Asrt malaysia itm rice bran projects presentation


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Rice bran , instead of using as animal feed, was stablized , studied from the phytochemical , pharmacological, toxicological and formulation points of view. It is developed to be used in bakery, nutraceutical, cosmoceutical preparations with soild scientific proof of evidence.

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Asrt malaysia itm rice bran projects presentation

  1. 1. BY:Dr. Amr Mohamed HelalPhD Pharmacognosy and Medicinal PlantsEX- Lecturer , Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants ,Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University ( 1985 – 1997 )KEAP For Biofertilisers , Managing DirectorRice-N- care ( Nutraceuticals) Managing DirectorRice Residues ManagementRice Bran, Straw &
  2. 2. Diamonds are buried and ignored in deserts and mountainsfor thousands of years….Till picked up , polished and then theyglow forever Egyptian Rice Residues could be thesediamonds … !!!!(Remember ,, Diamonds are JUSTCARBON)
  3. 3.  Paddy rice in Malaysia is roughly more than 2.5 Million Tons; giving more than 250 000MTrice bran. However due to non stabilization of Rice Branit is still discarded or used as animal feed despite itshigh content of bioactive substancesIt is here where an UNTOLD WEALTH of vitamins,minerals and newly discovered disease fightingantioxidants are found as well as Nutraceuticals foralleviation of major illness symptoms (CVD, DM type II,elevated Cholesterol levels, Anti inflammatory &Hypertension).
  4. 4. Rice Bran is considered as one of the most nutritive ingredients of the rice crop,where about 60% of the total nutritive value of rice itself resides.Rice BranPROTEINSOIL DIETARY FIBREVITAMINS &MINERALSGAMMAORYZANOLANTIOXIDANTSTRACEELEMENTSRICE BRANThese components can be obtained from other sources of nature separately, but RiceBran is unique in having all these constituents together.
  5. 5. Rice Bran Nutraceutical / Functional Food ValuesPotent AntioxidantHigh NutritionalValueBlood PressureBlood CholesterolPOTENTIAL BENEFITS OF RICE BRANBlood Sugar
  7. 7. Investment in ScienceA Highly Rewarded InvestmentNon Stabilized Rice Bran; roughly estimated sellingprice US$ 150Stabilized Rice Bran;As bakery ingredient; US$ 250/ MT (20 %replacement of wheat flour with better taste and morenutritional data). This can utilize the majority of RiceBran in MalaysiaAs Functional Food , US$ US$ 500 / MT ( Forelderly people, School children, lactating women,athletics..etc)
  8. 8. NON Stabilized Rice Bran ExtractPolutry Feed; US$ 1 / literRice Bran Oil; US$ + 1.5 / LiterStabilized Rice Bran ExtractNutraceutical Purposes; US$ 50/ literClinically tried Products; US$ !!!!!Nano Cosmoceutical preparations;US$ !!!!!!Anti aging preparations; US$ !!!!!(Except the clinical trials, all above knowledge are availableat ITM for Egyptian Rice bran)
  9. 9. A) Rice Bran Stabilization (lab Scale) & (IndustrialScale)B) Phytochemical and Nutritional study of the StabilizedRice bran.C) Implementations of the different rice bran productsin food , pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries .
