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Bucharest will be the capital of Central and Eastern Europe’s online industry for three days, between the 16th and 18th of May.

The 6th edition of RoNewMedia is the largest international event dedicated to the Internet, ever organized until now in Romania.

The event will include conferences, training sessions, expo areas, debates, live broadcasts, plus the first award ceremony of the prestigious international competition IAB MIXX Awards, which honors the best online campaigns.

The 3 day event will focus on: search and social media [day 1], digital marketing, mobile internet and gaming [day 2], content and e-commerce [day 3].

The conference will be attended by top representatives from Facebook, Google, Skype, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Samsung, MSN, BBC, CME, Allegro and many more other leading Internet, media and technology companies.

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RoNewMedia 6.0 Presentation [April]

  1. 1. Bucharest, the heart of the CEE Internet Industry!3 days for undisputed leaders of the Internet to speak aboutcutting-edge technologies, web experience and online mediabusiness.• 16 May: Search & Social Media• 17 May: Digital Marketing, Mobile & Gaming• 18 May: Content & E-commerce
  2. 2. The venue: The National Library of Romania
  3. 3. Started as a conference and a little bit more in 2008, here you go where we go now: Conference Workshops Expo Magazine Academy IAB MIXX Awards Party
  4. 4. CONFERENCEHighly appreciated speakers from all over theworld are coming to share their knowledge interms of technologies and trends that are aboutto redefine the innovation in digital age.
  5. 5. DAY # 1 – Wednesday, 16th of MaySEARCH and SOCIAL MEDIA DAYDEBATE # 1.109:00 – 10:00 > Global versus LocalKeynote speakers and international guests of the day, together with localtop executives in a live broadcasted and interactive debate about thehottest trends. How are the media budgets split between local andregional publishers and .com giants?PANEL # 1.110:00 – 10:40 > Keynote: FacebookCiaran Quilty, Head of Sales, CEEMEA10:40 – 11:20 > Keynote: GoogleSteffen Erhardt, Display Expert EMEA
  6. 6. DAY # 1 – Wednesday, 16th of MaySEARCH and SOCIAL MEDIA DAYPANEL # 2.112:00 – 12:40 > Keynote: Microsoft ResearchDanah Boyd – Senior Researcher12:40 – 13:20 > Keynote: GoogleDan Bulucea, Country Manager Google Romania13:20 – 14:00 > Keynote: FacebookBruce Bale, Head of Sales CEEMEA, Global Marketing SolutionsDEBATE # 2.116:30 – 18:00 > CEE Overview, powered by IABJustine Toms – General Manager, ABC Designs andCommunications, Bulgaria, Top Representatives from:Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia… [TBC]
  7. 7. DAY # 2 – Thursday, 17th of MayDIGITAL MARKETING, MOBILE and GAMINGDEBATE # 2.209:00 – 10:00 > Global versus LocalKeynote speakers and international guests of the day, together withlocal top executives in a live online and TV broadcasted and interactivedebate about the hottest trends in digital marketing, mobile and gaming.PANEL # 2.210:00 – 10:30 > Microsoft AdvertisingBela Pap Advertising & Online Director for CEE10:30 – 11:00 > AlbionJason Goodman, Country Manager UK11:00 – 11:30 > MediamindAdrian Stanescu - Managing Partner Romania & Moldavia
  8. 8. DAY # 2 – Thursday, 17th of MayDIGITAL MARKETING, MOBILE and GAMINGPANEL # 3.212:00 – 12:20 > Double FusionNoam Korin, VP Sales, Europe12:20 – 12:40 > SportingbetYannis Kapodistrias, CEO12:40 – 13:00 > LazylandMichalis Nafpliotis, CEO13:00 – 13:20 > BrainientEmi Gal, Founder and CEO13:20 – 14:00 > Carnation Group / Erik Szabo, PresidentPANEL # 4.215:00 – 15:40 > Mobile Multimedia Technocentre by ORANGEDominic LOBO, Director App. Shops15:40 – 16:30 > Brand Science InstituteNils Andres, founder Marketing2Conference16:30 – 18:00 > CommunispaceSally O’Rourke, Managing Director Europe
  9. 9. DAY # 3 – Friday, 18th of MayCONTENT and eCOMMERCEDEBATE # 1.310:00 – 11:00 > Content and services: the search for the perfect mixMore and more publishers’ faces one big dilemma: what’s the perfect mixbetween advertising and paid services for their online products? Becauseof the crisis, and the increase of ad budgets spent on .com giants likeFacebook or Google, this became a very hot topic world wide, for all thelocal and regional players.PANEL # 1.311:00 – 11:30 > SKYPEVaughan Denny, Advertising Sales Manager EMEA11:30 – 12:00 > Microsoft AdvertisingBela Pap Advertising & Online Director for CEE12:00 – 12:30 > VOYORobert Berza - Head of Internet Division CME12:30 – 13:00 > IAB POLANDPawel Kolenda - Research Manager
