Marketing your virtual law office


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Marketing your virtual law office

  1. 1. MarketingYour Virtual Law Office
  2. 2. Presented by: Mass LOMAPLaw Office Management Assistance Programs with Donna Seyle,
  3. 3. • Who is your target market • What tools are available to reach them • What image do you want to create for your firm?Ask Three Questions
  4. 4. • Virtual only or Hybrid – combination of virtual and traditional? • What is their age & socio-economic background?Who is your Target Market?
  5. 5. • Traditional (referrals, networking, etc.) • Online (social media, blogging, lawyer lists, etc.)What Tools are Availableto Reach Them?
  6. 6. • Online • Offline • Branding must be consistentWhat Image Do You Wantto Create?
  7. 7. Who is Your Target Market?
  8. 8. • If you are delivering your services online, your market is online too • They are social • They like the convenience • They expect good service • They like access • They like immediacy • They’re tech savvy & very smart • Requires a level of web comfort & expertise – easy to get (start social networking)Virtual Only
  9. 9. • Use the competitive edge of your new virtual component to impress existing clients & get referrals • Tell them about transparency and convenience • Tell them how the use of technology drives your overhead down and allows you to offer varied pricing strategies • Tell them about the concept of unbundled legal service • Describe how this is “added value” • Show them they can have it both waysHybrid: Adding a Virtual Componentto a Brick & Mortar Firm
  10. 10. What Tools are Available to Reach Them?
  11. 11. • State & local bar assoc. • Pro-bono opportunities • Trade Conferences & meetings • Legal Conferences & meetingsTraditional
  12. 12. • What image of yourself & your firm do you want to present? Must be consistent • Be aware of your online presence – it’s already there • Erase the concept that the legal profession is intimidating & that collaborative legal help is impossible to get • Accessibility, affordability and convenience are your key focus areasCreate an Online Brand
  13. 13. • must be dynamic (for SEO), offer good, free content to attract clients • This is the front door to your office – make people want to come in • Make your contact information readily available • consistent online theme: accessibilityWebsite
  14. 14. • Your goals are to provide useful information in a way that will attract your target market • Information must be accurate & reliable • Position your firm as one worthy of retaining • Your market is made up of people in need of help • Be courageous, caring, authoritative & personable • Inform people about the basics of your niche before they contact youBlogging
  15. 15. • Create a community around your blog • Use subscription tools (email, RSS feeds, share buttons) • Syndicate your blog postsSocial Networking
  16. 16. • Twitter – very social; OK to lurk & start sharing when & what you feel comfortable with • LinkedIn – join groups pertinent to you area of law AND groups joined by your target market, & participate • Facebook – only if you have the time and don’t involve your friends; can create a business page, but still must be linked to your personal account • Google+ - start by following topics first • Syndicate your blog posts on these sites as well as engageJoin Twitter, LinkedIn,Facebook & Google+
  17. 17. • monitor your profile • RocketLawyer • Avvo • • Findlaw.comJoin Lawyer Lists
  18. 18. • Use other publication tools such as,, • Repurpose your blog content – epublishing, videos & webinars • Use email marketing for blogs or events • Sign up with JD Supra – legal publisherOther Online Exposure
  19. 19. • Get published in your target market’s trade magazines or newspapers • Get speaking engagements in your target market’s conferences • Learn tech tools as you go along that will make these activities quicker & easierAs You Develop YourExpertise
  20. 20. Check Your Jurisdiction’s Rules RegardingMarketing, Websites and Social Media