  10. 10. Rice Bran – Stabilization Unit 2Capable of stabilizing the bran of 150 MT rice milling / day
  11. 11. Rice Bran Nutraceuticals Contract Number C2/S1/118 Total cost of the action EURO 192000 Project Duration 18 months Project PI Prof. Dr. M.T. Khayyal Project Coordinator Dr. Amr M. Helal
  12. 12.  Faculty of Pharmacy; Cairo University FOPCU (Applicant) International trade and Marketing IT&M (Coordinator) Faculty of Pharmacy; German University in Cairo GUC Faculty of Pharmacy; Johann Wolfgang Goethe UniversityFrankfurt (GUF) Faculty of Pharmacy, Munster VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH VC (Germany)
  13. 13. •hypertensive activity-AntiRice bran extract has definite potential to lower blood pressure inResult:animals L-NAME induced hypertension•inflammatory activity-Antiinflammatory effects against acute‐Rice bran extract exerts potent antiResult:and chronic inflammation in vivo.•Hypocholesterolaemic activityRice Bran extract is as effective in lowering cholesterol in vitro asResult:pravastatin; a commercial available drug•Antioxidant activityRice Bran extract has an effective antioxidant activityResult:•diabetic activity-Antidiabetic activity-Rice Bran extract has antiResult:Pharmacological Activity Prof. Dr. M. T. KhayyalProject PI
  14. 14. Acute Toxicity Studiesg/Kg2Rice Bran extract showed no acute toxicity >Result:Chronic Toxicity StudiesRice Bran extract showed no toxic effect on body weight,Result:haematological parameters, liver & kidney functions, bloodglucose, electrolytes, etc:AMES Test: Rice Bran extract showed no mutagenic activity on theResultDNA.Toxicological Activity; Prof. Dr. Ola A. Heikal GUC
  15. 15.  Rats were rendered hypertensive by the intra-peritoneal injection of L-NAME twice daily for 1 week.By the end of that period, the animals showed asignificant rise in blood pressure. Hypertensive rats were treated orally for 1-2 weekswith Rice Bran Extract (RBEX). Systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR) ofanimals measured non-invasively.
  16. 16. 100110120130140150160170180Normal L-NAME RBEX 30 mg/kg RBEX 100 mg/kgSBP[mmHg]Week1 Week2
  17. 17. 200250300350400450Normal L-NAME RBEX 30 mg/kg RBEX 100 mg/kgHR[Beats/min]Week0 Week1 Week2
  18. 18.  Rice bran extract has definite potential tolower blood pressure in animals withestablished hypertension. Antihypertensive effect is not associated withappreciable changes in heart rate.
  19. 19.  Standardized rice bran extract (SRB) tested on 2models of inflammation:Acute model: Carrageenan rat paw oedemaChronic model: Adjuvant – induced arthritis Samples of blood taken to determine:a) myeloperoxidase: measure of antioxidantactivityb) TNFα: mediator of inflammation.c) IL – 10: anti-inflammatory mediator.
  20. 20. Na (5 mg/kg)Rice Bran Extract (30 mg/kg)Rice Bran Extract (100 mg/kg)*@ *@ *@ *
  21. 21.  Rats rendered arthritic by subplantar injection ofFreund‘s complete adjuvant in right hind paw. SRBE and diclofenac (reference standard drug)given orally at same time and continued for 28 d. Paw volume measured at regular intervals. Blood samples collected for measuring mediators(TNFα and IL-10) and myeloperoxidase (MPO)activity.
  22. 22. 0123450 4 7 14 21 28daysChangeinpawvolume(ml)ControlDiclofenac (5mg/kg)RBE (30 mg/kg)RBE (100 mg/kg)*********
  23. 23. (5 mg/kg)RBE (30 mg/kg)RBE (100 mg/kg)
  24. 24. 05101520253035404550TNF-α(pg/ml)NormalControlDiclofenac (5 mg/kg)RBE (30 mg/kg)RBE (100 mg/kg)*@ @@
  25. 25. 020406080100120140160180IL-10(pg/ml)NormalControlDiclofenac (5 mg/kg)RBE (30 mg/kg)RBE (100 mg/kg)**
  26. 26.  Rice bran extract exerts potent anti-inflammatoryeffects against acute and chronic processes invivo. Effect associated with some anti-oxidant activityand inhibition of inflammatory mediators (TNFα)as well as enhancing antiinflammatory ones(IL-10) In vivo effects supported by in vitro findings
  27. 27.  Rice bran extract was incubated with neuro-blastoma cells (SH-SY5Y) in vitro for 12 h. Unesterified cholesterol levels measured. Effect compared with pravastatin
  28. 28.  RBE was nearly as effective in loweringunesterified cholesterol in vitro as pravastatinwhich was taken as a representative of thestatin family known for its potent bloodcholesterol lowering effect. Results encouraging: in vivo experiments inprogress
  29. 29.  RBE incubated with mouse brain homogenates. After incubation, homogenates cenrifuged, andsupernatants tested for lipid peroxidation bymeasuring malondialdehyde (MDA) andhydroxynonenal (HNE) levels Effect compared with Trolox (Vit. E derivative)known to have antioxidant activity.