  10. 10. DAY # 3 – Friday, 18th of MayCONTENT and eCOMMERCEPANEL # 2.314:00 – 14:30 > YAHOOJosh Partridge - Head of Operations Yahoo! Expansion Markets14:30 – 15:00 > Top Executive Speaker TBC15:00 – 15:30 > ALLEGROMarcin Stark - Senior M&A Manager15:30 – 16:00 > GECADRadu Georgescu – serial entrepreneur, founder RAV antivirus – acquiredby Microsoft, Gecad, ePayment – acquired and re-branded PayU byAllegro/Naspers, Axigen, Avangate, SentinetPANEL # 3.316:30 – 17:00 > BBCStuart McLennan - Account Director17:00 – 17:30 > PIANO MEDIATomas Bella, CEO17:30 – 18:00 > MSN.comJustin Dewhirst - Area Executive Producer, MSN CEE & MEA18:00 – 18:30 > SamsungTop Representative Smart TV
  12. 12. • More than 3.000 participants in the first 5 editions 1200• Over 50 international speakers 1000• Exceptional media coverage 800 (150 print articles and over 450 online articles) 600• Live blogging (over 300 blog 400 articles)• Live twittering (over 2500 twitter 200 posts) 0• Live TV broadcasts and coverage RNM 1.0 RNM 2.0 RNM 3.0 RNM 4.0 RNM 5.0 Participants in the highest audience TV Speakers journals Over 400.000 search results on “ronewmedia” and “ro:newmedia”
  13. 13. Which of the following comes Which of the following describesclosest to describing your job title your type of business or of job level? organization? CEO OthersConsultant 8% 6% 27% Brand CMO Agency 21% 30% 35% /PR 21% 34% 23% 11% Director Marketing Service Research Manager Provider
  14. 14. WORKSHOPSWondering if there are any answers you couldactually get, go back in the office andimplement? Any solutions that could drive toyour own successful digital strategy? Join ourworkshops!
  15. 15. CONFIRMED WORKSHOPSDAY # 1 – Wednesday, 16th of MaySEARCH and SOCIAL MEDIA DAYTHINKDIGITAL > Robert Pefanis, Head of Regional Sales“Reachblocked”: How to reach mass audience on Facebook and how toengage best with your campaign using Target Blocks.THINKDIGITAL > Adda Kyrkili, Regional Head of BusinessDevelopment“Reporting”: How to read Facebook reports & Key KPI Metrics
  16. 16. CONFIRMED WORKSHOPSDAY # 2 – Thursday, 17th of MayDIGITAL MARKETING, MOBILE and GAMINGMEDIAMIND: Tasos Kafkalias, Ad Operations Manager“Unleashed Creativity”: Create easily and effectively Rich Mediacampaigns (for developers & designers)APPSCEND: Sebastian, Vaduva, Mobile Experience Igniter“How to build apps”DAY # 3 – Friday, 18th of MayCONTENT and eCOMMERCEFORESTVIEW: George Frangakis, Business Unit Director“Shopping Network for Smart Shoppers and SmartAdvertisers”
  17. 17. EXPOYour brand can now be shown off among theindustry leaders. The expo can help yougenerate business leads, cultivate existingcustomers and nevertheless that’s your bignetworking opportunity.
  18. 18. You’re now in the chance to promote your companyservices during the entire RoNewMedia event in theexhibition area:• Conference stand for promotion – 6 sqm. => € 5.000• Conference stand for promotion – 10 sqm. => € 7.000
  19. 19. MAGAZINEGet a sense of who the biggest players inthe industry are, which are the majortrends and how it looks like the new medialandscape in RoNewMedia Magazine; Welaunch it in in partnership with Digital Iqadsto celebrate the event.More than 3,000 print copies [plus e-paper edition]will be handout to all of you who join us at the eventand we are also sending out a few copies to themedia agencies and other internet leaders inRomania.
  20. 20. ACADEMY{ro:newmedia} academy [facebook app] is themost inspiring social e-learning platform for thedigital specialists.Click the link to check out previous {ro:newmedia} keynotepresentations or to upload your own and vote for the others.{ro:newmedia} academy webinarssoon to be launched too so…keep your eyes open!
  21. 21. IAB Romania MIXX AWARDS 2012 17th of May, The Silver ChurchIAB Romania, in partnership with RoNewMedia, proudly presents the 1stedition of the IAB MIXX AWARDS in Bucharest. Romania finally joinsUnited States, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Italy and Spain where theawards are run yearly as a recognition for the industry’s best .
  22. 22. Hosted by the famous TV star and producer Andi Moisescuin The Silver Church Club, IAB MIXX Awards it’s a “mustattend” event in the regional digital industry.
  23. 23. GALA OPENING19:00 – 20:00 > The Stars of the InternetFamous artists, public figures, online and TV stars will join us on thestage in The Silver Church’s for great debate on their social mediabehavior and Internet related experiences. How the offline fame canbe capitalized online? Join us to figure it out! The list of the TVstars, singers and actors that confirmed their participation soon to beannounced. The host of the debate it will be Andi Moisescu [ApropoTV, Romania’s Got Talent].AWARDS20:00 – 21:30 > IAB MIXX AWARDS
  24. 24. PARTY !THURSDAY, 17TH of May 22:00 @ Silver Church, after IAB MIXX AwardsNo words here! But, for sure, a lot to facts that stayon Facebook, Twitter, G+ even Pinterest – anddrinks, maybe!PS – a word of advice: Get some energy drinkstoo! RoNewMedia will run in its 3 rd day at TheNational Library ;)
  25. 25.