Rice ncare presentation , kg, bakery


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Rice ncare presentation , kg, bakery

  1. 1. Rice Bran&BakerySuper Food1Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  2. 2. What is rice bran?• Rice Bran is a by-product of the ricemilling process (the conversionof brown rice to white rice).• The bran is reported to contain 65% ofthe nutritive value of the wholerice grain. The bran layer is composedof a bundle of nutrients and bioactivematerials that is reported to have highnutritional and health promotingeffects in addition to actual diseaseprevention (super food).2Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  3. 3. • Due to its extreme instability, rice branturns rancid within a few hours after milling(because of an enzyme in the rice brancalled “LIPASE” which becomes activeafter the milling process) thereby renderedunfit for human consumption. This limits itsuse to animal feed or simply discardedand regarded as a milling waste.Why rice bran wasn’t usedbefore?3Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  4. 4. • In our company Health Tech. we believe thatthere is no better investment than in science. Wehave spent over more than 5 years and more than3 million pounds to be able to have what isglobally known as Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB).• We have reached a technology that is only usedby a few worldwide, where we stopped the actionof “lipase” and still keep the important ingredientsin the rice bran intact. This process ensures ricebran’s quality with no rancidity for up to a year. Inour industrial units we are able to produce up to 10tons of stabilized rice bran every day.What did we do?4Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  5. 5. • Well the answer is simple; Rice bran is one of the most nutrient densehealth beneficial natural products on the planet. It transcends the advantageof being a food providing basic nutrition to a functional food that containsimportant bioactive materials that actually help in promoting heath anddelaying or preventing certain diseases.• Rice Bran Contains but not limited to: Carbohydrates, Fibers, Proteins and Fats7 A wide range of vitamins (vit A, C, B complex) and minerals (Zinc, Iron, Magnesium,Calcium…etc.) An exclusive substance called Gamma Oryzanol which is only found in rice that hasseveral health benefits and effective tissue healer. Vitamin E complex; which is the more active form of vitamin E 120 Antioxidants Omega 3,6 and 9Why stabilized rice bran becamea question on everyone’s mind?5Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  6. 6. • In our attempts to invest in science more, our scientificresearch team has carried out several projects fundedby the EU and other funding authorities to prove thepotential health benefits of Egyptian Rice Bran and theresult of 3 year work was an impressive benefit profile– Balancing blood sugar levels– Balancing blood pressure levels– Powerful and effective Antioxidant– Promotes healthy heart– Reduces elevated cholesterol levels– Protect the body and brain against stress conditionswhich leads to damage of the cells– Reduces inflammation of bones and jointsWhat more?6Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt
  7. 7. • These results made our product more thaninteresting for– Patients suffering from Diabetes– Patients suffering from high blood pressure– Patients suffering from heart and cholesterolproblems– Patients suffering from fatigue andweaknessWhat more? (cont.)Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt7
  8. 8. • The advantage of rice bran is also its diversity ofapplication, where it can be incorporated inmany products of different industries:– Pharmaceutical industry as a nutrition, supplementsand drugs– Food industry as a food ingredient specially in bakery– Food industry as meat enhancer for soy replacement– Food industry in dairy products as functional additive– Cosmetics products like creams and lotionsUses of Stabilized Rice BranHealth Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt8
  9. 9. StabilizedRice bran(SRB)&BakeryProductsHealth Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt9
  10. 10. Comparison between SRB andOther BranHealth Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt10Nutrients Rice Bran Corn Bran Oat Bran Wheat BranCalories (kcal) 380 224 246 216Proteins (gm) 13.5 8.4 17.3 15.6Total Carbohydrates (gm) 55 85.6 66.2 64.5Dietary Fibers (gm) 21 79 15.4 42.8Soluble Fibers (gm) 2 -- -- --Sugars (gm)(Energy Supply)8 -- 1.5 0.4Vitamin E Complex (Antioxidants)Tocopherol 12 0.4 1 1.5Tocotrienol 13.6 -- -- --Vitamin B Complex (mg/100gm)(Good for the nerves) 57.4 3.61 4.1 18.2Carotenoids (value/100gm) (Antioxidants) 129 -- -- --Gammo Oryzanol (%)(heath benefits source)0.6 -- -- --Phytosterols (%)(Antioxidnat, god for the heart, good forcholesterol)8.34 -- -- --Choline (mg/100gm)(cell protection )104 -- -- --Inositol (mg/100gm)(cell protection1496 -- -- --Iron (mg/100gm) 13 2.8 5.4 10.6Zinc (mg/100gm) 11 1.6 3.1 11.5Blue: Basic NutritionPink: Heath promotion & Disease PreventionGreen: Supply of missing nutrients
  11. 11. Comparison between SRB andOthers (cont.)Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt11• Conclusion:– Based on the previous comparison table allbran are food supplements which missingnutrients in the form of minerals andvitamins.– All bran can be called functional food solelyon the basis of having fibers whichtherefore has health promoting effect– Rice Bran is the most superior functionalfood because it combines basic nutrition,supplementation of missing nutrientsthrough vitamins and minerals and finallyhas more than one health promoting effectand disease preventing activityFunctional Food:Any food claimed tohave HEATHPROMOTING orDISEASE PREVENTIONactivity BESIDES thenormal function ofnutrient supplyFood Supplement:A formula that isintended to providenutrients that aremissing from aperson’s diet.
  12. 12. • Rarely do you see a baked product that can actually balanceyour sugar levels if you were diabetic or even balance yourpressure along with providing you with the nutrition you need.• The use of rice bran in bakery products also adds sweet tasteto the final product thus reducing the bitter taste of other highfiber products as oat or wheat bran.• Rice Bran is an extraordinary ingredient that shifts bakedproducts from nutritional products to healthy products. Eventhough in the market there are a lot of healthy products butthey all base their benefit on the fiber content which is thenmarketed as good food for diet, colon health and digestion.Stabilized Rice Bran and BakeryProductsHealth Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt12
  13. 13. • As from the business point of view, Rice bran ensures a larger profitmargin than other ingredients due to the affordability of the rawmaterial versus the added value on which the final product will besold. Rice Bran bakery products have a wide list of benefits that aretoo good to be true:– Nutrient dense– High fiber content provides digestive relief– High fiber content also decreases the sensation of hunger– 120 antioxidants that cleanses the body and helps it fight damage– Omega 3,6 and 9 that guards the heart– Bioactive like Gamma Oryzanol and Vitamin E complex that togetherhelp in lowering blood sugar levels, blood pressure and bloodcholesterol level.Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt13Stabilized Rice Bran and BakeryProducts (cont.)
  14. 14. • Worldwide, the functional food trend is gaining hugemarket share with increasing momentum year after year.This trend is booming in the US and Europe.• Bakery functional food has also been on the rise withmultinational companies launching bread fortified withcalcium D or other brands with omega 3 for heartprotection. Some are mixing bakery with wheat germ forits well-known health benefits as well.Stabilized Rice Bran TrendHealth Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt14
  15. 15. Are you ready for upliftingyour bakery!!!Health Tech. 24 Abo El Mahasen ElShazly, Mohandesen, Giza, Egypt15