  30. 30.  Acute and Subchronic Toxicity studies (28days). Acute results showed no toxic effects > 2g/Kg Chronic testing 0.5g, 1g and 2g/kg/day orallyto male and female rats for 28 days.Examination of effect on body weight,haematological parameters, liver & kidneyfunctions, blood glucose, electrolytes, etc… Organs examined histologically at end of study.
  31. 31. F( control) F( 1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)SGPT 46.8 42 32.6SGOT 141.5 186.2 118050100150200250U/mlFemale**M ( control) M( 1g/kg) M (0.5g/kg)SGPT 51 47.7 36.8SGOT 186.6 129.75 174.4050100150200250Male
  32. 32. F( control) F(1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)Alkaline phosphates 95.3 109 142050100150200U/LFemaleM( control) M(1g/kg) M(0.5g/kg)Alkaline phosphates 151 191 188.4050100150200250300U/LMale
  33. 33. F( control) F( 1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)Creatinine 0.78 1.03 0.8200.511.5mg%FemaleM(control) M(1g/kg) M(0.5g/kg)Creatinine 0.88 0.84 0.9600.511.5mg%Male
  34. 34. F(control) F(1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)Blood -glucose 53.5 37.5 54.6010203040506070mg%FemaleM(control) M(1g/kg) M(0.5g/kg)F.Blood glucose 44.6 58.6 36.601020304050607080mg%Male
  35. 35. F( control) F(1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)Sodium 187.7 163.2 163.2050100150200250mmol/LFemaleM( control) M(1g/kg) M(0.5g/kg)Sodium 170 167.8 153.8020406080100120140160180200mmol/LMale
  36. 36. F( control) F(1g/kg) F(0.5g/kg)Potassium 7.6 8.1 7.2024681012mmol/LFemaleM( control) M(1g/kg) M(0.5g/kg)Potassium 8.66 11.07 10.3202468101214mmol/LMale
  37. 37. Rice Bran Formulation•Soft Gelatin Capsules (Extract) (500mg)•Bran Tablets (1 gm)•Bran Sachet Powder (10gm sachets)Rice Bran tests for registration file•Heavy Metal Analysis•Pesticide Residue Analysis•Microbial Analysis•Aflatoxin Analysis•Non Genetic Mutation Origin AnalysisFormulation & Production
  38. 38. Rice Bran NutraceuticalsProject’s New VenturesCosmoceuticalsRice Bran•Preparation of Rice Bran Extract in the Nano form•Preparation of cosmetic preparations (Emollient,Nourishing & Rejuvenating creams and lotions)Rice Bran anti aging effect !!•Rice Bran extract showed significant protection for brainnerve cells against oxidation( a new discovery is submitted for publication)
  39. 39. Rice Bran NutraceuticalsProject Outcomes•Converting low value residues into high value lucrative products•Development of a Nutracutical formulation that has a great beneficialimpact on the Health Sector of the countryAnti-HypertensionAnti- DiabeticAnti-inflammatoryAnti-oxidantHypocholesterolaemicAnti-aging•Development of a Novel ingredient that benefits and is easily integrated inseveral industriesFood products + Rice Bran = Functional FoodCosmetics + Rice Bran (Nano) = Cosmecuticals
  40. 40.
  41. 41. RDI ProjectsDirect ImpactsIndirect ImpactsLocal MarketingInternational Marketing
  42. 42. Thanks for Listening andWish all the success for all of YouAnd Wish within soonEGYPT and Malysia start to turnRice bi-products into GOLD MINESAmr Helal