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Class Survey_Drochia_Moldova_4th form


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Class Survey_Drochia_Moldova_4th form

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Class Survey_Drochia_Moldova_4th form

  1. 1. Circle Name: MY HERO LEARNING CIRCLE 1 (Elementary School) Class Name: 4th (Drochia , Moldova)
  2. 2. INTRODUCING THE CLASS  Name of teacher: Dorina Vacari  Grade level: 4th
  3. 3. CLASS FAVORITES 1. Music Groups and Singers Betty Blue
  4. 4. Mihai Eminescu Ion Creangă CLASS FAVORITES 2. Favorite Authors
  5. 5. CLASS FAVORITES 3. Favorite TV Programs
  6. 6. Shaorma Tiramisu Pizza Pasta Moldavian Pies CLASS FAVORITES 4. Favorite Food
  7. 7. CLASS FAVORITES 5. Favorite School Subjects
  8. 8. Football Running Volleyball Cycling CLASS FAVORITES 6. Favorite Sports
  9. 9. CLASS FAVORITES 7. Favorite video or computer games
  10. 10. CLASS FAVORITES 8. Favorite Websites
  12. 12. Introducing the School
  13. 13. Name and address of school: PI Gymnasium nr. 2, town Drochia, Republic of Moldova, 8 Boiarnițchi Street Number of students in class and school: 21 students in our class, 173 students in the school Size of school: 3-storeyed building School information
  14. 14. School Emblem School Motto: WE DON`T LEARN FOR SCHOOL, WE DO IT FOR LIFE!!! Type and number of computers: 16 stationary computers and 2 laptops in our school
  15. 15. School History Our school was founded on the 1st of September 1953.
  16. 16. School Program 1. List 3 things about your school program that make it unique: ensures the access to quality education for all children ( we have in school 28 pupils with Special Educational Needs); provides additional training programs for gifted children; stimulates the creative potential of students in the context of child-friendly school.
  17. 17. School Сalendar
  18. 18. Autumn holidays: October 24th – November 1st Winter holidays: December 25th - January 10th Spring holidays: February 27th – March 9th Easter holidays: April 29th – May 10th SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016
  19. 19. Name of our community: Drochia, founded in 1777. DROCHIA Location of our community: 176 km (109 miles) north of the capital Chișinău The area of our community: 18,3 square kilometers The population of our community: about 20 500 people INTRODUCING THE COMMUNITY For more information about our town access the link below: