. #gib2017 Serverless web application architectures SaaS event processing Scenarios:
  19. 19. #gib2017 Real-time stream processing Real-time bot messaging Scenarios:
  20. 20. #gib2017 Microsoft Azure iPaaS Logic Apps API Management FunctionsService Bus Connectors HTTPFTP HTTP Swagger RSSHTTP Response HTTP Request SFTP SMTP Webhook appFigures Asana Basecamp 3 Bitly Blogger Campfire Dropbox Box Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 for Financials Dynamics 365 for Operations Easy Redmine Facebook GitHub Google Calendar GoToMeetingGoogle TasksGoogle Sheets HideKey HipChat Insightly Instagram Instapaper Bing Search Buffer Chatter DocuSign FreshDesk Google Drive Harvest HelloSign JIRA Azure and Power Apps Services SaaS Apps and Services Protocols BizTalkServer DB2 Informix SharePoint SQL Server File System Websphere MQ SAP Connector Hybrid ConnectivityB2B, EDI, AS2 and XML API/Web App Azure DocumentDB AzureML Azure Functions AzureBlob Storage Nested Logic App Service BusPower BI Azure Queues Resource Manager Congnitive Svc Face API CognitiveSvc Text Analytics Common Data Service Event HubsCognitiveSvc LUIS SQL Azure API Apps
  21. 21. #gib2017 Microsoft Ignite Questions?
  22. 22. #gib2017 Lab #4 Logic Apps + Azure Functions + Azure Storage
  23. 23. #gib2017 Lab #4 Prerequisites Azure Subscription Azure Storage Explorer ( Postman ( email account TableCustomerDiscount.csv (in your setup files or use link in lab doco)
  24. 24. #gib2017 Lab #4 Steps HTTP Request OutlookOutlook OutlookOutlook Functional Call Approval Storage table Storage blobStorage blob Query Logic App Function Store