The qt8 market from desolation to innovation


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Excercise done for the on-line Crash Course on Creativity (Stanford Venture lab by Professor Tina Seelig) - assignment #2.
The QT8 market is located in Milan, Italy, in a neighboroud that was the revolutionary result of a very creative team of architect leaded by Bottoni within the VIII Triennale exibition.

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The qt8 market from desolation to innovation

  1. 1. In my neighborhood there was a MARKET When I was a boy Lost “M” Where I was used to buy I’ll go to here: bread , milk, shop? eggs, cheese, (paper) notebook Pleasant(walking distance!) near park Art or Food? Public owned service Typical elder resident, no car
  2. 2. A few months ago: The last days Poor One of lightening, the last smell of old shops Dust, Closed empty doors shelves, It was the Economic Downturn & Competition from Larger Malls…
  3. 3. Amarcord = memory of the past Smell of fresh bread: “MICHETTA” QT8 market! Milk tetrapack Hill of the green like LEGO… park near the QT8 market…Core values:1) You could walk there to shop and meet other people2) Shopkeepers talked to you, some where friends, too
  4. 4. What’s happened a few monts agoA public competitionby the City Council for: The first short supply chain marketa SMART Market…… the Outcome 
  5. 5. An entrepreneur is betting on it…… and a local neighborhoodcommittee was involved, too!  Let’s Dream Translation: We can plan togheter the new local Market
  6. 6. Slow Food & Coldiretti Farmers’ markets 1. Farmers not sellers: meet who made it, learn how 2. You can see, smell, TASTE it 3. Lost flavors, traditional food re-discovery, healthy 4. You ARE what you EAT
  7. 7. A TERRIFIC vision for an organic, sustainable, QT8 MARKET that it isalso a cultural & human friendly space New QT8 MARKET rendering Think about: Also Grom and eatitaly started small !
  8. 8. But meanwhile? A temporary Food & Craft Market in the parking lot ! QT8 temporary Farmer Market Ciclofficina: Get your Byke repaired
  9. 9. Doesn’t look better even in autumn?  To NOW From Past WoW !
  10. 10. What’s about Organic Food@ your home + eco-delivery by bike ?The Farmer’s boxhome delivery
  11. 11. What also? Sustainable E-commerce and social networking to re-design shopping Share passion for sustainability Green Procurement Build a network Find where to buyThink Global Act Local
  12. 12. You know: the on-line marketplace is“CUSTOMER CENTRIC” – ex.: Amazon
  13. 13. EmpoweredRadical Transparency customer  In US only, when in Europe, too?
  14. 14. Thank You !• Done for the home-work #2 of the GREAT:• By Donato thanks to inspiration from: