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Haptics for android


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Haptics for android

  1. 1. Engaging the sense of touch inAndroid based games for profitBob HeubelDeveloper Evangelist, HapticsMarch 2012NASDAQ: IMMR © 2011 Immersion Corporation
  2. 2. Agenda Short introduction to Haptics Review of Haptic application examples Introduction to free Immersion developer tools – Library of pre-made effects – Universal Haptic Layer (UHL) – Studio design tool for custom effect design “Zap Your App” campaign for revenue opportunities Haptics beyond gaming discussion Q & A session © 2011 Immersion Corporation 2
  3. 3. Interactive Haptics in mobile gaming example © 2011 Immersion Corporation 3
  4. 4. What is Haptics?Perhaps you have seen these before? © 2011 Immersion Corporation 4
  5. 5. Why use Haptics in Android devices? Makes your apps feel more engaging/useable. Brings greater user satisfaction. Gives users what they expect to feel for input and gesture confirmations, even in flat virtual interfaces. Adds an additional communication pathway to existing video and audio experience. Adds an emotional connection to the user experience that is lacking in video and audio alone. Allows you to control vibration events that are not available on other platforms, like iOS, for a competitive advantage. © 2011 Immersion Corporation 5
  6. 6. Why use Haptics in Android devices?Number One Reason… Make more money! Through potential hardware and carrier deals © 2011 Immersion Corporation 6
  7. 7. Immersion Haptic Development PlatformRealistic game play. Lifelike applications. Arcade Action Effect Preview App 7 © 2011 Immersion Corporation
  8. 8. Google Vibrate () vs. Immersion Haptic SDK Vibration Parameters Google Vibrate Immersion Function Haptic SDK Duration Magnitude Frequency pulsing Timeline design capability w/sound Dynamic API control functions of all the above parameters © 2011 Immersion Corporation 8
  9. 9. Benefits of the MOTIV SDK Goes beyond Google () vibrate motor on/off control Gives you a library of 124 pre-made Haptic vibe effects from clicks to explosions, alerts, gesture and game weapon effects, just to name a few Saves you time developing effects that feel good across all Android devices Allows consistent vibe playback on ALL Android devices regardless of manufacturer © 2011 Immersion Corporation 9
  10. 10. Example – Benefits of Haptic SDK Using standard Google vibrate () you must define motor “on” durations for each device type. – Not useful, nor effective for longer duration game effects – Time consuming to code for multiple device motor types, i.e. your effect may feel fine on your one Android device but horrible on another device The Haptic platform abstracts/simplifies this for you – You choose an effect you want from a pre-made library – It automatically feels consistent across all Android devices whether it is an explosion, click, or bounce – We call this our Universal Haptic Layer (UHL) © 2011 Immersion Corporation 10
  11. 11. Adding MOTIV Haptics to an Android application SDK and Studio available at: © 2011 Immersion Corporation
  12. 12. MOTIV Quick Start Guide© 2011 Immersion Corporation 12
  13. 13. Add UHL to Eclipse project• Extract somewhere• Copy extracted file to your Eclipse project libs/armeabi folder (create folders if necessary)• In Eclipse, refresh project to see libs/armeabi/• Navigate to Project > Properties > Build Path > Configure Build Path…• Click on Add External JARs…• Browse to location of extracted UHL.jar file• In the permissions tab under the AndroidManifest.xml, add “android.permission.VIBRATE” ©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 1 3
  14. 14. Add Import Statement  Import the Launcher class wherever the Launcher will be used import com.immersion.uhl.Launcher;Add Launcher Member • Add a Launcher member to the main Activity class or other application-wide class private Launcher m_launcher; ©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 14
  15. 15. Instantiate Launcher  Instantiate the Launcher object once, usually in the main Activity onCreate function try { m_launcher = new Launcher(this); } catch (RuntimeException e) { Log.e(“My App”, e.getMessage()); }Use MOTIV UHL Effect Preview AppUse the Effect Preview application from the Android Market to feel thebuilt-in effects and determine which effect IDs to use in your application. ©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 15
  16. 16. UHL Effect Preview App on Android Market © 2011 Immersion Corporation 16
  17. 17. Free Effect Preview App  Allows you to feel the library on any Android device  Provides code sample for each vibration effect shown  Awesome on Android handsets with TouchSense player installed by Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Pantech and others  Good on all other Android handsets from HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson plus allows vibe effects not available with standard Google vibrate () method © 2011 Immersion Corporation 17
  18. 18. UHL Library of Effects in Preview AppThe UHL library contains 124 pre-designed effects.For design purposes, these effects are groupedinto categories:  Selection confirmation effects  Scroll effects  Alert/Alarm effects  Animation Transition effects  Game effects  Texture effects © 2011 Immersion Corporation 18
  19. 19. Play Effect  Play a haptic effect try {; } catch (RuntimeException e) {} Use Effect Preview Application on your target Android phone to choose effect. © 2011 Immersion Corporation 19
