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2015 12 09a_mozlando


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The talk I gave to Mozilla at its Mozlando event in Orlando, in December 2015.

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2015 12 09a_mozlando

  1. 1. Giving Users New Superpowers @dsearls
  2. 2. 1. Whatever can be digitized will be digitized. 2. Whatever can be informated will be informated. 3. Every digital application that can be used for surveillance and control will be used for surveillance and control. And now we are in the age of The Big Other. — or Surveillance Capitalism.
  3. 3. Browsing Milk (html) & cookies
  4. 4. VRM gives customers tools and services for two things: 1. Independence 2. Engagement
  5. 5. We need tools for signaling — both ways.
  6. 6. Intentcasting sends a “want to buy X” signal to the whole market— a signal the individual drives and controls.
  7. 7. Correlation ≠ causation; but there’s a lot of correlation here.
  8. 8. Henrik Aasted Sørensen. 2002 2006
  9. 9. 200 MILLION+ = the largest boycott in human history
  10. 10. Blocking ads and tracking gives individuals unprecedented leverage in the market.