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Creating a Website: Creating Content and Launching Your Site


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This workshop introduced participants to the art of creating interesting and informative content for their sites that is easy to view and improves their marketing potential. Then it was ready, set, go to site launch where our presenter provided participants with tips to getting their sites ready for the rest of the world to see.

This session is part of the Capital Region Digital Enterprise program. For more information visit

This workshop was presented by Threesides Marketing

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Creating a Website: Creating Content and Launching Your Site

  1. 1. Capital Region Creating Your Website Series: Part 3 Creating content and launching your site Presented by: Todd Wright Threesides Marketing
  2. 2. Housekeeping
  3. 3. RDA Southern Inland Region Key Initiatives • • • • South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Southern NSW Harvest Association Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program How We Can Help • • • • • You Access to government programs Advice and training Sourcing skilled labour Grants - support and data Networks and contacts
  4. 4. Find out More Richard Everson Project Officer Mob. 0427 27 27 54
  5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. Identify content for your site that is valuable for users and marketing Evaluate what images will work well on your site Understand the benefits of telling your story through video on your site Compose a task list of what to do when launching your site
  6. 6. Learning outcomes 1. Identify content for your site that is valuable for users and marketing 2. Evaluate what images will work well on your site 3. Understand the benefits of telling your story through video on your site 4. Compose a task list of what to do when launching your site
  7. 7. Website Hosting Domain Name Content Mgmt System (CMS) Content + Functionality Launch + optimisation Your Website
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Building a site – what to consider 1. Design / Appearance (front end) 2. Usability 3. Functionality 4. Content 5. Search Engine Optimisation
  10. 10. Content –Top 5 tips 1. Write content that is easy to skim     start with conclusion at the top limit each paragraph to one key concept use meaningful headings (good for accessibility) use bullet points and number lists 2. Keep wording short and simple 3. Know your audience  imagine who they are and write with them in mind
  11. 11. Content – Top 5 Tips 4. Build trust    be factual and accurate Check for typos and spell check Keep content up to date 5. Be generous with your expert knowledge   be seen as an authority don’t give it all out at once, digestible pieces Have a clear call to action
  12. 12. Content tools  It’s as simple as a Word doc  Set up heading structure to reflect site
  13. 13. What’s on your page  Links  Downloads  Images  Icons  Video  Email signup
  14. 14. Links 1.Internal links 2.External Links 3.Backlinks *to your site* 4.Download links
  15. 15. Value of links 1. Get people to the ‘checkout’ 2. Help with navigation 3. Help search engines indexing your site 4. Improve referral traffic
  16. 16. Links Hyperlinking tips 1. Try to avoid cluttering the page with too many links. 2. Make sure people can see everything that is in your site in the navigation. 3. Make sure that in-text links are meaningful, so that visitors know where they are going. Avoid terms like ‘click here’. This is especially important for people who use screen readers and other devices. 4. When linking to a document, image, spreadsheet or database file, make it clear that the user is initiating a download by clicking on that link.
  17. 17. Bad document linking Click here to download this document.
  18. 18. Good document linking You can download our guide to better linking here (PDF 350kb)
  19. 19. Downloads 1. Ensure securely formatted downloads – PDF’s 2. Name them properly 3. Put the file size in the link (350kb) 4. Put the doc format in the link (PDF) 5. Test your downloads on different browsers 6. Host them off site where appropriate – video, slides, music
  20. 20. Naming conventions /D0992.pdf /RAP-Mobility-and-Functional-Support Products-D0992.pdf
  21. 21. Email signups
  22. 22. Images – what your site needs 1. photographs of business premises, people and products 2. company logos 3. diagrams and other illustrations that describe business products and services 4. maps of business locations.
  23. 23. Images – what your site needs Write a shot list for your site Have it Need it Building Shot Product shots People Shot Map Internal Shots Logo
  24. 24. Your own images 1. High quality 2. Authentic 3. Up to date 4. Professionally shot where possible 5. Add image credits where appropriate 6. Need to tell a story 7. Convey your personality
  25. 25. Intellectual Property Intellectual Property law (with some exceptions) requires that you obtain permission from the copyright owner (or relevant rights holder) before using copyright material.
  26. 26. Permission Make sure that you either own the intellectual property in the images you use on your site or that you have permission from the copyright holder(s) and acknowledge them appropriately.
  27. 27. Image copyright If you don’t own it – you shouldn’t use it.
  28. 28.
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Stock Libraries Australian Stock Images (Australian) Oz Stock (Australian) Australia Stock Photos (Australian) iStockphoto (international) Getty images (international) Stock Exchange
  31. 31.
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Images 1. Use high res images wherever possible 2. Optimise them when saving 3. Be careful of JPEG compression settings 4. Consider the physical image size and image quality 5. Find a suitable program to edit images
  34. 34. Working with Images 1. Size - pixels (200x200) 2. Resolution - depth (72dpi / 300dpi) 3. JPEG Compression (0-100)
  35. 35. Free image editing programs 1. Pic Monkey - 2. Photoshop Express Editor 3. GIMP -
  36. 36. Icons 1. Create visual quick links 2. Provide visual cues and clues 3. Need to be relevant to your customer
  37. 37. Icons
  38. 38. Video Pictures might tell a thousand words – but a video will tell more of the story.
  39. 39. Why bother with video? • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year • Google search loves video
  40. 40. Video Create Video • Relevant topic • Keep it simple – shoot on your smart phone or camera • Edit the rough bits Add to youtube • Create Channel (google acct.) • Upload video • Add description • Get emebed link Embed in site • Create a page • Insert the embed code • Press play!
  41. 41. Video
  42. 42. Video
  43. 43. Launching your site - Checklist  Check the site content  Check all links incl. downloads  Test your forms  Backup your site  Redirect your domain name  Keep a close eye on site for first 30 days  Check your analytics
  44. 44. Site Launch SEO tasks 1. Ensure you know your keywords 2. Have google analytics and webmaster tools installed 3. Have a site map 4. Submit your site to google 5. Start building back links with other businesses 6. Submit it to directories – Google Places
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Next steps 1. Put together your image shot list 2. Get your content in order and organised 3. Sort out your links and downloads 4. Look into video 5. Get your launch checklist together 6. Starting thinking about marketing your site
  47. 47. Workshops and Consultations Workshops – Series of 17 workshop topics over the next 12 months – Free sessions – subsidised by federal government – in Queanbeyan and across the region Digital Consultations – – – – 4 hour digital business consultations Develop and digital business plan Identify 3 get started now actions Help you start in the right digital direction
  48. 48. Workshop feedback enterprisegroupfeedback Verification word: training
  49. 49. Stay in touch Website: Call the office: 62970933 Stay on our email list Tell a friend!