  20. 20. Stop Effect • Stop the haptic effect. try { m_launcher.stop(); } catch (RuntimeException e) {} Add this to Activity onPause function in case a phone call is received. © 2011 Immersion Corporation 20
  21. 21. In a nutshell, that‟s it!If you can handle the setting up your Eclipse environment and understand the last few slides…Then you should be able to add cool pre-made UHL Haptic vibration effects to your applications.If you want more than the pre-made UHL effects, use the free Studio to create custom effects or use the full Immersion API for dynamic vibration control. © 2011 Immersion Corporation 21
  22. 22. Immersion Studio Haptic Design Tool©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 22
  23. 23. What does the Studio do for you? Allows you to design custom Haptic effects beyond the pre-made 124 effects found in the UHL library and is the only Haptic design tool with a simple visual GUI Allows you to create complex Timelines with multiple vibe events Allows you to playback/test/iterate your effects on your tethered Android device without needing to compile code Allows you to reference sounds files displayed as waveforms for playback with your newly designed effects, again, without having to compile your application code Allows you to export your custom effects in many different developer formats, like Java, C… Let‟s take a very quick look at the Studio ©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 23
  24. 24. Immersion Studio Design Tool- 2 Components Studio and UHL to your PC from: Device Bridge app from the Android Market to connect your device to the Studio design tool: © 2011 Immersion Corporation 24
  25. 25. Full API – Dynamic Vibration Control Allows you direct API level control of the vibration parameters for magnitude and pulsing frequency instead of playing static pre-made library effects or Studio timeline effects This control is also good for dynamically tying strength and pulsing frequency parameters to in- game speed simulations of acceleration and deceleration for driving, flying or racing games This type of control is perfect for tying the strength of your vibe playback to your in-game physics for collisions © 2011 Immersion Corporation 25
  26. 26. Downloading the Free Haptic Dev PlatformFor Immersion SDK Tools:  Download the Universal Haptic Layer UHL (300KB)  Download the Studio (only for more advanced custom effect design)For UHL Quick Start Guide: UHL Effect Preview App  Download from Android MarketFor more Resources: © 2011 Immersion Corporation 26
  27. 27. Immersion UHL Plugins AppMobi for HTML 5, PhoneGap, Mobius Web and Accelerate Gaming XDK available now Unity 3 available now by requestPlugins available at for our developer newsletter for all the latest plugin news, updates and eventsNewsletter at © 2011 Immersion Corporation
  28. 28. Immersion‟s “Zap Your App” Campaign “Zap your App” campaign for Mobile World Congress (MWC „13) event in Barcelona, Spain. – Use Immersion UHL SDK and add “Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects” to your app description page – Launch in Android Market or any other Android app store – Tell us about your app and if it is cool, we‟ll help you promote it at MWC through our extensive marketing efforts designed to connect you and your app to OEM / Carrier partners Contact us at to participate © 2011 Immersion Corporation 28
  29. 29. Immersion to Promo Your Cool Haptic Apps  If you have a cool Haptic app, you have the potential promotional opportunities from Immersion:  Your app demoed to our major OEM / carrier partners looking for bundling opportunities (OEMs are looking for your haptic apps!!!) and demoed to most major mobile tradeshows and conferences like MWC, DroidCon, AnDevCon, etc.  Inclusion in Immersion‟s outreach to over 30 major technology & review channels including: – Engadget, PC World, AndroidPolice, Appolicious, VentureBeat, GameBeat, Android Central, and many more  Highlight of your app in Immersion‟s online “Featured Haptic App” section at (  Inclusion in Immersion‟s publicly issued press releases  Inclusion on Immersion promotional videos/animations, handouts and sales materials ©2011 Immersion Corporation–Confidential © 2011 Immersion Corporation 29
  30. 30. Haptics Effects Beyond GamesHaptics in games is natural like X-Box or PS3 rumble, but consider other possible uses like… Screen gestures – swipes, slides, pinches, twists Social networking – virtual poking, winking, smiling, kissing Children‟s learning – touch confirmations & answer rewards Interactive 2-way videos – shared screen virtual touching Customizable alerts – alert patterns for caller & messaging IDs that can be created by the user and stored as vibe IDs for any mobile contacts eReaders – feeling page turning, writing notes Apps for the seeing impaired – Haptic navi-cues or Braille text input Sports / Health Apps – Alerts based on health monitoring © 2011 Immersion Corporation 30
  31. 31. Haptics Beyond Gaming – Example 1 You feel the This offers a person on the more other side of personal and the screen connected knocking experience © 2011 Immersion Corporation 31
  32. 32. Haptics Beyond Gaming – Example 2 When your touch paths intersect you feel the person on the other side of the screen for a virtual presence © 2011 Immersion Corporation 32
  33. 33. “Zap your App” CampaignEnable your apps for bundling opportunities with our partners © 2011 Immersion Corporation
  34. 34. THANK YOUNASDAQ: IMMR bobheubel or Haptics_devBob Heubel | © 2011 Immersion Corporation